Large Man Completely Overwhelming Smaller Man

When I posted my previous article featuring BD’s drawings of big hairy wrestlers, several readers commented on the joy they feel when watching “the big hairy guys against the toned smooth guys.”

I saw this exact theme play out in a hot match recently posted to YouTube featuring Barry Windham (the toned smooth guy) in his Madison Square Garden debut against Moondog Spot (the big hairy guy.)  Barry was a sure thing for me at that time — a long-legged orgasm-maker in cowboy boots and a speedo.  And the Moondog is exactly the sort of ruthless, rotund Real Man that BD captures so perfectly in his artwork.

During his early Shine, Barry applies this adorable Side Headlock and exclaims: “Ask him, referee!”   Then he grinds on more pressure like he’s wrenching the nuts off his pick-up truck’s tire.

Here is how the commentators describe Barry Windham to ensure we fall in love with him:

I expect great things from this youngster. What an impressive young man. Confidant young man, too! He knows his way around the ring already.  And a nice boy to boot. Yes he is.”

One of the things I loved about Barry Windham (and they are countless) was his wearing of skimpy speedo trunks in the ring.

I just googled “barry windham skimpy trunks” to see if anybody else has remarked on his attire, and I found five other instances where I’ve already mentioned his under-sized trunks on this blog. I guess I need to find some fresh material, but I’m kind of obsessed, sorry!

Prior to his debut match, we are introduced to this rookie in a pre-match interview.  The young Texan says the word “RESSLIN” no less than four times in his 48-second interview.  That’s once every 12 seconds, I love it!  It’s as if the promoters told him to keep saying the word “RESSLIN” as often as possible because a lot of the fans get off on it and will worship him for it.

I followed RESSLIN all of my life… I got a competitor in the ring that doesn’t really always stick to RESSLIN. And that’s what it says on the billboard: it says RESSLIN… We’re gonna go to RESSLIN — that’s what they call it.

Back in the ring, it’s time for the Cut-Off — an Elbow Smash that sends our hero over the ropes like a jobber.

Here is how they describe big, ugly Moondog Rex to contrast him against the beautiful rule-abiding young cowboy:

The Moondogs will do anything to get a victory. They’re BRUTAL, they’re PUNISHING, BRUTAL, HARD, BRUISING wrestlers, and they know exactly what they’re doing,”

We are treated to a series of punishing moves by the Moondog — many more than I’ve included here.  We see a great Over-the-Knee Backbreaker, a Fishhook to the mouth, some Forehead Biting.

This is just the sort of mismatch that my readers seem to love best: “large men completely overwhelming smaller men.”  Here the brute drops the poor kid’s throat over the top rope.

I read an online review of this match which argues that, if they wanted the fans to support Barry, he  should’ve won this match easily rather than “dragging the whole thing out unnecessarily, and worse, making Windham look weak by getting in trouble often.”

I disagree.  It’s actually Barry’s vulnerability and gorgeous selling and willingness to endure prolonged abuse (before pulling out a victory in the end) which makes us love him (and lust for him.)

But what most turned me on and made me want to write about this match was a glorious Bearhug that the Moondog applies at 11:04 into the video.   If you get off on Bearhugs, and what man doesn’t, then this one is a Must See.

Just look at the youngster’s pained expression!  Look at him whip his long hair around in agony!

I just love it when a Bearhug victim falls limp, his head sinking onto the stronger man’s shoulder, their faces brushing cheek-to-cheek.   Barry sells beautifully, demonstrating why he was such a Superstar and beloved Baby-Face.

The commentators help out by expounding on the Moondog’s wide back muscles and the power in his grip.

The Hug continues until the 12:49 mark, a full 1:45 of sexy suffering and tight rib-crushing squeezing.  It was certainly long enough to finish me off.

The camera zooms in to absolutely fetishize the young cowboy’s suffering as Barry shows us his O Face over and over again.  I actually made a similar face at this same moment.

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3 Responses to Large Man Completely Overwhelming Smaller Man

  1. Dino says:

    Just what the doctor ordered. A big hairy brute brutalizing a speedo clad smooth toned guy. Could not ask for more. Thank you for my morning “workout”, it was great.

  2. Phil says:

    I loved Barry as a heel as well as a face. Look at the body. At 6’7” he could even drop kick. He was such a great hero and even better mauler. His stint as the Widowmaker was classic…….not to mention the briefs that are two sizes too small.

  3. Sean says:

    Loved Barry Windham in his early years. What a hunk. He looks really good in those trunks and sexy boots. A heel’s dream. Always nice seeing Barry getting worked over.