He Is Not Out!

The He Is Out! blogger last posted an article on 11/25/18.  After months of no new galleries, I began to fear that he had stopped posting for good and we’d lost one of the very best pro wrestling blogs.

But yesterday, after 3 months of silence, I was very happy to see that he was back in action with a great series of images that featured two of my favorite wrestlers of the last decade:  Chris Hero in purple trunks punishing Davey Richards in his shiny silver tights.

Both men were at the apex of their careers at the time of this battle.  Davey was perhaps not as cute as he was in 2006 when I first blogged about him, but as you’ll see in these images, he had honed his suffering to a work of art — using his body, facial expressions, and arms to express his anguish and vulnerability.

And Chris Hero for his part had developed into an intimidating and widely feared savage Heel by this point in his career , like a Bruiser Brody.  And what a vicious fucker with his Knees and Headbutts and Elbow Smashes.  This was also in that period when Hero went proudly shirtless in the ring.

The match included a nice depiction of Illegal Interference as Hero distracts the ref so his pal (or manager?) at ringside can abuse poor Davey.

I’m glad to see the He is Out! blog included this scene in the gallery — I love this stuff!  By the way, you can find all of today’s images (without my little captions) and more on the He Is Out! blog.

Probably Davey got to inflict some of his own offense on Hero too, but you wouldn’t know it from the images posted by He Is Out!   He presents it as a one-sided Hero squash, which I often do too on my blog, which is why I dig the He Is Out! blog.













Hero’s finishing move is the Spinning, Hair-Whipping, Jaw-Busting Death-By-Elbow move.  Here he drops Davey with the DBE — just one instance of several where we get to watch Davey go down like a ton of bricks following this vicious attack.

By the way, the He Is Out! blogger likes to receive feedback and positive responses to his articles — I guess we all do.  Maybe part of the reason we didn’t hear from him for 3 months was because he felt he was doing too much work without enough positive reinforcement.  So if you think of it and if you have something constructive to share, please post a comment on his blog from time to time.

Davey goes outside the ring to seek revenge on the manager who assaulted him earlier.  Once again he is outsmarted by Hero who jumps out and kicks him in the back of the fucking skull.

Davey often allowed himself to be depicted as the dumb, impulsive muscle-jock who is easily outwitted.  I still love you, Davey.

As if Davey’s brain and spinal trauma hasn’t been extreme enough, Hero inflicts a damn Pile-Driver and now, He Is Out!

 My poor Davey lost the match, which is disappointing, but at least the great Chris Hero came off looking ferocious and dangerous.  And at least we have the He Is Out! blog back in action bringing us these incredible images of brutality and anguish.

Damn, I forgot how much Davey would sweat in a match!  Hot!







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6 Responses to He Is Not Out!

  1. Sportjock says:

    Do you have any Tom Zenk matches you can post?

  2. admin says:

    Sportjock — There are so many great Tom Zenk matches, more than I can ever write up. Help me narrow it down — send me the link to a Tom Zenk match you’d recommend with some reasons why it’s a favorite.

  3. wishwecouldfight says:

    It’s hard to find great blogs like Wrestling Arsenal and He Is Out. You guys deserve more recognition.

  4. Chad says:

    This post made me SO happy! I, too, was concerned about the “He is Out” blogger. Glad he is alive, well and back to blogging.

  5. Mark says:

    I wish someone had pictures/footage of when Tom Zenk had his trunks pulled
    down in Philly, some years back.
    The audience were obviously treated to a magnificent view of arguably, the biggest
    bulge in wrestling, here’s his quote:
    We were working a program with Muraco and Orton and during a match I took Bob Orton down in a headlock take-over and got the 1..2.. He rolled me back over, sold the headlock waited for 10 seconds while the ref asked Bob if he wanted to quit. He said “No” and proceeded to grab the front of my trunks and exposed my c*** and b**** for all of Pittsburgh to see … I’d never seen that move before and I’m glad we didn’t kill the town. (By the way I’m all natural in the trunks dept. No sock rolled up, gimmick, or foreign object, etc.) Both Bob and Don laughed their asses off and I turned red, knowing these two guys and the fact that the crowd response was to really get into it. And one time just wasn’t enough for Bob. He had to do it again, and this time it got a better reaction … I mean exposed me so everybody could see.

  6. Phil says:

    Hero is a classic heel. Perfect “heel body” and has the right sadistic edge.

    Keep up the great work. These editions have been hotter than ever of late.