Power Play, part 2 of ?

As he promised and as I mentioned in a recent article, the Inner Jobber blogger has begun uploading a series of Jimmy Powers squash videos.  Today we look at Mr. Perfect just owning my favorite 80’s muscle-toy.

Powers is especially floppy and weak against Perfect.  Maybe they paid him extra to make Perfect look like a million bucks, or maybe they roofied the pretty jobber to ensure he’d be fully submissive.

Another video that Inner Jobber posted of the “Macho King” Randy Savage also emphasizes Jimmy’s weakness and vulnerability.  Powers comes off looking like a helpless wimp in both these one-sided squashes and I love that about him.

Both of today’s Heels also brought along an admirer to watch them dominate the muscle-wimp.  Savage has the Sensational Sherry getting all hot and bothered from watching him over-power Powers.  And Mr. Perfect has the sketchy Genius, Lanny Poffo, cheering for him at ringside, paying very close attention to Perfect’s snug singlet.

The presence of a ringside watcher adds that voyeuristic vibe.  We presume the Heel’s special friend is getting turned on by the displays of dominance over a very submissive Powers.

I’ve always enjoyed this vicious little Neck Twister, employed here by Mr. Perfect.  He clamps the jobber’s neck between his thighs and suddenly twists his hips, not really giving a fuck if he just injured the poor dude’s neck.

Savage targets Jimmy’s neck as well, snapping him down across the top rope.  I understand that they want to defeat this kid, to move up the ranks and earn more money, but why do they apparently want to kill him?  Are they threatened by his good looks, worried that Powers might steal away their Significant Other at ringside?  Or are they simply aware that the sight of a muscle-guy being utterly trounced gives the audience hard-ons?

The Heels realize that barely overcoming a muscle stud like Powers in a back-and-forth battle might make you seem talented and tough, but utterly destroying the swole fucker will make you look like a Heel God.  So they’re out to really wreck this beautiful loser, perhaps competing to see who can hurt him the worst.

And coincidentally (or maybe it was pre-planned) both Heels really open Jimmy’s legs wide with their Hook-the-Leg Pinfalls.

I guess they’re giving their Significant Others, or us, a final look at the muscle-man’s big bulge, making it perfectly clear that they’ve totally and completely conquered him in spite of his big impressive muscles, so they  are therefore truly dominant Alphas.

Thanks Inner Jobber for the inspiration and for all this footage of one of my favorite 80’s White Meat Muscle Jobbers.  Hopefully I can keep up with with the pace of your Jimmy Powers Squash Match uploads — my dick is getting sore already.


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3 Responses to Power Play, part 2 of ?

  1. wishwecouldfight says:

    Neck Twister is hot, and it’s even hotter when it’s done with two strong, thick thighs.

  2. Dino says:

    Followed Powers while growing up and had many hard ons watching him get worked over. Always wanted to see him hairy at least once but maybe he is just one of the few naturally hairless guys in wrestling. He was a good looking man and looked even better flat on his back in a pinning combination as your pictures show.

  3. Phil says:

    I love the neck twister…….that is so hot……as are both Powers and Perfect.