Biased Ref Gimmick

I downloaded this recent video from Wrestler4Hire because of the way Cameron described it. Before the match, the Heel and his manager intimidate the ref into cheating for them — just the sort of pro wrestling unfairness and treachery that have turned me on my whole life!

The hapless Baby-Face is Cameron himself — the Boss of Wrestler4Hire — looking heroic and gullible in clean white gear:

Cameron is never the same after this brutal Nut Shot!

In addition to the Biased Ref trope, we’re also treated to plenty of outside interference by the Cheating Manager. It’s campy and predictable — and I loved every minute of it.

Open memo to Wrestler4Hire and all the other Underground Wrestling producers: Feel free to keep acting out these classic rasslin gimmicks and vintage story-lines. Fans of a certain age will go Ga Ga for this stuff even if it may seem hokey, repetitive, or cliché to some viewers.

Supposedly Cam pulled his hair (but I didn’t see it.)

I knew this match would be great — and I wasn’t wrong — because everyone involved is super experienced and talented. They’re all well-trained and they all know their roles and act them out perfectly. Also Ethan and Cam are skilled performers who deliver some picture-perfect technical moves. They both look good in their skimpy gear too.

Check out Ethan’s slick transition from Elbow-to-the-Gut right into a Sleeper. Precision personified!

Cameron’s selling is lovely too.

Throughout his unfair beating, Cam does a good job bitching and moaning over his plight, calling out the inequities and trying to convince the ref to be more fair. His high dudgeon was just adorable.

I also got turned on by Cameron’s written description of the match, his outrage over being double-teamed and helpless. The story just seems more brutal and raw when it’s told by the wronged victim himself rather than a third party:

“Ethan busts my balls, elbows my head, and even kicks me in the side without any help from the ref. With legs entangled, Quivers even helps Ethan, but the ref doesn’t do anything. How can I win a match where everybody’s against me?”

Spoiler alert: Ethan stuns poor out-numbered Cam with a series of DDTs and Pile-Drivers, then roles him up for the victory. The ref’s three count is suddenly extremely fast — even though earlier he counted verrrrry slooowly when Cam was on top. So damn unfair!

Then I really loved Ethan’s winning pose — another old pro wrestling gimmick that I never can get enough of.

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