Familiar Face



I was surfing Indy pro wrestling videos on YouTube, as one does,  and I recognized this Austin guy with his hard body and mop of wavy hair (shaved on one side).  I’ve blogged about him a few times and always enjoy his matches, so it’s nice to see his career taking off.

His opponent is a beefy fireplug in classic pro trunks — Black Jeez.



“Ace” Austin is clearly well-trained.  Check out his picture-perfect flip off the ropes as he suffers a knee to the gut.  He sells the agony, clutching his abs like his internal organs just burst.

We will see Black Jeez focus his assault on Austin’s hard mid-section.

02hdlock05seriesAustin is not a complete jobber push-over.  Here he unleashes a series of quick moves to demonstrate his agility and comfort in the ring, which re-confirms my beliefs that he is really talented and could go far.

Clearly he has more training than one usually would receive in the underground scene.

02fflock03ropeplexBlack Jeez continues his abdominal torture with this old-timey Suplex on the ropes (what a cheating Heel bastard!)

And once again, my Austin sells it perfectly, really snapping his body off the ropes, then rolling around on the mat as if he’s about to barf.  Great work, jobber!

04facelock05corneredAfter some rough man-handling, I get the impression that Black Jeez is working stiff with poor Austin, roughing him up or bullying him a bit.  You’ll see later that I think he really hurts our boy.

Maybe he wants to test young Austin, see if he can endure some pain.  Maybe he knows of Austin’s prior video work and does not take him seriously as a wrestler.  Or maybe Austin is just that good at selling and he’s fine.

050uchThis move, for example, does not look good (well, other than Austin’s bulging purple trunks which look mighty good!)

This looks dangerous.  Does Black Jeez need to Pile-Drive poor Austin on his head?  I hope my Austin is OK — I hope to see more of him in the future.

06doubleStompThen Black Jeez follows up with this amazing killer GUT STOMP OFF THE TOP ROPE!   HOLY SHIT!  HOLY SHIT!!   How did they do this without killing poor Austin, or are his abs just THAT strong?!

Austin has sure proven that he is man enough to be a pro wrestler and can handle tons of abuse.


06winnerI don’t know whether Black Jeez truly abuses the rookies they toss in the ring with him, or it’s just a big work, but either way, it’s an intoxicating display of masculinity, brutishness, power, and dominance.  Jeez has the perfect body and gear to perform the role of the classic veteran wrestling brute, out to teach all the New Meat some respect.






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3 Responses to Familiar Face

  1. Alex Miller says:

    Ace Austin is definitely one of my faves right now, indie or underground. He’s a great wrestler and performer, plus he seems like a cool guy.

  2. Dr.Fever says:

    Great photos …the next to last one, oh yes pls!

  3. Sport Jock says:

    awesome rollup cover photo