Power Play, part 4 of ?

The Inner Jobber Blog (IJB) continues to bless us with hot videos of muscular Jimmy Powers, forever and repeatedly playing the easily-defeated jobber in his snug little red trunks.

For the Fourth, Tenth, and Eighteenth videos in his Jimmy Powers series, IJB showed Jimmy foolishly getting in the ring with the Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase.  Oh, these are some NICE little squashes!

The presence of DiBiase’s man servant, Virgil, conveys his wealth and power.

As Virgil removes his boss’s pants, we get the sense that he must obey anything this man orders him to do.  Any thing.

The narrative of any Million Dollar Man match is about power, privilege, and control.  For example, here we see Jimmy obediently accepting the rich man’s abuse, keeping his muscular arms on the ropes so his wealthier opponent can Chest Chop his big ole pecs.  Is Jimmy being paid by DiBiase to play the submissive bitch?

One thing I didn’t recall about DiBiase was these beautiful Power-Slams in his arsenal.  He scoops up Powers by the neck and ass and then just drills him into the mat!  This move looks like a million bucks and DiBiases comes off as a rasslin’ stud.  Powers meanwhile plays the swole ragdoll.

All three of these DiBiase-Powers squash matches that IJB has posted are fairly short and very similar, so I mashed up images from all three in this gallery.  Both guys wear the same gear too in all 3 matches — DiBiase in black Heel trunks with a gold dollar sign on each hip to remind us of his wealth, and Powers in his trademark red jobber speedo with white booties.

Here we see a stiff Knee to the Gut (I always love that move) and another gorgeous Power-Slam from the second Ted-Jimmy video.

And here is the Power-Slam inflicted in the third Ted-Jimmy beat-down.  Check out Ted on his knees, I am liking his pose of dominance!

The repetition of these Slams, injuring Powers each time with the same devastating move, adds to our sense that Powers is helpless against this millionaire.  We are given the impression that DiBiase is just too damn good and can Power-Slam Powers all day long if he wants.

Every move and every action is crafted to express DiBiase’s power and privilege over his muscular young victim.  In all 3 matches, DiBiase is shown repeatedly kneeling over a flattened Powers, or standing with arms raised over a kneeling Powers.

Here we see DiBiase grab Powers by the trunks for a Suplex, a display of ownership and assumed control.  You can’t stick your fingers in an opponent’s pants unless or until you have him pretty much at your mercy.

We are made to understand that something is giving DiBiase an advantage over this helpless He-Man.  Either DiBiase is the better wrestler or the meaner and more aggressive fighter, or else he paid Jimmy to flop for him.

Here is how one YouTuber, watching Jimmy Powers’ second defeat at the hands of Ted DiBiase, explained the appeal of Powers as a jobber:

“Perhaps the exciting feature of Powers and his long hair and beautiful physique, is the imagination of witnessing such a strong grappler lying weak and unresponsive on the floor and just imagining what it would be like to have handled him in such a fashion or wishing to have been tortured and victimized by him. It seems the beauty in Jim Powers now is not what he has been able to do to his opponent, but rather what has been done to him as he lies so exposed on the mat.”

Then, of course, we get to witness the Million Dollar Dream in all 3 matches.  Poor Powers is repeatedly knocked out cold by this devastating Sleeper variation and it is wonderful to see.

Whatever happened to wrestlers putting each other to sleep in the ring?  Clearly this scenario is erotic as fuck and the fans dig it (just think about how often Sleepers are shown in underground Wrestle-Porn for proof of the masturbatory potential of the hold), but it is unfortunately a rare occurrence in today’s run-and-flip, No Homo exhibitions of pro wrestling.  So we go get our rasslin’ fix from classic videos on YouTube.

I love how DiBiase would snap and yank his victims while applying his patented hold, really whipping on the pressure.  Pop, pop, POP!   In all 3 of their encounters, Powers is left powerless, out cold and flat on his back at Daddy DiBiase’s feet.

Then comes the inevitable post-match humiliation, the ritualistic jamming of a $100 bill into the jobber’s mouth.  One YouTuber described it as a “finger-f*cking.”

It was common in WWF at the time for the Heels to somehow humiliate their defeated victims, often in a sexually suggestive manner (cutting their hair, branding them, dropping a big snake on their bodies.)

DiBiase’s depiction of the act of penetration, a finger inserted in the mouth with a $100 condom on it,  leaves us with the sense that the jobber has been violated, that DiBiase has deposited something filthy and degrading in him.  Clearly there is homo-erotic subtext written all over this humiliation scene, with Jimmy’s utter helplessness just adding fuel to the queer fire.  The camera zooms right in there too, to fetishize Jimmy’s humiliation and to give the viewers at home something to jerk off to.

The fact that DiBiase is paying his jobber (does Powers get to keep the hundo?  All 3 times, a different $100 bill??) also gives us the sense that this was a transaction: if you job for me, I’ll pay you later.  It seems seedy and inappropriate, as if DiBiase woke up first in the hotel room and left his rent-boy some money on the nightstand. The fact that they’re both in their underwear only adds to this impression of having paid for it.

DiBiase’s tag line (“Everybody’s got a price for the Million Dollar Man“) gives the impression that, as a millionaire (which was a lot of money back then), DiBiase can pay guys to do anything for him, to degrade themselves for his pleasure.  Even you or I, he asserts, would submit to him too if he paid us enough.  (Meanwhile, I would’ve let him Power-Slam me gratis.)

This explains why a millionaire would want to be a pro wrestler at all, because he gets off on hurting guys and he has the money to make them job for him.  At least these are the twisted thoughts that went through my head as I watched the Million Dollar Man putting guys to sleep and then sticking money in their mouths, which is why I always loved watching DiBiase in action.



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4 Responses to Power Play, part 4 of ?

  1. antonio maniero says:

    Ok…so now please stop jim powers…i don t like him!

  2. Phil says:

    More!!! He was a terrific jobber and as hot as could be. I recall his matches vs The MDM. His sleeper was one of the best and his cruelty virtually unmatched. Cannot wait to see more Powers….. and more MDM in the future as well. Great work!!

  3. Alex says:

    I loved the Million Dollar Man character. Such a perfect heel for humiliating jobbers from his finisher to the dollar bill in the mouth to buying the WWF title. So much fun.

  4. wishwecouldfight says:

    Wow DiBiase’s way of insulting is super hot. If only his son had done this to Cody when they were still in WWE.