Trying to Collect Himself

I’ve continued reviewing some of my classic wrestle-porn DVDs (which were created from my classic wrestle-porn VHS tapes). I enjoyed this sexy match with big, fat, beastly Adrian Adonis punishing helpless ragdoll, Tito Santana.

I decided to edit this video, deleting any offense and Hope Spots favoring Santana, leaving only the abuse and agony dished out by Adonis. You can see my edited video on YouTube, but if you favor the original “see-saw battle” that actually occurred, someone also posted that version.

For this beat-down, Tito wore maroon-colored spandex trunks with his trademark sombrero logo on the hip. He seems to be in a provocative mood because you will see him offer us numerous views of his backside as he bends forward, presenting himself with legs spread as he rolls around on the floor or the mat. You can just tell his ass is meant to be the star of the show. What a little slut.

I must have a sadistic streak, because I enjoy making these edited wrestle-porn videos, emasculating a Baby-Face by taking away all of his good moves, stripping him of any power and strength, making him appear to be a completely submissive weakling.

Tito already tended to appear very damaged during his matches, really emphasizing his injuries and exhaustion. My edits further amp up his vulnerability. The commentators calling the match also help out, verbally degrading Santana by talking about how roughly he’s being punished while also mentioning the strength and cruelty of Adonis.

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