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Windham Sampler

Barry Windham wasn't the buffest wrestler, and he wasn't the cutest, but damn he knew how to fill out a tight speedo when he climbed in the ring and started strutting around. There was something hot about this eager young cowboy!

Here is young Barry reclining shirtless on one elbow, trying to look like a Playgirl model.  He must have forgot to button up his jeans, or maybe he is inviting one of his fans to help him out with that.  

Windham was known for his tall lanky body, long wavy blond hair, and especially his tight little wrestling trunks.  Here he is looking butch in leather, in a tie-dyed speedo, ready to kick someone's ass.

Damn, I have underwear that covers more surface area than these tiny black trunks.  Barry was never afraid to expose that long, beefy body in the tightest little briefs he could find, in fact I think he got off on it.
Today Barry decided to wear his skin-tight blue speedo to wrestle this beefy jobber.
The bearded brawler itching to lock up with the big blond cowboy is named Jack Hart.

They lock up, Windham's long body barely contained within the navy blue bikini.  The beefy stud presses Windham into the ropes and they proceed to rub against each other.  Get ready for plenty of body contact in this hot match!

Barry embraces the stocky opponent, who hugs the lanky cowboy to his chest. They are enjoying that feeling of warmth and power in another man's body. The ref will need a crow-bar to peel these horny grapplers apart!

The ref is getting jealous that he was not included in this tight embrace, so he orders them to separate.  "Come on guys, are you going to rent a room or what!?  Get off the ropes and wrestle!"

The wrestlers lock up again, this time pressing their chests and bellies together on the opposite side of the ring.  Barry embraces Hart's head and neck, savoring the feeling of that stocky, powerful body against his stomach.
Again the ref feels lonely and tries to get between the shirtless grapplers.  So far the excited fans are really enjoying this slow paced match, so leave them alone ref!
Barry holds his opponent's neck and hair almost like a lover.  I think Barry is now worried the brutal dude might throw in a dirty low blow instead of breaking clean.

"OOOFFF!!"   Sure enough, the bearded brute drives a shoulder into the young cowboy's exposed belly-welly.  Poor, poor Barry Windham, now what will he do?

Barry is shocked that this stud would resort to such a sneaky, low-down trick.  They were getting along so well together, embracing on the ropes for several minutes!

CRACK!   Jack Hart follows up with a stunning elbow to the blond's skull, causing his long blond hair to whip around like a horse's tail.

Poor Barry is taking a beating from this chubby brute.  His father, Black Jack Mulligan will be disappointed in his boy, whipped and helpless in front of all the fans!
Dazed and weakened, Barry collapses to his knees.  He used to love to fall toward his opponent and grab the waistband of the stonger man's trunks.  Watch his matches closely and you will see him reaching into his opponents' trunks on many occasions or feeling up his crotch!

Eventually, the cowboy grows tired of jobbing to his chubby opponent in black gear, and he clobbers the big brute with a skull-shattering Clothesline.

The bearded stud collapses on the mat.  His pale body is stretched out just waiting for the blond hunk to crawl over and lay down on him.  Jack Hart is itching for more body contact, and Windham will definitely give it to him!

Sure enough, Barry presses his tight package, packed into the blue speedo, against Hart's face and lifts his leg for the pin.

Young Barry Windham is the winner, and the ref raises his arm in victory as he struts out of the ring in his hot red cowboy boots.

Jack Hart meanwhile is still twitching on the mat, probably hoping Barry will cover him again.  Windham decides to head back to the locker room where they can resume their match soon enough in private.

Barry later had a younger, skinnier brother named Kendall Windham.  While it was hard to believe that Barry could easily over-power and destroy tougher men, it was even more amazing to watch this skinny Kendall dominate his opponents.  I guess anything is possible if your father, Black Jack Mulligan, is the promoter.

Here are the two lanky brothers posing together. Ken-Doll looks cute in his baby blue speedo, but not much like a Wrestler. Ever the show-off, Barry raises his yellow tank top to expose a patch of his belly and his skimpy black underwear.

Here is young Kendall looking vulnerable, kneeling under a stronger man in his blue speedo and cowboy boots.  The lanky cowboy's cheek was busted open by big, bad Mark Lewin, who is now digging into his shoulder muscles.
Here is Kendall later in his career, when he started to resemble his brother Barry more and more.  Kendall even wore a black leather vest similar to Barry to look more brutal and fierce.

Kendall offers his hand to his opponent, "Powerhouse" Tim Parker.  Wow, take a look at that amazing muscular body on this stud Parker!

