Display of Powers


01redtrunksJimmy Powers was a sure thing for me.  He was so cute and just totally swole and buff looking, MMMFFF, and his trademark red trunks really highlighted his strong lower body.    I can’t even count how many times he did me in,  Here is a classic Muscle Squash match from 1991, recently uploaded to YouTube, where Powers does the job for a fully clothed bumpkin named Skinner.


02blindedAfter the usual Jobber Armbars by the heroic hunk, Skinner fights dirty to gain the advantage.

The sudden helplessness of Jimmy Powers, with his huge arms and spectactlar torso, is presented as a result of his blindess.  Of course he can’t defend himself after Skinner claws his eyes out!  It’s not that he’s a wimp, he just can’t see.


Powers really gets weak after being tossed out of the ring.  He must have bumped his head on the floor and he’s dizzy, right?

The bottom line is that, despite his huge muscles, he is utterly weak and vulnerable.  This is where boners come from.! I mean, look at him in those cherry red briefs, sprawled all over the floor!



Then Skinner further emasculates the hunk by knocking him back down to the floor each time he climbs up on the apron.

Powers plays along, selling his total bitch-ass-ness, rolling around on the floor and crying for us.  Poor Jimmy needs a hug!

This is some of the most visually stunning suffering out on the floor I can recall — the very reason I decided to write about this match.   It helps that the camera gets right in there, zooming in to fetishize the cute dude’s climactic facial expressions.  Powers knows the camera is on him, so he gives us some “O” faces that make us wish we had turned on the VCR and recorded this match.



I suppose the purpose of this match was to draw our attention to the ferocity and dominance of the frightening new Heel. Skinner.   However, my attention was squarely fixed on Skinner’s prey in his little red speedo — the limp body and near nudity on full display.

They had given up on pushing Powers at this point.  He was no longer a Young Stallion, and the era of the pretty-boy Hero was drawing to a close.  So Jimmy and other Muscle Faces were reduced to pure eye-candy at this time, to be tortured by every sadistic monster for our viewing pleasure.

I suppose some fans were bored by watching yet another fail by this former Up-and-Comer, but this excited viewer sure wasn’t bored.  I could watch my Jimmy Powers getting his clock cleaned every day by every ugly slob, lunatic, and savage cannibal they could pay to punish him.


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3 Responses to Display of Powers

  1. Iggy says:

    Said it before – Jim Powers was one of the most aesthetically pleasing wrestlers (body AND face) of his generation.

    The top six were (in no particular order):

    Jim Powers
    Tom Zenk
    Rick Rude
    Razor Ramon
    Al Perez (thoroughly underrated, btw)
    Paul Roma

    Interestingly, all of those men were born from 1958-1960.

  2. tombrick says:

    I’d like to add Jumping Joe Savoldi and Dan Kroffat to that terrific list.

  3. Dr.Fever says:

    Paul Roma was my fav wrestler, so preferred him during the late 80s/early 90s
    Now I don’t feel so disloyal for falling for Power’s big muscular soft smooth body.