Mr. Right Re-visited

One of the YouTube channels I follow, Bwilliamswyn25, has been uploading a bunch of very entertaining World Championship Wrestling matches from 1996, including this eye-candy display between handsome Billy Kidman and even handsomer Alex Wright in bulging blue trunks.  Yum!

I actually wrote about this match 10 years ago on my original Wrestling Arsenal website, so it’s probably time to revisit and update it.  Actually, many of the images in today’s gallery are copied from my 4/19/2008 article, including this photo of the referee’s gaze focused between young Alex’s thighs.  That’s funny — I was pretty clever back in 2008!

I updated the old images from the 2008 gallery with some modern animations, such as this hot body reveal — the “Wunderkind’ removing his biker jacket to expose his smooth, bare, vulnerable flesh.

I made this animation of Alex’s harmful Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker, which Billy sells beautifully.

I guess they are letting us know that Alex is not just a pretty and somewhat effeminate young slice of beefcake — he can also effectively punish another stud when he wants to. What a hunk!

And here is the 2008 version of this same Backbreaker move. It is static, but it’s still eye-catching, (Any image of Alex in his electric blue trunks is a treat!)

Creating GIF animations was not possible back in 2008, but I think this photo collage is the next best thing.  It effectively captured the drama and danger of Alex’s painful move, and Billy’s post-slam agony.

This famous Bulging Headlock scene was the climax of the match.  Alex’s long legs are sprawled out, his thighs parted.  The camera gets in between his legs to linger on the impressive package that had us all hiding in our bedroom and locking the door whenever WCW aired back in ’96.


Back in 1996, WCW was fighting for it’s life against the dominant WWF — a fight that WCW would eventually lose in 2001.

Eric Bischoff had taken control of WCW in the mid-90’s, and he knew that sex sells and pretty-boys in the ring drive ratings, so the WCW under-card was a wrestling-pervert’s wet dream back in those days.

These undercard stud matches were not especially creative or death-defying, but the basic and oft-repeated Suffering Eye-Candy formula was arousing none-the-less.  The promoters would basically parade a series of young, fit, scantily clad cuties to kick off each episode of WCW.  They treated the audience to some pretty-boy suffering for our beat-off pleasure, the young stud usually overcoming his beastly foe in the end.  It was blatant exploitation of these attractive young hunks, their bodies treated like pieces of meat, but I sure got off on it.  Then the Main Event would feature some boring and bland Has-been like Randy, Sting, Hulk, or Nash, but fans like us were usually spent and ready for a nap by then…

You can see many more examples of other bonerific 1996 WCW matches recently posted on the bwilliams YouTube channel, including the likes of Brad Armstrong, Cobra, Marcus Bagwell (at his most queer as one-half of the American Males), and jobbers Mark Starr and Chip Minton.

Pro wrestling is always homo-erotic and hot, but 1996 WCW was just shameless with the big servings of beefcake and the overall sex appeal of their athletes.  They HAD to serve up plenty of Grade A beef if they wanted us to tune into their show instead of WWF.

Damn, Alex’s suffering is just so great because of his pretty face.  And Billy Kidman uses his lightning bolt tights like a super-villain’s magic weapon.  He scissors Alex with those magical tights and presses his knee into our cute Alex’s face.  Can our hero over-power Kidman and his killer tights??

Here is how Alex defeated Kidman — soaring off the ropes like a Superhero himself.  Then the camera offers a nice view of Alex’s tight ass, on display in those snug blue trunks.  We certainly can’t blame Alex, or the cameraman, for WCW’s demise, because they sure did their parts to keep us tuned in and turned on.

They needed to remind us that Alex is a good boy even though he just kicked Kidman’s ass.  So they present us with a post-match Bro-hug, with Kidman eagerly wrapping his arms around the pretty Wunderkind, their bare torsos in a warm embrace.  Damn, this sure made me want to become a pro wrestler myself…

This match occurred over 20 years ago, and I first discussed it over 10 years ago, but it still works on me — it still trips my trigger after all these years….





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