The Knee Gut-Buster (KGB)

Horner’s soft belly becomes the focus of the assault.

In response to my recent Piledriver Porn article, a loyal reader posted the following confession of his own wrestling obsession:

“I always stop breathing at the toss into the ropes and the knee to the gut.  Especially when it’s sold so well by the victim as a youthful Charlie Garrett does at about 7:20 into this match, knee courtesy of Rampage Brown.”

What? Did you think this dumb kid actually stood a chance??

<– Here is a GIF of that specific Knee Gut-Buster, courtesy of Rampage Brown, that my reader enjoyed so much that he couldn’t breathe.  It turns out I had actually blogged about this same match back on 1/11/16.  Of course I created this GIF of the awesome Knee Gut-Buster (KGB) that ruined poor Charlie Garrett because I am into this sexy killer move just as much as my loyal reader.

For the past several years, I’ve been in the habit of creating animations of the KGB whenever I see it used in a match that I’m discussing.  For example, here we see the Million Dollar Man utterly destroy muscle-boy Jimmy Powers with a KGB followed by a Power-Slam as shown in my 2/24/19 article.

Our usual policy here on Wrestling Arsenal is to avoid re-posting images that appeared in previous articles.  However, I’m really loving this KGB compilation, so I’ll make an exception by recycling my old GIFs featuring this move in today’s article.  My reader is definitely on board with this plan based on his follow-up comment:  “Sayyyyy, what about a compilation post of those big knees to the gut?”   Here ya go, man — don’t forget to breathe!

Here we see our old friend, wrestle-porn star Austin, selling the KGB in my 6/11/18 article.

In the caption, I refer to this move as the “Belly Buster” — trying to give the move a jazzy, suggestive name like so many other hot pro wrestling moves.  Does anyone else have a clever or descriptive title to call this move?  The Ab Deflator?  The Southern Surprise?  The Tilt-A-Whirl Knee Driver?

I think that knee caught Savoldi in the baby-makers!

To properly sell the move, the best jobbers will perform a forward flip after taking that knee to the gut, as Jumpin’ Joe Savoldi does beautifully in this clip from my 3/28/17 article.

Some critics may consider this dramatic somersault to be ridiculous and overly theatrical, but not me.  I enjoy seeing a flamboyant and campy forward roll after the KGB, with the victim fully embracing his role of whipping boy and further degrading himself by flipping ass-over-applecart down to the mat to sell the move.  The more ridiculously they present their agony and devastation, the more I get off on it and fall in love with them.

Dynamite Kid for example was usually presented as a powerful, indestructible bad-ass, but in my my 6/7/18 article, he acted like a submissive sissy against these Russians.  Here is how I described his pain:

Check him out, clutching his lower abs as he bawls like a baby and reaches desperately for rescue.  Oh you poor, lovable Kid!”  You see — the weaker the stud, the more he appeals to me.

“Nature’s Best” offer zero offense.

Speaking of muscular studs who act like submissive bitches in the ring, check out this swole young jobber from the Nature’s Best tag team being gut-busted by a KGB.  That stiff blow to the belly always appears so vicious and violent, cruelly targeting the vulnerable mid-section.  OOOFFF!  The jobber grabs his stomach as if he had been penetrated by that stiff phallic knee — as if his internal organs are damaged from the assault.

The repetition reminds one of a sexual act.

My loyal reader went on to express his love for repeated KGBs:  “Pick him up by the hair and do it over again and again and I practically pass out with joy. Yeah I’m sick.

In my 11/26/16 article, this arrogant Heel in tightie-whiteys tortures his victim in an endless KGB loop.  I may be sick too because the rhythmic and relentless pounding, in my sick brain, looks like fucking.

Baby-Face Shine time is over — it’s time to suffer.

I also have an unhealthy obsession with classic Heel Johnny Rodz wearing the snug green trunks.  I want him to hurt me with that thick, heavy body.  Here he uses a stiff KGB to gain the advantage over Rick Martel.  Rodz was built like a brick house and knew all the nasty gut-busting attacks — what a Real Man!


Hell yeah — another big Gut Blaster. I love that move!

Later in the same match, Rodz picks up Martel (ideally by the hair) and sends him head-over-heels in another perfectly executed Gut-2-Knee.  Rodz “does it over again” just like my reader loves it.



A brutal double-team — why won’t his partner help him??

We can count on the Japanese anime cartoonists to recognize the appeal of this move because it was included in the Tiger Mask wrestling series.  In this tag team match which I recapped on 11/2/16, we see Tiger Mask’s gorgeous young partner endure a Two-on-One KGB from his evil opponents.  Save him, Tiger Mask — he is too beautiful to be suffering this level of abuse!

The Heels are not above Two-on-One tactics.

Speaking of double-teaming, one Heel whips their jobber into the ropes and the other Heel ruins the punk with the KGB, as seen in my 5/23/16 article.

It’s probably a legal exchange — they get 5 seconds to trade places in the ring after all.  But it’s actually more enticing to me if I imagine that they’re cheating him — both in the ring working together to punish and harm their gullible victim.


And we finish off my tribute to the KGB with the spectacular Jessie Godderz from my 11/10/15 article (which was around when I first began creating animated GIFs).  Godderz follows the jobber into the ropes, catching him at the moment of rebound rather than waiting to destroy him mid-ring.

And that concludes my re-posting of all the animations I’ve made of this hot hold.  But don’t worry — I’m still obsessed with this move and will keep on posting new images as I find them.  In fact, the very next gallery I’m working on will include a dreaded Tilt-A-Whirl Knee Driver inflicted on the spectacular Tommy Rogers!  Stay tuned, wrestling fans!


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3 Responses to The Knee Gut-Buster (KGB)

  1. Dino says:

    Great pics. I also like it when the guy is backed up to the ropes and the heel grabs his waistband and pulls him off the ropes while driving his knee into his gut. Have seen it done 5 or 6 times in a row and then let them fall to the mat for more punishment.

  2. Mike says:

    Just love this move because there’s something dangerous about it. I think back to one of the kickboxer movies where in an early fight with a friend or a relative of the movie lead (in this case, Sasha Mitchell) the villainous Tong Po uses the knee repeatedly (2:46) and the ref has to scream “Fight clean! No knees!” Maybe that’s why it’s a rare find, it’s dirty. I swear I saw a silent oldie wrestling match with squeaky clean handsome Steve Olsonoski was the recipient of it repeatedly from the then rookie Big John Studd.

  3. Phil says:

    Look at the gut buster followed by the power slam by DiBiase! Perfection. These moves make me salivate. Oh for when wrestlers could execute as well as that.