Confession #9: FTP Server

One of my loyal readers recently confessed his obsession with Front Trunk Pulls — when the Heel reaches down the front of the jobber’s trunks to grope him or pull him closer for a knee or fist to the gut.

The nice thing is that he sent me a bunch of animated GIFs of his favorite move, see below.

Here is what he wrote to me:

Yeah I always wanted to get my hands on Chavo’s bulging white and red briefs too.

“Hey man! I’ve been following your “My Wrestling Obsession Series” and wants to share my obsession, Front Trunk Pulls.  Nothing hotter to me than a wrestler stretching out the front of his opponent’s trunks to set up for a gut punch! …

Either you can flop on the ropes like a jobber, or you can be exposed — your choice.

What gives you the right to reach down inside another man’s drawers?

“… For me, it’s border lines erotic. Watching a jobber in skimpy tight trunks (bulge leaving little to the imagination) getting his trunks stretched to the point of almost being exposed leaves me on the edge of my seat…


Poor Chavo seemed to suffer a LOT of Front Trunk Pulls in those red and white briefs.

“…  I first realized how much it turned me on while watching a WCW match with Dean Malenko and Chavo Guerrero.

Dean slams Chavo on the corner and before Chavo can completely fall to the ground, Dean grabs a handful of his trunks and pulls him back towards him…

The masked Heel in the S&M costume tortures his jobber.

“… Another match was Arn Anderson vs Ron Simmons and sadly I can’t find the video of the match any more, just pictures. 

Arn Anderson grabs a handful of Ron’s trunks as leverage before he knees him in the gut…

This is my fav animation my reader sent me: the Dungeon Master just owning the fit stud.

The cheating here is off the charts!  Poor Kenny Ken Doll.

“… And let’s not forget Arn vs Shane Douglas.  Arn does the same thing but damn near rapes Shane, sticking his hands down his trunks… and both sell it so well which makes it that much more of a turn on…

This well-trained jobber keeps his arms glued to the top rope, allowing the Heel to have his way.

… A jobber being so battered to the point he can’t stop his opponent from damn near exposing his junk for people to see is hot!”





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One Response to Confession #9: FTP Server

  1. Mark says:

    I’m sure there must’ve been a few “bare bulge” moments over the years resulting
    from pulling the trunks !