Starr Power

I dig both these wrestlers: JT Dunn and David Starr.  Seeing two of my favorites get in the ring together always gets a reaction out of me, and this match is no exception.  Plenty of dudes in the audience must feel the same way, chanting “This is awesome!” even before the bell rings.

Starr is playing the dickhead Heel in this match, bullying Dunn with all sorts of rough tactics.  This is a good look for Starr, the handsome, arrogant Bad Boy.

This entire match between these Alpha Males has a brutal, sadistic vibe, as if they truly want to harm each other.  There is something homo-erotic and sexy about a guy working over another guy with intensity and purpose (especially when they do it shirtless in trunks.)

One of Starr’s show-off moves is t0 shout “Look at it!” while thrusting his cock against his opponent’s face.

Dunn narrowly avoids the crotch-in-the-face humiliation, falling backward just before Starr can dick-slap him.  Aww, too bad — I love seeing the “Look At It!” playing out.

Starr uses “King of Taunts” as a nickname because he often mocks and teases his opponents — as well as the fans in the audience.  Here he implies that some loudmouth in the crowd is going to blow him.  (Where does the line form?)

When Starr performs these raunchy flirtations, he does not need to remind us to “look at it” — we are already looking at it.  And don’t get me started on JT Dunn’s snug little lavender trunks…


JT Dunn is a scrappy fucker, not a submissive jobber bitch.  Here he harms my David by pushing him dangerously off the ropes, then running to boot him in the face like he’s kicking an extra point.

Be careful buys — you’re both too good looking to quit wrestling due to injury!  Just get back in the ring and Bearhug each other for a while, we will love it…

Oh good — Starr goes for his Cock Knocker again, and this time he connects!  Dunn is knocked flat, which puts over Starr’s masculine power and sexual prowess, as if one thrust of his hips can render another man helpless.

This is another good look for Starr, who struts around proclaiming his potency.

They punctuate their classic pro wrestling moves like this pretty Suplex with modern touches like a Super-Kick to the skull.


When Dunn was partnered with Chris Hero, he learned this killer Spinning Elbow that finishes anybody it strikes.  It’s a rough-looking and sadistic attack, and it leaves Starr dazed and defeated.  “He is out!”

This was a nice match with lots of great visuals and vicious tactics that really get your blood pumping.  I agree with the audience:  this is awesome.

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