Like Daddy Like Son

cowboy2My wrestling buddy, Classic Pro Joe, recently sent me a link to this rough,sweaty brawl between Dick Murdoch and Barry Windham from August 1987.   As Joe said: “Murdoch’s attack is fuckin brutal… and Windham looks so fuckin hot in those skimpy black trunks.

cowboy1Both wrestlers are from Texas, but one is much older and heavier than the other. Both have black trunks and dishwater blond hair.  Dick Murdoch was 40 and Barry Windham was 27 when this event took place.  Their age and weight difference makes it almost feel inappropriate for them to be spending so much time shirtless and pants-less together.  And Daddy Dick controls the action for most of the match, seeming to be giving young Barry a lesson.  These elements combine to give this match that Daddy-vs.-Son feel which many wrestling lovers seem to relish.

You know it hurts when a fat fuck like Murdoch lands the elbow.

You know it hurts when a fat fuck like Murdoch lands the elbow.

Their gear is so similar that it appears the Daddy bought his Son his first pair of black trunks (four sizes smaller than Daddy’s) and red kneepads and told him to wear them.  “Here kid — just like your old man!


cowboy3Barry Windham is always a pleasure to watch, whether during his Blond Boy days or during his own Beefy Daddy Heel period late in his career.  I swear he kept those same speedo trunks (with the 28-inch waist and too-small pouch) throughout his entire career, just stretching that spandex out more and more as his bulk expanded gorgeously.

And those red cowboy boots that Barry loves to wear — come on.  Admit those are hot on his long bare legs.  I had a kink for cowboy boots for years (even wearing my college roommates boots around the dorm room when he was away) and I think Barry Windham did that to my brain.



Time for Daddy to discipline his Sonny Boy.

Time for Daddy to discipline his Sonny Boy.

It must be hot in Texas because both wrestlers are soon dripping with perspiration, Barry’s blond locks plastered to his forehead which enhances his suffering.

Buckets of sweat glistening on the wrestlers’ bare skin always makes their performance seem seedier, naughtier, and therefore enticing.


The only place Barry can think to grab on.

The only place Barry can think to grab on.

Barry knows a dozen fun little tricks to add a sexual tone to his matches — that’s part of the reason I am into him.  For example, he likes to flop around acting dizzy and spent, like he just got off.

Then he will grab a big handful of his opponents trunks and hold on, his fingers buried deep under the other man’s waistband.


cowboy9My favorite moments occur when Barry Windham slaps on his cowboy-booted Figure Four Leglock — first at 9:25 and again at 13:13.

During the second Figure Four, the commentators begin discussing Windham’s perfect legs and I’m swooning over that sexy talk.

If he tries to break your leg, dick-slap him with a big phallic microphone.

If he tries to break your leg, slap him with a big phallic microphone.

But Daddy Dick grabs a mike and thumps our blond hero in the face to break up the Leglock.  This criminal act also busted open the poor kid’s forehead, and the blood starts to flow.


cowboy10Dick Murdoch was not exactly a male model but his big over-sized belly and his brutal ownership of hopeful but submissive young opponents certainly had sex appeal.  His super-sized bulk and apparent sadistic streak excited you even if you wanted to dismiss the fat old redneck and focus solely on his victim.  My buddy Joe agrees: “Murdoch is one of those guys who I don’t find appealing as a man, but he’s fuckin hot as a wrestler.  And this match has lots of hot action.

Thanks again Joe for the link to this match — I agree, this match has “lots of hot action.”  (I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Barry Windham match that doesn’t.)



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4 Responses to Like Daddy Like Son

  1. Jim says:

    “One of those guys who I don’t find appealing as a man, but he’s fuckin hot as a wrestler” sums up so much and so many wrestlers who work on that level. I guess you have to be one of us who get turned on by nearly all aspects of pro wrestling to get a comment like that, but if you are, you do. And if you aren’t, you will never understand.

  2. Mark says:

    Cheesy early 80s beefcake. Wrestling mags and centerfolds were pretty much the closest a gay kid could get to porn.

  3. Classic Pro Joe says:

    Can’t tell you how many times I’ve cum to this match. Thanks for posting and best wishes for a fantastic year filled with hot pro wrestling. Look forward to sharing more matches with you and following your posts.

  4. RayAtL says:

    Excellent writing in the post by Arsenal and great insight by Jim … I can’t think of anything else to add except that I’ve often had the exact same thoughts about both men in this match and love the “younger vs older” angle… that aspect comes up in one of my favorite Arsenal posts “The Last Great ‘Rasslin’ Match” …
    Looking forward to more Arsenal in 2017!