Trunks Appreciation Society

I checked and we haven’t had a T.A.S. gallery since August 31st so I think we’re due for another one. Time flies when you’re jerkin off to rasslin! Enjoy these images of hot looking wrestlers of all shapes and sizes, letting it all hang out in their snug little speedo briefs.

No T.A.S. would be complete without an appearance by the great Cash and Dax…

…or by McIntyre:

And today we’re getting a bit of Singlet Appreciation Society (S.A.S.) as well…

Most, but not all, of the images in today’s gallery come from a great Tumblr I recently discovered called GuyIncognitoJr. This site features tons and tons of cool pro wrestling imagery, old and new, with a high percentage of wrestlers just posing in their trunks — PERFECT for my T.A.P. galleries! And super rare stuff that I haven’t already seen before 1,000 times. I don’t know where GuyIncognitoJr gets all his amazing rasslin content?!

(In addition to GuyIncognitoJr, I’m sure some of these photos are from the DirtyWrestling-Blog Tumblr site as well — a good Tumblr to Follow if you get off on manly wrestling studs. And the Drew McIntyre image, above, is probably from the RickRude Tumblr. He’s been posting a ton of Drew McIntyre lately, which is fine by me!)

I can usually tell if someone posting on Tumblr just kind of enjoys watching pro wrestling or if they’re a totally queer wrestle-perv like me. You can just tell by how turned on you get looking at the images. I mean, in the case of the DirtyWrestling-Blog and RickRude Tumblrs, there’s no question.

But in the case of GuyIncognitoJr, I’m just not sure. Does he just like watching wrestling str8 up, or does he totally get off on it?? He will post a bunch of ho-hum images that aren’t that sexually provocative– maybe someone in a silly costume or some fully-clothed guys being interviewed. But then he’ll suddenly post a breath-takingly erotic image like the following, and I’m like, YUP!

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