“Describe this pathetic muscular jobber”

The blogger from “He Is Out!” recently posted a gallery of images from a vintage 1980’s Muscle-Jobber Beat-Down — Steve Casey in white panties getting owned by the more powerful and masculine Butch Reed. The match starts off slow with plenty of Arm-Bars back and forth — I think to draw our focus to the strength of both wrestlers’ arms.

For me, the Arm Bars are never boring thanks to Casey’s spandexed ass — the taut fabric stretched to the limit between his clenched glutes. Later known as Steven Dane, this blond bombshell would used the Wedgied Trunks as an unofficial gimmick for his entire career. He would compete with Chaz for the title of Tiniest Trunks in the GWF. I’m sure he was well aware that wrestling fans like me noticed, and appreciated, his costume choices.

This is a Muscle-vs-Muscle match, so their intent is to emphasize the amazing power of the more famous super-human (in this case, Butch Reed) by showing him easily man-handling and dominating another spectacular specimen of muscular beefcake (in this case, Steve Casey.) Matches of this type also happen to arouse many guys in the audience thanks to the imagery of domination, punishment, and submission.

The Test Of Strength quickly reveals which strong-man is actually stronger. Reed forces the weaker man to his knees, his face at cock level as he is publicly humiliated.

Casey is feminized to show the audience that manliness (represented by Reed) is the dominant force in the ring and in society. The 1980’s were a big decade for patriarchy, toxic masculinity, and homophobia, so any pro wrestler who gave off even a whiff of prissiness would suffer awful abuse. Casey is being used here as a scapegoat, a whipping boy for the Real Man (who fucks women) to utterly dominate. They’ve even dressed Casey in those revealing white briefs that intrude invitingly up his crack to further emasculate him.

Get out of my ring, you disgusting sissy! Only MEN deserve to be up on this pedestal.

By the way, I found this match on Daily Motion if you want to savor every moment of Reed’s domination and control.

Reed applies a series of Rear Chinlocks that Casey sells (rather sexily, I might add) as Sleeper Holds. We see Casey’s powerful arm sinking, limp and deflated, as his face relaxes in utter ragdoll weakness.

By the way, I read several negative reviews of this match while preparing this gallery. Most reviewers complained about the length of this squash match and frequent rest holds: “Legendary hardass Reed is forced to go nearly 20 minutes with this blow dried wonder.” But these reviewers must be missing the homo-erotic appeal of a prolonged squash with a submissive blond jobber playing the weak ragdoll.

Reed pulls Casey’s long hair to punish him for his vanity and his girlish beauty. Hair pulling in pro wrestling always gives me a boner, I’m not exactly sure why. It seems sexy.

YES! Show us that great body and that bulge!

I left a comment on the He Is Out! gallery to let the blogger know that he inspired me to write up this match. He was fine with this plan and encouraged me to go for it:

Great! I can’t wait! I want you to describe this pathetic muscular jobber with your words.”

Hopefully I’ve written enough about how weak and powerless this gym-bodied pussy turned out to be, his white trunks constantly yanked up his ass like a thong. He serves the stiff punishment he takes in this match just for being so pretty.

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