Bringing Sleazy Blogging Back


I bought myself a new computer as an early Christmas present and have been learning new software for capturing images, creating animated GIFs — all the tools you need to make a blog.  And what better wrestler to bust my new computer’s cherry than Joey Ryan??

I understand that his cocky poses, heavy use of body oil (even down his trunks), and self-obsession with his dick are meant to be comical — a lampoon of the sleazy Heels of the 1980’s, or of all the predatory Alpha Creeps now being dethroned by their victims.  But darn it, I find this hairy-chested show-off to be totally enthralling and jaw-droppingly sexy in spite of his campy behavior.  I am a sucker for his manly physique, colorful trunks, and suggestive performances.

If Joey's sleazy antics are a joke, why am I so turned on?

If Joey’s sleazy antics are a joke, why am I so turned on?









The match I saw recently on YouTube features Joey fucking around with a tough, buff, no-nonsense killer known as MJF — Maxwell Jacob Friedman.  He portrays a spoiled rich kid who wears a douchey scarf draped over his gym-built bod — a privileged member of the 1% who chooses to wrassle other men because he apparently enjoys it even though he could afford to be idle.



Joey adjust the fit of that tight spandex snuggling his nuts.

Joey adjust the fit of that tight spandex snuggling his nuts.

Supposedly, he audience consists of mostly straight males, but they sure want to see some gay play between these two eye-catching hunks.  They chant at MJF to “Touch His Dick!” but MJF won’t be gay-baited (at least early in the bout.)  He tortures Joey’s arm to shut down his sleazy antics and prevent any potential grab-ass, utterly disappointing the horny audience.

Joey rubs his blow pop on his sweaty balls.

Joey whips it out, ready to stick it in the other man’s mouth.

Joey prepares to humiliate MJF by inserting his lolly pop in his trunks, soaking it with his sweat, perhaps nutting all over it.  He plans to jam that phallic sucker in MJF’s mouth like a cock, turning the tough stud into his bitch.  Surely a Real Man like MJF won’t degrade himself by allowing this!

By the way, I saw a Tumblr site with more animations from this same match, focusing on a scene where MJF falls face-first onto Joey’s waiting bulge.  I decided not to copy all those images here because I already have PLENTY of hot images from this match, but definitely check those out — it’s really gay.


We find out who is the Sucker in the ring.

We find out who is the Sucker in the ring.

MJF gains control of the Blow Pop for a moment, but Joey proves to be the true Alpha Male, jamming his sweet candy right onto MJF’s tongue.  The audience gets off on this utter degradation and I decided right then and there to start blogging about wrestling again.



Eventually MJF decides to punish Joey for all his flirtatious, non-hetero antics.  He grips Joey’s arm between his legs and grinds on the pressure!

It is a compelling image — those black boots locked securely together, Joey’s arm protruding from between MJF’s legs like a big hard dong, Joey in agony slapping the mat, and MJF continuing to apply the pressure long after the bell has rung!  WHEW!

NOW do you see why I just had to blog about this match?!

NOW do you see why I just had to blog about this match?!



MJF may be the better wrestler, but Joey proves to be the more potent male.  After the match, instead of shaking his hand, MJF is forced to shake Joey’s cock.

In a celebration of male power and masculinity, we see that Joey’s pecker is imbued with special properties.  Once MJF grabs it, he can’t let go!  His hand is trapped, and Joey proceeds to use Magic Member to twist MJF’s’ arm no-handed.


Joey uses his hard-on to punish his victim.

Joey uses his hard-on to punish his victim.

As Joey flexes his pecker, MJF drops to his knees, utterly dominated by that big dick.  Am I supposed to laugh at this or start beating off?  Look at that strong man, turned into a submissive toy by the power of the other man’s masculinity.  This is homo-erotic, right??






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13 Responses to Bringing Sleazy Blogging Back

  1. pec 57 says:

    Great ass on MJF perfectly shown off by those blue trunks. By the way welcome back!

  2. Figure4 says:

    Yup, even with the somewhat-silly ring antics, I found this match hot as well. Haha!
    We Missed you! Welcome back! 😀

  3. Mike says:

    You were missed!
    Latest I know is Joey and Adam Page are Twitter feuding and “Hangman Page” is now “Hungman”. Don’t think they’ve ever had a match yet but are setting it up for 2018. Page is coming along just fine: older heavier and preferably not shaving the chest anymore. Just resist the long tites, Hungman.

  4. Mark says:

    Gotta be honest. Years back I always said, A/A–> Arn Anderson had the BEST / SEXIEST chest in the ring. But, a few years ago I landed on a pic. of this Joey Ryan. When I saw HIS chest, I nearly took a stroke !! A bit thicker in the fur department, from that of Arn, and a bit more ripped. Today, Arn still stands a healthy 2nd place, but have to be honest….only one word truly describes Ryan, with THAT chest and his ability to turn his sexiness in total Sleeze….WOOF !!!!!!!!!!

  5. male destroyer says:

    great you are back!!!!!!

  6. Indy Fan says:

    Joey Ryan vs MJF that was a hot match a definite #IndyFantasyMatch. it doesn’t get any better than that to hot guys in tights in the ring. hunks in trunks thank you for posting. and also welcome back i have missed you

  7. Awesome. 😀 I love it and that ending “handshake” of theirs. And welcome back, man!

  8. K T Ong says:

    Joey certainly is sleazy, but Dino Danshoku is way worse. 🙂 (You know that Japanese wrestler?)

    Good to know you’ve got a new system so this blog can still be around. Keep up the good work!

  9. Dr.Fever says:

    Great to see you back, deff one of the best blogs.
    …and those MJF gifs & pics, Happy Xmas to us 🙂

  10. RayAtL says:

    Joey Ryan gets hotter as the years past by … !

    Welcome back, Arsenal … glad to see you back in the blogging saddle!

  11. Sean Pford says:

    Welcome back!

    Joey Ryan, sexy AF. Interestingly, I recently saw online a photo Joey had posted of himself with Luke Perry, saying that Luke said he was a fan of Joey’s work. Which seems totally awesome and not at all what you’d expect.

  12. admin says:

    Thanks Inner Jobber — it seems Luke Perry has a son who wrestles on the Indy circuit — “Jungle Boy” Nate McCoy. Maybe Mr. 90210 was at an event to watch his son, maybe he chatted up Joey Ryan to help the kid’s career. I could’ve sworn I had blogged about this Jungle Boy, but now I’m not finding my article, so maybe I never got to him, but he is on my list. Check Nate McCoy out, you may find this lean, long-haired Tarzan in minimal speedo trunks worthy of blogging about on Inner Jobber. Not every son of a television heartthrob strips down to a speedo and climbs in the ring, so you have some background to work with. I mean, who didn’t think about Brandon & Dylan as Tag Team partners, a pair of rich, well-dressed Baby-Faces who suffered endless abuse from all the rough thugs in southern California?

  13. Trig Ryder says:

    Good to see you back. Your blog is one of the hottest wrestling blogs, if not THE hottest.