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Chico1I subscribe to a great YouTube channel called “daisuke Ogata.”   The creator posts tightly edited video mash-ups featuring the best pro wrestling jobbers suffering intense levels of torture while wearing the most amazing trunks.  I blogged about the greatness of Ogata’s work several times:

But around 1/31/15, the daisuke Ogata channel went silent for years.  I began to fear that the maker of these exciting videos was no longer willing to share his jaw-dropping and erotic wrestling creations.

Chico2But starting on 5/22/17, daisuke Ogata began posting again!  So far, he has uploaded seven new videos, including this Jobber Spotlight on Chico Torres!

A Jobber Spotlight is a video where Ogata pastes together clips from multiple matches in which the same loser is beaten, humiliated, and generally tortured.  Chico Torres is fantastic at all of the above!


Even a nice hug turns out to be painful for poor Chico.

Even a nice hug turns out to be painful for poor Chico.

The first torture scene that Ogata presents involves the Stud Stable — Robert Fuller and Brian Lee — toying with Chico, who wore snug purple trunks for the occasion.

I enjoyed this Bearhug by Fuller who bounces Chico to drive the air out of his lungs.  Nice bicep on the victim — too bad he doesn’t know how to use that strength to his advantage.

Not to be out-shined by his partner, Brian Lee gets his licks in on Chico.

Not to be out-shined by his partner, Brian Lee gets his licks in on Chico.

Chico Torres is so wonderfully pliant and submissive, I’m sure all the Heels loved to wrestle him.  He bounces obediently off the ropes, offers his body up for a Power Slam, then lies helplessly on his back waiting patiently to be stomped on the throat.

Don’t you just love jobbers with zero ego who understand their roles?

Chico5The match portrays the exploitation and abuse inflicted by the aggressive Gringos on this noble but perhaps naive immigrant worker.  The privileged Studs cheat poor Chico by double-teaming him in their corner and generally emasculate and humiliate him to symbolize how our society and systems often degrade and exploit immigrants.

The mouthy Heel Commentator joins in on the bigotry by refusing to call Chico by his correct name — instead referring to him as “Taco” or “Pablo”.  Jessie Ventura used a similar gimmick to insult the beloved Tito Santana, often referring to him as “Chico” to basically spit on him.  It makes us pity the poor Técnico.

Chico8Chico9The video transitions seamlessly into Chico’s next torture session.  This is typical of daisuke Ogata‘s Jobber Spotlight videos, one beat-down after another.  As soon as the first group of bullies finish off the featured Eye Candy, he is thrown out of the frying pan and right back into the fire for his next Suffer Session.

The implication is that these beatings happened in succession.  There is no break in the suffering, so our brains infer that they dragged Chico to the locker room, changed his gear (this time selecting snug red Look-at-my-Ass trunks) then tossed him right back in the ring for his next beating.

Did that huge He-man REALLY need to resort to a low blow?!

Did that huge He-man REALLY need to resort to a low blow?!

His plight seems even more humiliating when the multiple beatings are patched together in succession.

Here Chico is involved in a Triple Tag Team, and of course enduring the brunt of the Heels’ cruelty on behalf of his team.  Swole stud Jeff Gaylord in the purple tights is the first of three assailants.

Chico11Chico12Chico13Next the Whipping Boy is handed off to the most sadistic member of the Heel team: this big fat punisher named “P. Y. Chu-i” or something like that.

This bald beast inflicts the longest and most devastating series of assaults that Chico receives in this Spotlight video.

Be gentle Fattie -- he is small and fragile!

Be gentle, Fattie — he is small and fragile!

The brute whips Chico into the ropes, and when he bounces back, drills him in the face with a huge Elbow Smash.  Chico drops to the mat, dazed and defeated as the monster presses his big gut down on that vulnerable body.

But wait, there’s more!  The sadistic fucker yanks Chico up by the hair for more abuse.


How much more punishment can this young man endure??

How much more punishment can this young man endure??

Whatever is left of Chico Torres is handed off to some buff Drill Sergeant in camoflage pants.  He unleashes this gorgeous Trunk-Yanking Suplex which stuns Chico so badly, his thighs spread open.

Welcome back, Ogata!  I love your work.  Please, please don’t vanish now for two more years.


I never knew Gaylord to be so brutal.

I never knew Gaylord to be so brutal.

Daisuke Ogata then powers up his Transporter Device and immediately drops Chico into another Three On One torture chamber.  We can tell this is a different match because now Chico is sporting an aqua green speedo.  Gaylord has changed into black Heel tights with a side stripe (I love that look on a Muscle Heel!)


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