“Handsome Popular All-American Boy Type”

One of the YouTube channels I follow called “Classic Wrestling stuff” has been posting episodes of early 1980’s World Class Championship Wrestling. This was good ole Southern rasslin from Texas where every episode offered plenty of Iron Claws and frequent Body Scissors by the beloved Von Erich lads in their revealing little trunks.

The opening bout on the January 15, 1983 episode of WCCW featured the Von Erich’s perhaps more handsome young playmate — Brian Adias — enduring abuse by the hated Freebird, Buddy Roberts. This classic Heel vs. Babyface exhibition by two WCCW icons includes plenty of dirty cheating by the dickhead villain and several remarkable moments of eye-candy that I found very entertaining.

We are treated to some high-flying Shine by the “handsome All-American Boy”, looking gallant in his blue spandex and tall striped socks. Soon however, Buddy Roberts stuns his cute opponent with a surprisingly violent assault, which is where I’ll pick up the story…

The commentator, Mark Lowrance, did a good job convincing me to fall in love with Brian Adias, describing him as a “handsome, popular, All-American-Boy type.” It was very rare back in 1983 for a man to notice and comment on another man’s good looks — it was considered super-gay and therefore detestable by the homophobic patriarchy in place at that time.

But Lowrance’s unbridled appreciation for (and perhaps lust for) Brian’s male beauty certainly worked on me. I recall having a persistent crush on hunky Brian Adias throughout my horny teenage years — even after he became a Bad Boy and turned against the Von Erichs. I am surprised actually that I’ve only posted one article in all these years dedicated to my boy Brian — my 1/6/2011 article — where the stud out-wrestles a good-looking masked jobber called “El Diablo.”

But nowadays, it seems my tastes have matured and changed. I am now finding myself turned on by the chesty blond Buddy Roberts. I didn’t pay him any attention back in the 1980s — I was more drawn to “handsome All-American boys” in those days — but now I’d love to spend a long weekend in a hotel with this talented older ring general. His dominant attitude, his tan dad-bod, his golden locks contrasting with dark sideburns – Yes please!

I think that Roberts had a Nick Bockwinkel vibe early in his career, which certainly whets my appetite for mature masculine power. Even his high-cut and full-assed trunks, made out of that thick fabric, are catching my attention. I normally favor skimpy little briefs, but these vintage trunks represent old school Heel brutality that overwhelmed me with so much pleasure in the 1980s, so now I’m craving to own a pair of two-toned trunks just like those (complete with the contrasting stars) or at least to wrestle a beefy Real Man wearing this style of trunks.

I think part of the reason I was never attracted to Buddy Roberts over the years is because his more-flamboyant fellow Freebird, Michael Hayes. stole the spotlight. Hayes who never missed an opportunity to shake his dick, stick out his tongue, or present his hairy chest for our viewing pleasure.

Even in this pre-match interview, filmed just before the Roberts-Adias bout, Hayes works to keep our attention focused on him:

Roberts displays some impressive skills in this match — and his attacks always seem believable and effective. Brian Adias helps out with plenty of moans and groans — loud “OOOOHs” being expelled from his lungs.

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