King of England

Don't check out my ass!

“Don’t check out my ass!”

As Jason King prepares to enter the ring in this Plymouth Wrestling Association video on YouTube, he warns the crowd to keep their eyes off his tight white trunks.

Isn’t this precisely WHY a man would appear in public wearing nothing but revealing white underwear?  He is actually inviting us to check out his ass, which the camera-man promptly does.

king1king2King’s opponent is a talented veteran named John Harding who is dressed more humbly in neon green tiger-striped tights accented with orange fringe.

The men exchange holds, feeling each other out.  Maybe I’m just a sucker for white trunks, but my attention is repeatedly distracted from the wrestling holds.

The repetition reminds one of a sexual act.

The repetition reminds one of a sexual act.

King proceeds to whip his willing opponent across the ring, catching him with a knee to the bread-basket as he bounces off the ropes.  This is then repeated on the opposite side of the ring, at least half-a-dozen times.  I always appreciate this vicious little gut-bust when performed once, but numerous repetitions make it seem downright sexy.

king4king5Jason King is not a massive brute of a wrestler, but he clearly understands his Eye-Candy role as the more spectacular male in the ring.  Whether he is the Heel or the Hero, the most attractive competitor needs to play up his sex appeal, posing for the audience, presenting his body from many angles in many positions for our viewing pleasure.

His dominance over the larger and more experienced John Harding is explained by these evil Dickhead moves like strangling the dude repeatedly on the middle rope.


Harding is a solid worker which I also appreciate, putting his opponent over by selling the smaller man’s moves as superior to his own and generally accepting his fate as the Beta Male in this match without seeming like a worthless wimp.   king10king11

There went his strength, pride, and ability to reproduce.

There went his strength, pride, and ability to reproduce.

Harding manages to subdue King (so he thinks), leaving the white-clad warrior sprawled out in the center of the ring.  Harding decides to finish off King by crushing him.

Actually Harding gets crushed — his nuts anyway — when King springs to life and Crotch-Punches the chump to utterly wreck him.  What a nice finish to an overall entertaining match.

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