Parker willingly offers to shake Kendall's hand.  He must figure Kendall is a cute blondie, and a member of the Windham family, so he must be a decent, honest fella.

OOPS!   Kendall surprises the muscle-man with a forearm to the noggin.  I guess if this kid can't out-muscle Powerhouse Parker, at least he can cheat to win!

The lean cowboy in the black speedo is easily in control of the hairy body builder.  He forces Parker, dazed from that nasty forearm, against the ropes.

After another clubbing Forearm, Parker collapses to his knees, already in trouble.  Kendall had a habit of standing over his men, just watching them suffer down near his sexy cowboy boots.

Kendall whips the stronger man into the corner, knocking his skull into the turn-buckle.  This Kendall Windham is a ruthless bastard, but I guess that's how he stays in control over more powerful men!

CRACK!!   He gives Tim Parker a nice cowboy boot to the soft spot at the base of his skull.  Are those legal wrestling boots, or are those real cowboy boots with hard soles??

Poor Parker is suffering down on the mat, and Kendall kneels over him in a pose of domination, his leg wrapped around Parker's arm as he argues with the ref.  What a cocky sonuvabitch!

It's hard to believe that Tim Parker, a body-builder and former Mr. Florida, is being humiliated in the ring by this skinny blond!  Here is Parker from his buff days as a smooth, ripped muscleman.  
Meanwhile, back in the ring, Windham slowly raises Parker for more punishment.  He pauses with Parker's head at crotch level, forcing the stud to stare at his skin-tight black speedo.

After another punch to the jaw, Parker is stunned on the mat while cocky Kendall dances in victory over him.  Check out this kid's buggy-whip arms, and explain to me how he is able to whip Tim Parker's ass so easily!

Kendall kneels over his stunned victim, like Prince Charming preparing to wake up Sleeping Beauty.  This must be very humiliating for Powerhouse Parker, forced to job to the spoiled little son of the promoter.

Come on Kendall, don't toy with the poor dude!  Just pin him already, instead of kneeling there with your crotch in his face, trying to get the fans to cheer for you!!
This ego-maniac is out of control, lording his victory over his suffering victim.  I wonder what would happen if this was a real fight out in the alley, and Windham's father wasn't the boss and promoter!!

At last the arrogant daddy's boy dives on top, laying across Parker's powerful chest.  Parker's humiliation is finally coming to an end.


Kendall lifts the man's head on the count of two, stopping the count so the match will continue.  Kendall must be really enjoying this domination over such a powerful hunk.

With a handful of hair, Kendall forces Parker's head in near his crotch as he argues with the ref.  He rubs the body-builder's bearded face from side to side against his lower belly and groin.

After again laying his opponent out on the mat, Kendall flirts with the fans at ringside.  "Just look what I did to Mr. Florida here!!  I'm using him as a play toy!  I must be the toughest wrestler in the world!"

If it wasn't for his tough father Black Jack Mulligan, and his sexy big brother Barry, this punk would be sweeping up cigarette butts after the show is over.  Instead he is strutting his stuff in the center of the ring, dominating the buffest dude in the federation!
Again Kendall stands over the injured victim, like he plans to take a piss on the man or something.  He puts his cowboy boot near Parker's face and orders the poor guy to kiss it.

Parker has suffered enough of this degrading whipping at the hands of lanky Kendall Windham, yet Windham is getting off on this domination. He again slams the body-builder's face into the corner buckle.

Kendall now wraps his long skinny arms around Parker's face and hugs the man's head to his chest.  I guess his daddy told Kendall he could play with this man as long as he felt like it.  

Now Kendall stands over the muscle man, dragging him around by the hair as Parker begs for mercy.  Kendall quietly reminds his boy toy that Black Jack likes to see his sons kicking ass, so Parker had better toe the line.
He slams his boot into Tim Parker's face like he is punting a football.  Kendall likes to use those cowboy boots as a weapon on his opponents! That is just rude!

Again Kendall stands there, watching the man suffer on his knees, like a king watching his subjects bow down before him.  Someone needs to bend over this cocky boy in his black speedo and give him a good spanking to teach him some respect!

"You had enough now, boy??"  The lanky cowboy decides to end the match, knowing that his father can arrange a re-match between him and this jobber any time of the day or night.
Windham kneels down and hooks a leg, one hand against Parker's bulging package as the ref counts to three.  Kendall proves that some winners are powerful, and some winners have a powerful daddy.