Piledriver Porn

While I was preparing my recent article on Paul Orndorff repeatedly squashing Barry Houston, I stumbled upon a nice treasure trove of Piledriver video clips on a YouTube channel called WrstlBull  (including one of Orndorff Pile Driving Houston.)  If the dangerous and much-feared Piledriver is your turn-on, be sure to check out this guy’s amazing spank bank of clips!

I counted over 70 Piledriver video clips in his collection.  Most of them have no audio to distract you and are just 10 to 15 seconds long (just long enough to document the destruction and suffering, then it’s on to the next one.)  Today’s gallery presents a handful of the hottest PD clips I saw, but there are many more to check out for yourself on the WrstlBull channel.

This jobber must have pissed off Nick Bockwinkel because the big blond daddy gives him not one…  not two…  but THREE DAMN  PILEDRIVERS IN A ROW!

I loved it when the sadistic Heel would inflict multiple, repeated Pile Drivers to apparently injure his opponent without mercy, while the commentators screamed their heads off in outrage.  It seemed so unnecessarily cruel and therefore very salacious and enticing.


Here Mike Samson makes it a point to jump up in the air for maximum force.  Then he really bears down on jobber Mike Anthony during the descent to really crush him like a beer can.

Is he trying to end this young man’s career, wrestling fans?  Maybe Samson doesn’t want to allow any other wrestlers named “Mike” to remain in the biz, or maybe he just hates seeing bright purple trunks on his opponents.

In this unusual variation, Shane Williams gives Trooper T’s body a big twist as they’re falling toward the mat.

Is Williams trying to fuck up the Trooper’s neck even worse?  Maybe the Trooper gave him a speeding ticket and he’s still salty about it.

I have always enjoyed hearing guys confess their specific wrestling fetishes.  If you tell me you’re addicted to trunks, or Trunk Pulling, or you always get off on Boston Crabs, or Leg Locks, or whatever, then I want to hear all about it, in detail.  I guess it makes my own wrestling kinks and triggers seem less bizarre when other guys admit to having similar kinks and triggers.

The reason I started my Confessions of Wrestling Obsession series was to satisfy my curiosity about what, specifically, turns on other guys who are into wrestling.  This may help me understand my own obsessions (and may also help me buy into the appeal of a certain move, gear choice or scenario, thereby installing a new trigger in my own brain that’ll make pro wrestling that much more exciting to watch.)

Based on WrestlBull’s YouTube channel, I think it’s pretty obvious that, whoever he is, he must have a thang for PDs.  And the mere existence of that obsession in some dude’s brain, even though I don’t know him personally, is hot to me.

I just think about some guy making clips of his beloved PDs for hours, searching for new PDs, and going wild with excitement when he discovers a really nice one he hadn’t seen before.  And knowing that a wrestling lover is out there getting off on PDs makes me now love this move even more than I already did.

I’ve probably written all of this in previous articles, but the sex appeal of the PD for me is found in it’s danger and devastation.  It was always sold as a brutal, crippling move that ought to be banned — the nuclear bomb of wrestling moves.  Anybody who used the PD was presented as a heartless sadist who maybe gets off on injuring other dudes.  (The thought of which drove me wild with excitement.)

The viciousness of the attack, paired with the victim’s pathetic helplessness as he is held inverted awaiting his awful fate, has always made me feel worried for the poor chump and aroused at the same time.

PDs were rarely used in Brit Pro wrestling, but here is one of Red Ivan showing off for his Tag Team partner by destroying the young fan favorite in bright yellow trunks.  Handsome, heroic lads always suffered the worst beatings in Brit Pro wrestling, and the audience seemed to really get off on it!

Of course, no collection of PDs would be complete without cocky, chubby Don Muraco.  Here is his patented 69 style Tombstone Piledriver applied to jobber Billy Anderson in the bright red speedo.

Check out how Muraco would rise up on his toes before dropping his ponderous weight down, just to  give the move that extra little punishment.  What a prick — I love it!   There are several more Muraco Drivers on the Wrestlbull channel to check out.

I found this PD applied by the business man in a shirt and tie to be especially sexy.

It touches on several common triggers such as the Authority Figure archetype, Clothed Male vs. (nearly) Naked Male, and an apparent non wrestler dominating a wrestler-in-gear.

And if WrstlBull’s collection does not contain enough Piledrivers to finish you off, check out his Playlists with dozens of additional PD videos he gathered from other YouTube channels. This stiff (and perilous) Piledriver by Chris Hero from the Art of Wrestling channel is among the treasures in WrstlBull’s “Pile Drivers Continued” Playlist.

One nice thing about having the video clips set up in a Playlist is that you can just let them roll, one after another for maximum effect, keeping your hands free for other purposes.

Here is a nice look at powerful Mike Samson, his thick glutes emphasized by his shiny gold spandex as he lays waste to chubby Tom Stone in the classic butcher singlet.

So I want to thank WrstlBull for pulling together this amazing collection of PD clips (even though I suspect it was an enjoyable Labor of Love — similar to this Blog).

I also encourage each of you to create your own YouTube channel to celebrate your own wrestling fetishes, favorite moves, or boner-triggering scenarios.  Then let me know about your channel so I can check it out myself and share it with the group.

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8 Responses to Piledriver Porn

  1. Steve Beavers says:

    FYI, that last piledriver was delivered by Steve DiSalvo, aka Steve Strong ( not Mike Samson). Just an FYI. Thanks for the great blog!

  2. sportjock says:

    Any chance of a gallery with photos of wrestlers trapped in the ropes or legs over the ring ropes trapped in the corner turnbuckle area?

  3. outfitter says:

    Thanks for this hot post! Piledrivers are the ultimate finishing move in wrestling, and I’ve loved them from their origin. I agree with your attraction of seeing partially or fully clothed men punishing an opponent who’s decked out in traditional wrestling gear. I’m also partial to guys who finish off their opponents with a power slam, a DDT, or a belly-to-belly suplex, especially if the aggressor is a shorter guy with a protruding gut!

  4. Phil says:

    Hot, hot post. Ortin was extraordinary!! A real favorite of mine.

  5. Mike says:


    “I have always enjoyed hearing guys confess their specific wrestling fetishes.”

    Well since you’ve asked I always stop breathing at the toss into the ropes and the knee to the gut. Especially when it’s sold so well by the victim as a youthful Charlie Garrett does at about 7:20 in the clip above, knee courtesy Rampage Brown. Pick him up by the hair and do it over again and again and I practically pass out with joy. Yeah I’m sick.

  6. admin says:

    Thanks for the link, Mike. I wrote about that Rampage Brown vs. Charlie Garrett in my 1/11/2016 article at http://www.wrestlingarsenal.net/wordpress/?p=23959. I even included an animation of that big knee to the gut that you enjoyed so much at 7:20 into the video. I love that hold too and can’t resist capturing an animation whenever I see it used in a match.

  7. Mike says:


    Wow. Could this be the most comprehensive compilation of wrestling turn ons on the net? Yes I think so. 2016. One day I’m just going to have to go back to day one and go forward
    Sayyyyy, what about a compilation post of those big knees to the gut?

  8. admin says:

    I can’t believe you just suggested a compilation of the Knee to Gut move because I’m already working on that gallery. Great minds (or maybe wrestling addicted minds)… Help me think up a good name for the move: K2G? Belly Buster? Knee Driver? Southern Surprise? Ab Deflator?