Pretty in Pain Project, parts 3 and 4


“Too bad Dave didn’t clamp the hottie in a Bear Hug and continue squeezing him until he went limp.”

The third animation that Ringside at Skull Island posted in the “Pretty in Pain” article on 10/18/17 featured Terry Frazier being dragged up for more abuse by huge, gloriously fat Dave Mastiff.


Of course this is a Brit Pro match, because the Brits love to see their cute young lads in impossible odds.

mismatchI recognized this match because I had already blogged about it in my article titled “Brit Pro Mis-Match” posted on 1/22/14.  In fact, here is the same moment of Terry Frazier’s greatest despair that I captured in still images that Ringside had created as an animation.  I guess great wrestling bloggers must think alike.

Given that I already wrote up this hot squash match in detail in my 1/22/14 article, I don’t want to re-visit everything again today.  Go check out that article if you’re wondering how I feel about Frazier in his little white speedo.


TracerX1So let’s move on to Ringside’s fourth example of Pretty in Pain, handsome young Tracer X and his hard body suffering some rough, tough abuse.

Tracer wears light blue tights with an orange belt, which gives him a Super-hero vibe.  When he is down on the mat taking stuff boots and knees to the gut, he resembles Superboy getting bullied by sadistic Lex Luthor with a bucket full of Kryptonite nuggets nearby.


paradiseHere is Tracer X’s opponent, Brandon Paradise, appropriately bald as Lex Luthor is usually depicted.

I do enjoy bald Heels — a dude looks more intimidating and dangerous when he has no hair to soften and feminize his look, especially if he acts hard-ass and never smiles.  His bald pate is like a skull and I can’t wait to see him Head-butt his cute victim with that big, hard noggin.


OOOFF!  Right in the bread-basket!

OOOFF! Right in the bread-basket!

The most remarkable aspect of Tracer’s appearance is his rock-hard abdomen.  He’s got a washboard you could scrub the laundry on.  So of course, the Heel targets that rock-hard midsection throughout the match.


Here, for example, Paradise drops the young Superboy with the first of many big knees to the stomach we will see.





TracerX5RacerXThe name “Tracer X” is perhaps a reference to “Racer X” — a character from the old Speed Racer anime cartoon I watched as a child.

Racer X was Speed Racer’s older brother who ran away from home years prior and became a famous, but unknown, race-car driver.  Racer X was a bad boy, a run-away with a mystique of mystery and danger, his hidden identity wonderfully captivating.

He wore a chinless mask that reminded me of a pro wrestling mask.  You could just tell he was a handsome, square-jawed hunk under that mask. He also wore stretchy white tights and tall boots, and had nice swole arms.  This look gave him the appearance of a pro wrestler, so of course I was obsessed with him as a wide-eyed child who loved watching Speed Racer almost as much as I loved watching Big Time Wrestling.

So if Tracer X the wrestler is referencing Racer X from the old cartoon, then I like Tracer X even more.   I enjoy being reminded of childhood obsessions and early turn-ons.

Paradise wants to mark Tracer's pale flesh with a hand-print.

Paradise wants to mark Tracer’s pale flesh with a hand-print.

The Heel demonstrates his cruel intentions against helpless Tracer X, bending our hero backward over the edge of the ring and WHACKING that bare chest.  It sounds loud as hell, causing Tracer to sink to his knees.  I bet it wasn’t a stretch to sell the agony of that Chest Slap because I’m sure it hurt like a bitch.



First his abs, now his face?!  Must you destroy everything we love about Tracer X?

First his abs, now his face?! Must you destroy everything we love about Tracer X?

Here is the Tracer X animation that was posted to the Ringside at Skull Island article.  Paradise weaponizes his black wrestling boots by stepping on the pretty-boy’s pretty face.  Tracer acts shocked at how bad that hurt, which is always hot to witness.


Continuing to target his rock-hard abs.

Continuing to target his rock-hard abs.


Oooff!  Tracer suffers another boot to the gut.  I guess if you’re going to develop six-pack abs and show them off, flexing your stomach every time your shirt is off, then you’re going to pay for that arrogance.  Other men who don’t look so shredded and amazing will make you pay by brutally kicking your perfect body.

aquamanBy the way, I recall posting this image to my most recent Suffering Sunday article back on 10/8/17.  That is definitely Tracer X with the aqua and orange tights and ripped physique.

I don’t think this moment with Tracer out cold on the arena floor occurred during the Brandon Paradise match.  The floor is actually painted blue in the Paradise match, and here Tracer seems to be suffering on bare concrete.

So apparently this must be a regular occurrence for Tracer.  Everybody must throw him out of the ring and disgrace him by leaving him broken on the floor.  He is clearly a very well-trained and attractive jobber bitch — the best kind!


TracerX9Tracer X eventually delivered his finishing move, a flipping Superfly Splash off the top ropes like Justin Gabriel used to do.

Just like Justin Gabriel, the move utterly destroys the competition, but leaves his own body damaged.  Tracer clutches his lower ribs to let us know a few of them are probably shattered.

Again Tracer’s mid-section is the focus of our attention and source of his greatest power.  He used those hard abs to crush his victim when he splashed down on the guy.  Now he’s getting us to gaze at his stomach and think about his muscular abs as he clutches himself in pain.



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  1. male destroyer says:


  2. Dr.Fever says:

    Pretty in Pain appeal…
    Terry Frazier, please come back to wrestling, we miss seeing you & your ‘3rd leg’ in the ring.
    Tracer X, please ditch the tights and show off that great body in trunks again.
    2 sexy guys, oh I am loving this Pretty in Pain Project!

  3. Ray says:

    Feel like Tracer has a lot more suffering to do and I hope we get to see it.