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kneelbeforemeIt’s time for some Spring cleaning, time to clear my desktop of the images that have been gathering there as I’ve surfed around enjoying Social Media.

Some wrestling photos I stumble upon just seem to jump out of the browser and attach themselves to my desktop to be savored and appreciated later.  Like this sexy Test of Strength for example, the stud in red forced to his knees, utterly overpowered and owned by the bearded daddy in the long tights.  This is exactly the sort of image that finds its way onto my hard-drive.


I can't judge him -- I'd do the same thing.

I can’t judge him — I’d do the same thing.


These British lads in their flamboyant tights get the old Partner 69 treatment.

The opponents first pull Partner A’s crotch into Partner B’s face.  Then Partner B takes revenge by tea-bagging Partner A in turn.  They lie there ignoring the audience’s humiliating jeers.



Mmmm, my kind of big, meaty, masculine Heel.  He can do anything he wants to the little jobber who dared to put on trunks and get in the ring with this big brute.  THIS is just the sort of mismatch that makes me love watching pro wrestling.

I guess it’s the utter helplessness of the jobber, the sense that he’s trapped in the ring with this big monster, that makes the scenario homo-erotic.  It’s as if the dominant beast can do anything he wants to the Regular Joe, and we’re all hoping he gets sadistic and kinky now that he has the other man at his mercy.







Chasyn Rance kills all his opponents with this sweet Pile-Driver variation.  He bends the dude over between the ropes, clamps his thighs around his head, then leaps up to land on his ass, spiking the poor guy’s skull into the mat to ruin him.

It’s so vicious and brutal looking — I need to make a whole gallery in tribute to Chasyn and his killer move.




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