All’s Well That Ends Well

01whiteOne of the channels I follow on YouTube is called Daisuke Ogata.  I’ve written about the great pro wrestling compilation videos found on this channel many times before.  New videos are not posted often, but when they are, they’re worth the wait.

Recently several hot new videos  were uploaded to the Ogata channel including this one called “All’s Well That Ends Well.”

It opens with this spectacular buff dude in skimpy white trunks.  His opponent just owns him, even sitting on his chest to pin him.  As usual, Ogata captures the very best, most visually stunning moments from the match.


02pummeledNext a handsome young lad in red trunks takes a stiff beating from a bald Heel.  You are probably going to ask who all these hot lads are and where you can see more of them.  Sorry, Ogata does not identify them, and I don’t know either.

Ogata sets a serious tone by using dramatic classical music as the background sound.  It makes the punishment seem more severe, the suffering more epic.


Next up, Ogata features some dirty Tag Team action (my favorite!)   This jobber boy in black briefs suffers two-on-one abuse from a pair of sadistic thugs.

Here they bounce the chump off the ropes, then drive their elbows into his gut.


03pinnedObviously the kid is no match for these brutal beasts — and his partner is of no help to him.  He is put on degrading display, his ass in the air like a two-bit rent boy as the ref counts him out.

Where does Ogata find all these naughty, revealing pinfalls?



Next up is a video clip of a beefy dude in green trunks suffering a Pile Driver and then being rolled up for a pin.  This is a recurring theme in Ogata’s videos —   trunks on display, legs spread apart, bulges exposed as the loser is pinned.

The opponent slips between the big guy’s thighs, using his whole body to “hook the leg.”  It looks erotic.

053countThe final clip features another big boy on display, this time in too-small black trunks as he is spread wide open.

Check out the positioning of the referee’s face as he leans down to count the pinfall.  I believe this is what inspired Ogata to include this scene in his video mash-up.

06ballkickOgata also posted another new video focusing on the punishment of the gorgeous Garza Junior.

Several bullies in jeans jackets work together to emasculate the hero in white.  Two of the bastards hold his arm and leg so the third bastard can punt him in the nuts.


After the bullies harm his shoulder, Garza has it wrapped in bandages and enters the ring to wrestle his match in spite of his injury.  Of course, he is nearly helpless with one arm tied to his body.   Damn he’s cute when he is in agony.




When something like THIS happens, Ogata will edit the video to zoom in on the scene, playing it in slow-motion to capture every square inch of the action.

It’s always a good day when you see that Ogata has posted more eye candy videos, and this most recent batch is no exception.  Great job Ogata — don’t be a stranger!







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7 Responses to All’s Well That Ends Well

  1. Mike says:

    The guy in black getting double teamed I believe is early Ace Perry, that is an AP on his ass isn’t it. The fellow in red in the corner above Ace I knew at one time, an Indy good guy old school style who YOU even blogged about at one time I’d bet. :). I searched him in the past and he just wasn’t that active on tapes one could get.

  2. Mike says:

    It’s Joe Pittman. The one in red. Found him looking at images of Ace who the other definitely is.

  3. Mike says:

    (Sorry. Wish I could just add to my previous comment)
    Here’s the very Joe Pittman match seen above 🙂

  4. Peter Lauk says:

    “Next a handsome young lad in red trunks takes a stiff beating from a bald Heel. You are probably going to ask who all these hot lads are and where you can see more of them. Sorry, Ogata does not identify them, and I don’t know either.” Mark Vandy is the bald heel stud with the “V” on his trunks, Joe Pittman is the guy in red.

  5. Peter Lauk says:

    I have the video on my Boyztube channel, SHADO 1960

  6. Musclelover says:

    MMMMMM. The first guy in the tighty whities with the plump chest and powerful arms took that beating nicely!!!

  7. Jake says:

    anyone know who the beefy dude in green is? such a hot pin…