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For years I’ve been finding hot drawings by an artist who calls himself “Beardrooler” or “BD.” His work usually focuses on big, powerful, mature wrestlers in pro style gear, so you know I’m a fan.

Today I’m finally getting around to writing about BD’s art and why I enjoy it.  Feast your eyes on this powerful specimen of pro wrestling godliness in bulging red trunks!  He is beautiful!

Beardrooler dresses his big hairy subjects in classic rasslin’ gear: boots, masks, tights with stripes down the side, butcher singlets, the high-waisted Ole Anderson trunks pulled up to about the belly button.

If you have a rasslin gear fetish like I do, then his attention to clothing detail is basically pornographic!

(By the way, you may be wondering why I have not inserted captions under each image as I typically do.  I decided not to alter or manipulate the artist’s work to avoid possibly diminishing his greatness with my insipid commentary.)

If you’re only interested in drawings of slim youthful Baby-Face lads with six-pack abs and flowy long hair, then you’re barking up the wrong tree.  Beardrooler only draws MEN — mature, balding, bearded, husky, meaty, masculine, sexy fucking REAL MEN!  YUM!

I have a theory that the imagery that first aroused you when you were a child becomes embedded in your brain and continues to trigger you throughout your life.  For example I grew up on violent bloody pro wrestling performed by Real Men who all looked like THIS — bulky, older, and costumed in starred or striped spandex and boots.  And I loved it (and still love it) big time.

To this day, a bare-chested, bearded, pot-bellied brute in trunks n boots applying a classic Armbar or Headlock is instant boner material for me, even if probably 90% of the population may not see any sex appeal in the same scene.

So some of you may not see the erotic appeal in Beardrooler’s art and you may be wondering why I’m re-posting it here.

These drawings strike a nerve with me, because he is depicting the sort of masked savages, fat bruisers, thick Luchadores, and other bizarre, kinky, ruthless, and enticing performers that drove me wild in my youth.  I suspect this artist is around my age and grew up enjoying the same style of violent wrestling and uber-masculine husky wrestlers that I did — I can tell from his artwork that he truly gets it.

Unlike most pro wrestling artists, BD does not depict explicit sex, rape, or nudity in his drawings.  Just like televised pro wrestling, the sexual content is implied.  This image of a beefy baldy sitting on a helpless masked man’s face is the most sexually explicit depiction that I found in BD’s oeuvre.

If you’re getting off on these drawings (if you “get it”) and want to see more, Beardrooler has a Deviant Art gallery, a Pixiv gallery, a Twitter account, and a Blog, all chock full of hot images like these. If you’re a classic pro wrestling perv like me, you’re probably already following him on one or more of these channels.

What inspired me to write about Beardrooler today was a comic strip that he recently uploaded to the website.  It tells the story of a private wrestling match between a larger older gentleman who I’ve named DaddyDILF and his young challenger who I refer to as NelsonKing.  (Those are typical of the User IDs found in wrestling personal ads.)

BD’s comic strip accurately portrays the tone and feel of a private bout.  The two new acquaintances wrestle on a mattress rather than a mat.  Nearby is a video camera, ready to film the action.  Upon seeing his opponent in pro gear, NelsonKing expresses his excitement (and if you’ve ever met other guys to wrestle, you perhaps can relate.)

(By the way, I couldn’t resist inserting captions into these images even though I said earlier I wouldn’t.)

This is probably my favorite sketch in the entire comic strip.  DaddyDILF looks magnificent and powerful and beefy, like Beardrooler’s many other subjects.  A man who looks like this — chunky, aging, and balding — does not have many opportunities to show off his body or flex his muscles.  Most people prefer gazing at a leaner, younger model.  But in this venue and this scenario, a big chunky beast like DaddyDILF is spectacular and he feels comfortable enough to strut his stuff, knowing how perfect he looks in gear.

And we see NelsonKing feeling him up and checking him out from behind, savoring his strength, maybe pinching a nip or groping a tricep.  Again, if you’ve met guys to wrestle in private, you may have experienced some pre-match interactions similar to this, so you know how profoundly intoxicating this moment can be.

By the way, I am not re-posting every frame from BD’s upload, so there is more to see if you go download the entire comic strip.  You may need to create a free profile on the Bearhugger site to be able to view this content?

It’s not a dramatic or action-packed ring battle, it’s just two regular guys meeting and trading holds on a mattress.  And the competitors are not muscle-bound Greek Gods — they’ve got the types of bodies you might encounter if you go meet someone today on Bearhugger or GlobalFight or Meetfighters.

And this is why I love this comic strip, because it’s so accurate and real and true to life.  It depicts a real life situation that many guys have experienced or could go experience right now, not a far out fantasy world.  A work of art is supposed to be relatable and this one sure is for me!

DaddyDILF seems to have a jobber fetish, letting his smaller opponent manhandle and control him, lock him in hold after hold and not using his size advantage to gain the advantage.  This is very common in private bouts too in my experience, especially pro style matches, for one wrestler to willingly adopt the jobber role and let himself be over-powered.  A lot of guys get off on that.

NelsonKing applies a Sleeper Hold and DaddyDILF sinks off to sleep.  Do not attempt that one in your private bouts unless you know what you’re doing as NelsonKing does.

Great work — thanks BD!  I hope you don’t mind me inserting captions under your drawings.





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3 Responses to Bears Fan

  1. Dino says:

    Like the thick and hairy guys as well. The wrestling mismatches with the big hairy guys against the toned smooth guys does it for me. Nothing hotter then a hairy beast with big pecs, hairy gut and thick hairy arms and legs working over smooth muscle gets me breathing hard. Nice to find others into this look.

  2. Phil says:

    This is so strangely erotic……like when I found Adrian Adonis homoerotic. There is something about large men completely overwhelming smaller men that does it for me.

  3. Sean Pford says:

    Grrreat artwork! (Hm, that was supposed to be like a bear growl, but it just makes me think of Tony the Tiger. But he’s hot too, so maybe that’s okay.) ANYWAY I’m a fan of the art style, and the type of classic wrestling/wrestlers it’s inspired by. Thanks for pointing BD out to us!