Halloween Masks

ModernPartyJust before Halloween, I watched an old episode of Modern Family from 2012 in which the gay couple hosts a costume party.  One of their guests dressed as a masked wrestler, which definitely caught my eye.

Unfortunately, he only appeared in the background a few times and I couldn’t find a better photo of him online, but from what little I saw, he looked great in his tight mask and cape.  He is shirtless under that cape which would’ve had me chatting him up if I had been at that party, trying to find out if he’s into wrasslin’ with other dudes.  After all, Halloween is an opportunity to let other people get a peek, through the costume you select, at your secret fetishes and fantasies.

On Halloween, the YouTube channel Matto11011 posted over a dozen classic videos featuring hot masked wrestlers — mostly jobbers who perhaps wear masks to conceal their humiliation from their loved ones.  So in honor of kinky, sexy wrestling masks and the gayest holiday in general, here are a few recaps and images from Matto’s recent uploads that also caught my eye:

Barry-Executioner1Barry-Executioner4We open the series with one of my personal favorites: Barry Windham.  He never disappoints with those extra long legs protruding out of his cowboy boots, and those extra skimpy trunks, in this case a bright red pair.  The commentators verbally jizz all over him and his fit young bod.

The masked pig accepts his submissive role.

The masked Gimp accepts his submissive role.

The purpose of this match was to build our love and support for the blond bombshell by showing him easily destroying the creepy masked Executioner.  The rookie twists the helpless Gimp’s arm in about a dozen Arm Bars, then sails across the ring to spike his masked face into the mat.  If his identity were not concealed, we might even feel sorry for this chubby jobber bitch.

Barry-Executioner6Next Mattto blessed us with another Good Guy vs Masked Freak exhibition.  Beefy, goateed El Bracero (also known as “Super Mex”)  squared off bravely against the mysterious Black Saint.  I grew up watching El Bracero wrestling on local TV, but I don’t remember him looking this hot.

Bracero-Saint1Bracero-Saint4El Bracero” means “The Laborer” in Spanish.  He is meant to represent the working man, the exploited blue collar ranch-hand.  He is beloved by the fans for his honest, hard-working persona (but also for that ruggedly handsome smile and big chest with those prominent, quarter-sized nipples.  I’d pay you a day’s wages to wrestle me, El Bracero, and then what I’d do to those big nips…)

The name “Black Saint” is loaded with sinful, naughty innuendo.  Was he formerly a holy White Saint who fell from grace?  Did his fall from grace include kinky and sexual mis-behaviour?  His black mask and religious name give him a dirty, dark mystique.

The grace and beauty of El Bracero are showcased.

The grace and beauty of El Bracero are showcased.

For a bulky Luchador, El Bracero displays impressive agility. Check him out sailing around the ring with these sweet Flying Headsizzers!

I remember watching El Bracero as a youngster and not responding to his bulky, boxy physique.  But watching this match, now that my tastes have matured, I want to re-visit this sexy Super Mex and see more of him.

Super Mex was ahead of his time with this daring Splash off the top rope.

Super Mex was ahead of his time with this daring Splash off the top rope.

El Bracero pounces fearlessly off the top rope with that rotund body, utterly crushing the Saint under his bulk to win the match.  This was a surprisingly risky and devastating finisher from the beefy Super-Mex!



I had planned to discuss more of the many great masked wrestling videos that Matto11011 had uploaded on Halloween.  But then my computer crashed — the screen went white and will not re-boot.  I took it for repair and they told me the motherboard is fried and can’t be fixed.

So I am typing this on my tablet which takes much longer and will not work for maintaining and updating this blog. There is too much graphic work that would be impossible on a tablet. Basically this site is on hold until I decide to get a new desktop computer (or that I even want or need a computer in my life..)

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4 Responses to Halloween Masks

  1. ButchAngel says:

    Oh no!!! So sorry to hear about your computer. You know, I would consider putting up a Gofundme page to see if patrons would be willing to pitch in to help you get a new one. I certainly would contribute a modest amount. Those of us into wrestling blogs have apparently already lost a good one, since Heisout! hasn’t updated in more than a month. Please consider it. Any amount that you raise would help defray the cost of a new one, plus the $150 dollars or so it would cost to retrieve the data from your old hard drive!

  2. Guy LeBuff says:

    Awesome article as usual ;D But don’t leave us forever! This website keeps me alive dude!!!

  3. Alex says:

    I hope it doesn’t come to this, would be a real shame. Especially since Tumblr started locking down ‘adult’ sites. This is rises above all others.

  4. Sparkles says:

    I LOVE the old school masked jobbers. Golden Terror, The Ding Dongs, Thunderfoot. So many great Beefy jobbers in gear to get squashed. I wish more guys were into that scene!