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Back in October, I wrote two articles about a channel on YouTube created by “Daisuke Ogata.”  Nearly every day since then, a hot new wrestling or fighting video has been posted to that channel showing Ogata’s mash-ups and edited clips of pretty-boy destruction and sadistic punishment.

One type of video that Ogata loves to create is a Spotlight Video showing a montage of the same wrestler appearing in multiple matches.  Usually a Spotlight Video portrays the subject at his best, winning with cool moves and beating down his opponents.

(Picture those cheesy music videos that many wrestling promotions used to create, with rock music blaring while a popular Baby-Face like the Fabulous Ones, Kerry Von Erich, or Eddie Gilbert worked out, shook their asses, and defeated some dudes in the ring.)

But in Ogata’s Spotlight videos, the script is flipped and we see the featured wrestler suffering in humiliating situations against multiple opponents in a row.  The hero of the video is seen being manhandled, pretzled, back-broken, bearhugged, and/or practically raped by a series of brutal opponents.  It almost seems as if the jobber has agreed to pull a train!

Ogata’s video posted on December 26th spotlighted the agony of Paul Roma serving as everybody’s classic Whipping Boy.  The video begins with the Million Dollar Man putting Our Hero to sleep in a Cobra Clutch, then jamming a dirty dollar bill in his mouth.  I didn’t capture any good images of that humiliation to post here but you get the idea.

Most of Ogata’s homage to Roma’s Suffering featured a stocky Russian brute in a red singlet in the role of torturer. One spot that seemed to really yank Ogata’s chain occurred when the Russian drove Roma’s lower back into the ring apron.  Pretty Paul then oversold the pain, flexing his muscles, arching his back provocatively, making sure we could see every millimeter of his hot bod.  That move generated so much crowd heat, the Russian Heel repeated it again, and Roma offered even better views of his abs, chest, and bulging red trunks.

Then the Russian slapped on one of the sexiest Bearhugs in wrestling history, with Roma’s wide back twisting to one side, muscles protruding everywhere, and the Russian bear leaning in like he wants to maul Roma’s fleshy shoulder.  Of course Ogata included this Bearhug scene in his spotlight video — he’s got great taste in wrestling.  (I recognize this scene from years ago — I actually featured images from this same Bearhug in Gallery #47 of the original Wrestling Arsenal website, posted way back on 5/30/2001.)

Ogata’s torture video then concludes with Rick Rude out-muscling Roma and putting him to sleep with the Rude Awakening.  Roma sure seemed to be knocked out cold frequently in his matches.   Great job, Ogata!

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One Response to Jobber Spotlight

  1. Ross says:

    Damn! Roma is so hot! Always loved to see him job! Just love watching him get worked over especially his man tits and man gut! Woof!