Cena Position

When John Cena is suffering in a match (especially against Randy Orton), he likes to get down to one knee, his face at the opponent’s crotch level, and make like he’s limp and exhausted.  He may droop forward to rest his cheek on the other man’s abdomen, or he may grip the other man’s waistband or hips and slowly pull himself to his feet.

This body language is very emasculating and homo-erotic, especially when the dominant opponent just stands looking down, letting Cena do his suffering, positioning his bulge in the proximity of Cena’s face.  Here are some images of Cena portraying the beaten slave so you can see what I’m referring to…

Cena has degraded himself before Randy Orton like this so often, people have started to “Ship” these two rivals.  They write Slash fiction with Cena and Orton in torrid love affairs.  People created videos, images, and written articles about this love-hate relationship.  They have even combined their names into one — CenTon — implying a marriage or an unbreakable bond.

Cena uses this pose of vulnerability so often, I now just call it the “Cena Position” whenever any wrestler kneels like that.  Randy has forced Cena to adopt this submissive pose so often, it is now habit for him to just kneel down and beg for mercy from any man he gets in the ring with, to portray himself as the inferior.  Below are some photos of Cena playing the pathetic beggar for several other opponents.

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One Response to Cena Position

  1. Alex Miller says:

    Wow, thanks for the compilation of these pics. I had no idea Cena did that so often. It’s an amazing sign of submission for a man like him, who’s normally on top.