Purr's t-shirt announces his love for Adrian Matthews.

Tommy Purr’s t-shirt announces his love for Adrian Matthews.

The 10/14/17 episode of West Coast Wrestling Connection (available on YouTube) continued the love story of Tommy Purr and Adrian Matthews.  I described the first meeting between the “Sin City Kitty” and the man his t-shirt describes as “Purrfect” in my 10/4/17 article: “Pussy Cat.”  It seems Purr has developed an obsession with young Adrian.

adrian-kitty1Adrian must know that Purr has a crush on him, but rather than run away from a potentially awkward situation (assuming Matthews is straight), he willingly enters the ring with his fat Fan Boy.  We often see this in pro wrestling, where the hunky young hero runs toward, rather than away from, potential sexual abuse.

Purr thrusts his weight into Matthews to subdue him.

Purr thrusts his weight into Matthews to subdue him.

Many pro wrestling matches hint at a queer sexual attraction or obsession by the Heel toward the handsome Baby-Face, especially when they become entangled in a long-running feud.  It always felt like Ric Flair maybe was too eager to want to wrestle Ricky Steamboat again, or maybe Randy Orton was a bit too grabby with John Cena.

adrian-kitty2But Tommy Purr is taking this gay wrestling man-crush to a new level, even wearing a t-shirt with a photo of his opponent/love interest.  Purr proceeds to dominate Adrian in the ring which blurs the line between wanting to wrestle and wanting to fuck.

Even though Purr is not as lean and athletic as him, Adrian acts as if the Sin City Kitty has over-powered him.  He behaves utterly submissive, allowing Purr to parade him around the ring and man-handle him.

adrian-kitty3For example, Purr drapes an arm around Adrian’s neck and poses with a smile.  Adrian does not push away, or elbow Purr in the gut.  He just stands shirtless and submissive in the more powerful male’s grasp, gazing helplessly at the camera.

The intent is to encourage the viewer to put himself in Purr’s position, to send the message that Adrian can be used and abused by any out-of-shape fattie.

adrian-kitty5adrian-kitty6As the match continues, the sexual vibe builds, with Purr splitting Adrian’s legs apart repeatedly to show off his bulge, and Adrian acting floppy and weak as if he’s been Roofied.

The fact that Purr acts so flamboyant and prancy, the fact that he wears lace gloves and fishneck stockings, is all meant to degrade and emasculate Adrian Matthews.  How can the presumably straight, buff athlete, usually an Alpha Male in the pecking order, be owned by this chubby, limp-wristed sissy?!

adrian-kitty7This humiliation and sexual assault of the good-looking Hero by a somehow powerful queer is at the heart of pro wrestling’s lasting appeal and popularity.  This is every straight man’s nightmare — and apparently, secret desire — to be over-powered and nearly molested by some dominant gay dude in public while wearing nothing more than underwear.

I say this is a secret desire because straight men continue to tune in or log on to watch pro wrestling, which is chock full of examples of this naughty scenario (although the gay obsession angle is not usually presented as explicitly as Purr is doing here.)

Purr uses his big hard tool to finish Adrian off.

Purr uses his big hard tool to finish Adrian off.

Purr reaches under the ring to find a hammer that he apparently hid there earlier.  As Adrian reaches toward him, Purr rams that big phallic tool right into Adrian’s ruggedly handsome face, leaving the rookie dazed and utterly helpless.  The use of this nasty weapon is meant to explain and justify how the out-of-shape queer defeated an athletic young jock.

adrian-kitty11Even the pinfall seems sexually aggressive, with Purr groping Adrian’s bare chest and then laying down across him like they’re cuddling in a bed.

Adrian just lays there submissive and helpless, letting Purr do whatever to him, his long legs sprawled out provocatively, his manhood vulnerable and exposed.

Will Adrian ever be able to defeat this aggressive and flirty Kitty?  Will Purr eventually convert Adrian into his submissive sex toy?

adrian-kitty12But the sexual tension does not end there.  Later in the episode at 58:34 into the video, we see Purr backstage in the locker room.  He invites us to “come with me and get a glimpse of the most perfect guy in all of wrestling.”   He then holds his phone over a nearby curtain and we just know Adrian is in there taking his post-match shower.  This is totally inappropriate sexual abuse — Tommy Purr should be arrested!  You cannot photograph someone naked in the shower just to beat off to the pictures later!

adrian-kitty13adrian-kitty14As Purr swipes Adrian’s clothing from the hook outside the shower (pausing to contemplate his black underwear), I can’t help but wonder if Purr is lampooning us, the obsessed wrestling fans.  The way Purr talks so queerly about Adrian, and snaps photos of him to look at later, and obsesses over him just feels a bit familiar.

Is this scenario meant to be a wink in our direction?  Are they saying: we know you Kitties are out there, gawking at Adrian, getting turned on by watching him wrestle, wishing you could steal and keep his clothing?


Just as Purr had worn a t-shirt featuring  a picture of Adrian on the front, he leaves Adrian a shirt with himself on the front and the phrase: “Tommy Makes Me Purr.”  This Game of T-Shirts symbolizes Purr’s attempt to convert Adrian, to get him to accept a homo-sexual relationship and lifestyle by donning the shirt (which he does not do).  Purr wants them to go around in public together, both declaring their love for the other on their shirts.  They might as well wear matching “I’m with HIM –>” shirts.

But Adrian portrays the resistant, no nonsense, straight wrestling hero, avoiding the temptation and rejecting Tommy Purr’s offer (but always coming back for more the next week.)

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3 Responses to Purr-vert

  1. RayAtL says:

    Wow! I really need to find time to watch WCWC …thanks for posting this.

  2. Indy Fan says:

    with all due respect to the blogger. to answer your question about Adrian Matthews boots. yeah with a body like that in trunks like that my eyes do travel south but i am so not looking at the man’s boots

  3. Dr.Fever says:

    The shower scene!… WOW, this was hot!
    Of all the (many) years I’ve watched wrestling, this is deff one of my fav storylines