Confession #6, The Electric Chair

I received an excellent confession — possibly my favorite so far — from a lifelong wrestling addict who is totally obsessed with the Boston Crab wrestling hold.  Here is what he confessed:



“I’ve bent myself backwards over a chair wearing sexy speedos and sport socks. Pulled my spine into a deep arch to simulate a Boston Crab.

I place pictures of this hold where I can see them when I am fully arched. Kept myself for ages in pain and then jerked off.  And repeat…

“… I remember seeing the Boston Crab on World of Sport aged 13 – I loved everything about wrestling but in my own typical way I loved the intensity of that particular hold – the power and total domination, and beauty/symmetry – the way it all fitted so perfectly.”

After I read his confession, I was curious about what he meant about bending backwards over a chair.  Does he lie across the seat of the chair, or over the back?  Maybe I want to copy him and do it to myself if it’s such a big turn-on.

I decided to email him and find out more (and I’m so damn glad I did.)  Here’s what he sent back:

“I’ve made a diagram.  I use an Ikea chair which I tilt backwards.  I can then hook my feet under what is the rocker part and my lower back goes over the seat edge ( I put a cushion there) and then when I hang back, I cause a large bend in my lower back. 

The angles are as for a Boston Crab, but I’m upside down.”

(Oh, now I get it!  He lays the chair on it’s back and stretches backwards over the seat edge!)



“… I prefer the weight of the heel immobilizing me – but this is a hot option when I’m on my own!”

(This at-home image of a Boston Crab is actually the guy who sent me the confession.  He included this photo of himself in blue bikini briefs, face down on the floor “suffering” in his beloved Boston Crab hold.  Nice legs, by the way.)

I was still curious at this point, even after seeing his sketch, about the shape of the chair with the unusual rounded legs.

(Also I was enjoying this very candid conversation about his secret wrestling jerk-off ritual with a bloke who is just as obsessed with pro wrestling and the holds — at least one hold — as I am.)

So I asked him about the chair with the curvy legs, and he sent a photo of it and explained further…


“It’s a POANG rocking chair.  I make the seat edge comfy by placing a thick cushion there under my (tight!) buttocks as I only want the spinal pain.

I sometimes arrange things to look at when my head is in the fully bent position – pics of the Boston – they have to be presented upside down to look the right way up.  I also watch Boston crab video and the joy of Quicktime video player is it can also invert the image – again to make it look correct.”

The rounded triangle legs of this chair are perfect for him.  Hooking his feet inside the curved rockers simulates an opponent entrapping his legs and his back-bend mirrors the Boston victim’s position (albeit face up.)

Still greatly enjoying our correspondence, I asked for more details about the history of the chair and how he uses it.


“The chair thing started at Uni when I was 18 and desperately horny – I got my first boyfriend then too and at the age of 19 told him my obsession with the full Boston. 

He did it to me and wow was it painful/intense – and SO horny…

“…The chair idea was used a lot as really he wasn’t into wrestling.  I had various chairs in Uni rooms – none were ideal.  I discovered the Ikea one I think when I was around 26 (and living in Toronto) – it seemed designed for my spine… and I have used them ever since.

I used to use the chair every day or two – recently I have been enjoying videos a lot so the chair has been used less.  Typically I’d have about an hour session with multiple Bostons on the chair – sometimes I set a timer and do challenges – 1 min, then 2 mins, then 3 mins etc…   Sometimes I just take it and wank the whole time.”

What a great confession — exactly what I was hoping for when I started this series.  His story reveals the profound and unrelenting power of this obsession we share, and a creative, quirky way he invented to indulge and enjoy his obsession.

I really give this guy credit — and all the confessors — for ripping off the band-aid and laying it out there in public.  I’m sure this guy spent years keeping his chair activity a closely guarded secret, worried that others might consider him to be an oddball or a pervert for his Boston Crab sex play, yet he kept at it nonetheless because it was so enjoyable and arousing to him.

I’m sure many of us have similar stories — maybe not involving a rocking chair, but other furniture, clothing items, or other objects that drove us wild due to some similarity to the wrestling that we all craved to emulate.  Keep the confessions coming, boys.  Who’s next?


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  1. Mike says:

    Remember reading an article on Brit Wrestling history where they had mentioned “Kalmen Gaston” as the all time best looking heartthrob of Brit wrestling and was curious enough to want to see. A Hungarian in his 20s, he wrestled in the early 60s in the UK. There is a good internet site with tons of match photos from that era but apparently no video to be found. Shame too since they of course put him against heels and many matches were not lost by pin but by “knock out”.