Why I Don’t Want Them To Build That Wall

I was surprised and excited to see one of my favorite Mexican wrestlers, Rush, appear on the 1/21/19 episode of Ring of Honor!   This macho stud is a bad-ass and very easy on the eyes in his bulging white trunks.

I blogged about Rush back on 3/1/16 and 3/9/16 when he was part of a Dickhead Rudo tag team known as Los Ingobernables.

Rush’s first ROH opponent (or victim?) is TK O’Ryan, who reminds me a little bit of Leonardo DiCaprio.

I have not paid enough attention to this dude with all the other great talent and eye-candy to write about, but he definitely got my attention during this intense battle against Rush.

O’Ryan started the match in a black t-shirt.  Maybe he didn’t think his body measured up to Rush’s.

But Rush won’t have it, stripping him bare-chested.  Yeah I prefer to wrestle skin-on-skin as well.


The gimmick of the match is that these two are almost perfectly matched, going hold for hold, chop for chop.  Neither one is clearly dominant as they both unleash athletic moves and devastating offense.  It’s all very impressive.

Damn this Rush is beautiful, like a lion with his curly mane.

Rush stuns O’Ryan with a kick to the face, then strikes this sexy pose, to the delight of the audience.

And THIS is why I support immigration, at least for really attractive Luchadores like Rush, because that is HOT.


We need this diversity in our wrestling (and our society), this injection of exotic, unfamiliar novelty to spice up the soup in our mixing pot and make life (and pro wrestling) more interesting and thrilling.

Why limit ourselves to the same old white bread?

TK surprises Rush with a big knuckle sandwich outside the ring which drops him, then gives us a Gun Show with this cocky bicep flex.  Nice.

Damn — now I’m having a hard time deciding if I want to focus more on the stud in white trunks or the stud in black trunks!

As O’Ryan drags Rush around by the hair, the commentators point out that Rush’s curly mane is one of the richest prizes in Mexico where the Luchadores risk being shaved bald if they are defeated in a title match.

The fact that Rush has held onto those gorgeous, flowing locks of long hair shows what a bad-ass he really is.  He is Samson, practically daring someone to try to cut it.

After a grueling back-and-forth slobber-knocker in which both combatants came off looking spectacular, Rush finishes off TK with a big Drop-Kick in the corner and pins him.

This was nice of ROH and TK O’Ryan to welcome the new guy by letting him win and putting home over.

And by the way, I get it that Rush came here legally and the wall is meant to prevent illegal entry.  I was just trying to be cutesy and relevant by referencing the wall in the title of this gallery.  I am not having a political debate (neither pro nor con) on this blog.

If, on the other hand, you want to debate whether Rush stuffs his trunks, that would be a topic I’m willing to entertain.

The members of the Kingdom are sore losers, so TK’s friends help him subdue Rush and bash metal chairs into his head.

This scene plays on the oppression of immigrants, the unfair tyranny of the majority over the downtrodden minority, the imbalance of power between the kingdom and the individual.  The fact that Rush looks so good in his white trunks makes it pretty arousing too!

Are these Heels perhaps angry that this Mexican immigrant has stolen a job from a ‘Merican?  Or do they fear that he’s a member of a dangerous Mexican drug cartel so they need to destroy him?

Whatever the reason, I’m getting boned up by Rush’s helplessness and suffering in those bright white trunks and flamboyant boots, so I support extending his work visa for a good 10 years at least.   Hopefully there is a wrestling fan at ICE who can make that happen.




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2 Responses to Why I Don’t Want Them To Build That Wall

  1. wishwecouldfight says:

    I love heel Rush, so I’m a bit surprised that I’m turned on by baby-face Rush.

  2. destoy alpha males says:

    NO TO THE WALL!!!!!!!!!