Out With The Old: Sleeper Holds

kerryve3Let me continue my efforts to clean up my old Hard-drive by posting and deleting some old photos that accumulated over the years — this time focusing on the Sleeper Hold, one of my personal favorites.

Harley Race is looking weak and submissive in Kerry’s grip, his thick arm as limp as wet newspaper when the ref goes to check it.


rougeauRidingIf your opponent looks like a hairy beast, you might as well mount him and take a ride on his back.  Rougeau uses his arms as the reins, steering the beast left and right using the pressure of his arms.

Rougeau knows that eventually this lame horsie will need to be put down, but it’s fun while it lasts!



HayesFlairIntenseRic Flair always loved to be Sleepered, to dramatically play the ragdoll and slowly drift off to a blissful helplessness.

Judging from his salacious grin, Freebird Michael Hayes loved applying the Sleeper just as much as Flair loved suffering in it.

HayesFlairSleeperflair-sleeperedThey must have known that putting Ric Flair on the cover, especially in a vulnerable Sleeper Hold — his face in an orgasmic grin, his arms flopping around — was guaranteed to sell more copies.

It also didn’t hurt, I’m sure, to include pretty-boys Greg Gagne and Jimmy Brunzell up in the corner.  I would’ve scraped up the $1.50 in dimes and nickels to buy me this one too.


bestedBret Hart is feminized in his pink costume, helpless in the dominant man’s grip as he sinks submissively to his knees.

The fact that the other wrestler has such pretty hair — curly and blond like a woman’s — makes Hart’s inferior position seem that much more emasculating and shameful.  Way to go, Bret!

blackNwhiteshhhhBeardSleeperI have no idea who this bearded stud is, sorry.  I saw this image on social media recently and had to download it.

If you happen to know this manly stud, do me a favor: Ask him how much he would charge per hour to hold me in that Sleeper Hold.


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One Response to Out With The Old: Sleeper Holds

  1. Pec 57 says:

    In the second to last photo the young thing in the skin tight thin white trunks sure looks like he’s enjoying that sleeper hold he’s in