Power Play, part 1 of ?

For each of his favorite 1980’s jobbers, the Inner Jobber blog has been uploading a series of videos to YouTube.  For example, he recently posted over a dozen videos in a row of “Iron” Mike Sharpe to his Sean Pford channel.  Sharpe was the iconic hairy-chested Heel jobber with a thick body, black leather armband (right arm only), and deep gravelly voice.

One of the most exciting matches he uploaded was Iron Mike in the ring with Jimmy Powers wearing his trademark red bikini.  I just had to write this one up because I always loved Powers and damn, look at that muscular backside on him!


Powers always did it for me with his wavy hair, beatific smile, and that killer muscled bod that was always perfectly smooth and tanned.  Also, I always enjoyed jobber vs. jobber matches like this because you never were quite sure (unlike most matches in that era) who would get the win.

Plus, a jobber vs. jobber match was really about proving who is the very weakest in the federation, the loser among losers.  This made the outcome seem even more publicly humiliating for defeated jobber (and therefore even more enticing to watch for us).

The names of both of these jobbers imply (ironically) manly strength and virility:  “Iron” Mike, like he is hard as iron and Jimmy “Powers” to let us know he is powerful.  So a Test of Strength is a great way to settle right from the start who is the biggest loser.  We soon see that big Iron Mike is the dominant male in this contest as he forces Powers to the degrading Kneel-Before-Zod position.

Jimmy Powers stays on his knees a long while at the start of this match, his face positioned near Iron Mike’s waistband as his head bobs up and down suggestively.  Each time the young stallion manages to struggle to his feet, Iron Mike just kicks the dummy in the tummy to put him back down on his knees in face-to-crotch position.  It’s like Powers is Iron Mike’s puppet (or living sex doll?)

Powers comes off looking pathetic and helpless and I love him for that (and for his cute face that you just want to smooch).  The way he so willingly degrades himself, kneels like a bitch, sells his weakness, and utterly betrays his swole power made him one of my favorite 80’s White Meat Muscle Jobbers of all time.

Eventually the pretty-boy escapes and is permitted to regain some of his masculine pride by applying a few holds.

Meanwhile the audience is mentally emasculating him by staring at his pretty ass in those skimpy red trunks and fantasizing about performing all sorts of degrading acts on him.  So even when he is in control, he is used visually by the viewers.

Now it’s Iron Mike’s turn to emasculate himself and cancel his strength as he accidentally (or deliberately, actually) entangles his arms between the ropes, effectively placing himself at the young stallion’s mercy.

Based on Sharpe’s willing participation in being tied up, I get the feeling that “Iron” Mike enjoyed some S&M kink and felt thrilled by playing with the loss of authority, the “helpless” Please-Don’t-Hurt-Me-Sir position.  His brawny body is suddenly presented as vulnerable, with Powers having full access to his waistband area as he delivers some power-draining slugs to the gut.

But Powers almost immediately runs into a big boot like a gullible fool, which places him right back in the role of the weak, meek jobber freak.  Just like that, Powers is back at Iron Mike’s mercy.

The match plays around with control and helplessness, with both “Iron” men having fun in both roles — dungeon master and submissive goon.

Part of Jimmy’s surprising helplessness is explained by the black gauntlet on Sharpe’s forearm.  When he hammers it down across that wide back, Jimmy flops like a soccer player trying to draw a penalty.  The “controversial” armband gives Iron Mike a hidden weapon, an unfair power advantage, a bondage toy, which was always a turn-on to observe.

The Inner Jobber blogger mentioned, when he posted this video, that he will soon be uploading a whole month of Jimmy Powers matches.  Oh man, I can’t wait!  I’m gonna go all in and blog all over his videos, taking deep dives into Powers’ oxymoronic portrayals of muscular weakness, savoring his hard ass in those eye-catching red speedos.  I hope you are into Jimmy Powers too, because you’re soon going to be getting a big dose of him if you follow this blog.

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2 Responses to Power Play, part 1 of ?

  1. Dr.Fever says:

    A great post about the beautifully muscular Jimmy Powers.
    I miss seeing him & Paul Roma getting a good pounding on tv each week.

  2. Dino says:

    Red was the perfect color gear for him. His tanned skin and nice ass looked great getting demolished in his tight red trunks. Had some great pecs to get bashed and worked over as well.