Low Blows

One of my loyal readers recently emailed me some photos he had edited to describe a scene from a Mike Enos squash match along with the following description:

Just thought would share this with you, love it when the big huge beefy guy suffers low blows  and testicle pain and Mike Enos is one of the hottest ever, love seeing him in agony. Maybe you like enough to share on your site,

So I took the images my reader created and pasted them together like a comic book, adding some narrative to describe what’s happening. See what you think…

The scene opens with big Mike Enos in control, overpowering Van Hammer and posing over him, dropping his weight onto Hammer’s back each time he tries to rise to hands and knees.

But Enos goes to well once too often…

Hammer continues the Nut Cracker Sweet by following up with the dreaded Atomic Drop, busting his victim’s family jewels across one thigh:

I’ve posted these images on my newTumbl along with some extras and bonus material. I also found this match on YouTube and created a GIF animation of these Ball-Busters which you can also view on my newTumbl site.

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