Rookie Rampage

Here are images from rookie Charlie Garrett’s debut match for the New Generation Wrestling federation located in England. Wow, what a great body, paired with the classic handsome face and confident smile of a fit young athlete.

I just laid eyes on this rookie, and I’m already hoping they keep him around so I can see more of him!  But he should be warned he will have a rough time early in his career, because British wrestling fans seem to get off on seeing their beautiful young Baby-Faces utterly destroyed and humiliated by the gruff, uber-masculine Heels.

Speaking of gruff, uber-masculine Heels, poor Charlie was thrown right in the fire by being paired with Rampage Brown.  If you’ve never seen Rampage before, you’re in for a treat.  He is a real Hard-Ass, a thick-bodied, hairy-chested Bad Guy who loves to hurt people.

Who wants to bet Rampage likes it rough?

After some high-flying, acrobatic (and actually very impressive) moves by the dexterous young hopeful, Rampage begins to grind him down with these orgasmic Headlocks.  He wraps a big arm around the kid’s vulnerable jugular, then starts pouring on the pressure.

He really gets into these Headlocks, using his whole being to milk every ounce of pressure and intensity, like he’s really going to town!

... And it's back to the hard, humping Headlock.

Every time the poor lad breaks free, Rampage beats him down for a minute, then re-applies that killer Headlock.

Check out Garrett’s nice selling as he cringes in agony, weakly reaching up to gently feel Rampage’s relentless bicep.  Watch Garrett’s hands throughout the match — he does a good job using a loose grasp and clutching fingers to convey his pain and helplessness.  Good jobber.

What? Did you think this dumb kid actually stood a chance??

Garrett is a big strapping lad — definitely built to wrestle.  He clearly knows his way around a weight-room as well.  One might guess he would fare decently against Rampage Brown, but guess again.  The story being told is that Rampage is more ruthless, cunning, and experienced.  To be fair, they should have given new-comer Garrett some easier competition for his debut match, but who the fuck wants any fairness in their pro wrestling??

I should probably say something about Garrett’s shiny red trunks — he looks really good in them.  And if I’m seeing what I think I’m seeing, he fills them out rather impressively.

His selling is also top notch.  Someone taught this kid to position himself just right to get us to love him.

About halfway through the match, the commentator begins to talk about Rampage’s frequent usage of the Pile-Driver.  He’s just teasing us by practically promising that Garrett will be wiped out. Poor young Garrett better watch out for that devastating Pile-Driver, which Rampage has used to dismantle dozens of his opponents — you know the drill.

Here is a Rampage Pile-Driver image from some other bout that I happened to find on social media the same day I am working on this gallery.  Oh man, those hairy legs on Rampage as he lets his victim check out his junk for a while!

And for a foreign Indy federation, the production quality of NGW is superb.  I swear the watchability of on-line wrestling videos just keeps getting better and better, worldwide!

The picture quality is high-def, there are multiple cameras with plenty of close-ups, and they do a good job putting us in the ring with this eager young farmer from Bristol (naive rookies in England are always right off the turnip truck).  I hope to see more videos of this fed (as well as Charlie Garrett!)

Some of you may be thinking:  What’s so great about this Garrett??  All he does is lay around allowing Rampage to Headlock him — any pretty-boy can accomplish that and look good doing it.

Due to my habit of focusing on the young high-flyer’s helpless agony (and my bias toward mat wrestling), I am failing to present Garrett’s breath-taking feats of speed, agility, and balance.  He must’ve been a gymnast or maybe circus acrobat or even a Ninja in a prior life.

Below is one example of Garrett using a flippy move to stun the “Unstoppable Monster”.  He busts off a picture perfect Spiral Splash from the top rope:

Holy SHIT! Holy SHIT! Holy SHIT!!

Ouch. Is Rampage trying to hurt this poor kid?

But you can’t keep a dominant Heel down. Rampage clamps the rookie’s Head between his thighs, hoists his hips up, and DRIVES the top of his head into the mat to finish him off.  The commentator mentions this is the most brutal Pile Driver he’s ever seen.

I definitely enjoyed this rookie’s debut and want to see more of both opponents (once poor Garrett gets out of traction).  This was the very model of a classic British Lad Squash Match.  Hopefully our fellow wrestling fans in England will keep posting episodes of NGW and other great Brit Pro videos for interested fans here across the pond…

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3 Responses to Rookie Rampage

  1. dimsum says:

    What a great match! Both wrestlers are evenly matched, and who know such a big guy like Garrett can be so quick and agile? But Brown’s headlock and piledriver really do it for me. Thanks for these beautiful gifs and I can watch Brown’s finishing move over and over for a whole day.

  2. RayAtL says:

    Wow – Wow – WOW!

    I can’t decide which of this guys is hotter …
    Charlie Garrett looks like he was cloned from all the best genes in Hollywood, yet Rampage Brown just greases my gears in every possible way!

    Another great find/posting from Arsenal! Thanks!!!

  3. elijav says:

    I don’t know if you can consider Charlie Garrett a rookie as I think he’s wrestled for 2.5 years now. Here are some more hot pics of him with Joel Redman: