Ten Tenacious Tumblrs

In my Tumblr Takedown articles (part 1 and part 2), I may have given you the impression that all pro wrestling content is gone from Tumblr — that there is no point in even visiting Tumblr because the Algorithm has cleared the ring, wiping out every wrestling photo.

Actually, that is not the case.  Yes, a number of wrestling Tumblrs ended on 12/17/19, the day of the Takedown, but many of my very favorites survived!  They’ve avoided the Devastating Finisher and are fighting back against the Algorithm every day to resist its Photo-Focused Weakeners.

The images in today’s gallery were all found on Tumblr after the Take-Down, proving that there is still plenty of hot rasslin’ imagery to be found.

(And by the way, part of me is glad that much of the non-wrestling porn is gone now, so I can focus more on hot wrestling images with fewer swinging dicks and bare asses and scrotes and feet to have to scroll through.)

In honor of the Tenacious Tumblrs and their struggle to survive, I’ve created a new category of links for them in my right-hand margin to guide you to some of my favorites.

Let’s support these Tumblrs, and Follow them, and talk about them so that Tumblr remains a wrestling-friendly environment and a source of hot content.  If nobody visits these Tumblrs, I’m sure they will close for business given all the headaches of staying open.

So today I am blogging about ten of my favorite surviving Tumblrs in no particular order to encourage you to check them out.  If you Follow all of them, you will have a steady stream of hot wrestling content in your Tumblr Feed.

I realize there are more wrestling Tumblrs out there besides these 10 and I sure don’t mean to hurt any feelings by leaving them off this list.

So here are the criteria I used to select the ones I happen to be blogging about today:

  1. Frequent posts of original material (not mostly re-postings from other Tumblrs
  2. 75% or greater focus on male pro wrestling, in the ring, in trunks and boots.
  3. Depictions of wrestling holds and moves, not just asses, bulges, or guys standing around looking pretty.

If you know of Tumblrs that meet the above criteria, fuck yeah send the links my way as a Comment or email.  Maybe I will do a follow-up article on more Tenacious Tumblrs — the more, the merrier.


(01) Certainly Dirty Old School Wrestling remains right at the top of my Tumblr Follow list.  This site gets me as stiff as these cartoon pro wrestlers found on the DOSW site.

And for some reason, I don’t think this Tumblr was ever shut down, or lost any images (thank goodness) during the Tumblr Take-Down.

I don’t know how the Dirty Old School blogger did it.  Maybe the Algorithm knew better than to fuck with this site, it’s that bad-ass.  This blog focuses on manly themes: Real Men, trunk bulges, classic style rasslin, hairy chests, old timey Heels, studs in spandex — and the blogger posts frequently.

I am very happy this blog survived.  I generally vibe to whatever he posts — we seem to have similar kinks.



(02) Obviously the Piledrive U blog is a Must Follow for everybody who gets off on wrestling.  The images are super hot, but made even hotter by the bawdy captions he writes describing why wrestling is such a turn on.  Piledrive U was in Tumblr jail for a while (one of my readers even mentioned how he missed it).

But Piledrive U has now escaped the Algorithm’s smothering clutches.  I bet the naughty boy had to do a TON of work to clean up his raunchy archives!  By the way, he is looking for more followers to justify the time and effort he is spending fighting off the Algorithm, so please go follow his Tumblr.


(03) The This n That Tumblr site seems to have escaped the Algorithm’s notice.  The wrestling images and animations on this blog are fairly smutty — dangerously close to the dreaded “sensitive material.”  For example, there are a lot of big dick bulges. I can vouch for his excellent taste because I sometimes see images from this blog on his Tumblr stream (Holla skampsf!  How u doin’ kid?)

Yet This n That continues to post hot wrestling images undetected by the Algorithm, or he’s doing a hell of a job fighting back.  Hopefully my mention in this article does not alert the Algorithm that one got away!

(04) The wrestlers-in-gear site is just that: wrestlers in gear — but only the most appealing and beautiful wrestlers on the planet.  That hot image of Shane Thorne leaning on one elbow from my Tumblr Take-Down #2 article, for example, was swiped from wrestlers-in-gear.

And actually, there are also plenty of images of wrestlers in gear in wrestling holds on his site as well — they’re not all just sitting on the ring apron showing off their goods.




(05) Rude Rick Rude’s Tumblr page does a great job staying just barely on this side of Tumblr’s Community Guidelines.  For example, check out Curtis Axel taking ownership of a submissive and willing C. M. Punk.

Rude Rick Rude also posts a lot of portraits of wrestlers just standing there looking hot for us.  Lucky for me, he likes a lot of the same guys as I do:  RandyRoderick, McIntyre, Finn, Dash, and EC3 to name a few.

(06) One Tumblr I personally enjoy, although it’s not blatantly homo-erotic and I realize it’s not for everyone, is called Vintage Professional Wrestling.  It is updated frequently with old magazine photos, many in black and white.  Because the imagery is not sexually graphic to most viewers, the Algorithm seems to have passed it by.

I got some of my first raging boners off the lewd, provocative Rasslin’ mags sold at my corner drug store, so these old photos hold a certain nostalgia and sex appeal for me.  Maybe the guys aren’t as swole as gym rats or as pretty as male models as we are spoiled with today, but back then, these magazines were the best source of wrestling JPGs we had (before there was such a thing as JPGs, or the internet for that matter.)

(07) The Seth North Tumblr site, also known as Wrestling & Muscle Worship, loves to post 5 or 6 animations that tell the story of a hot Indy match, followed by the name of the suffering Baby-Face.  It’s a great way to learn the identities of some of the hot new studs on the Indy scene.

For example, North shows us a clothed businessman in shirt and tie destroy a trunked and booted victim, followed by the name: “Stan Lee.”   How does Seth North find all these amazing torture scenes and these obscure but beautiful performers?!

(08) The Heels Rule!! Tumblr site is not as active as some of the others on this list, with only around a dozen images posted per month.  But the theme of the images that are posted is the cruelty, viciousness, and arrogance of villainous Heels as they dominate and destroy weaker Baby-Faces.

I find myself very excited by nearly every photo posted or liked by Heels Rule!!, so we have similar turn-ons.

(09) I’ve been following the RWfan11 Tumblr for a long time and I’m very pleased to see that it survived the Takedown.  This blogger churns out a steady stream of aesthetically beautiful and highly erotic wrestling images.  What does the “RW” stand for — Raunchy Wrestling?

He describes his site as: “Getting right to the ‘GOOD’ parts in professional wrestling!  NSFW18+ required.”  (You can maybe remove the NSFW warning now that the Algorithm considers your images good enough for church, including the one below with Cena humping cock-to-cock on Orton.)

(10). Matmuncher’s tagline on his Tumblr site is: “Jobbers Are Made For Punishment.”  Here, here, good chap!

And this is exactly what his site focuses on: hot images and animations of jobbers held in painful and devastating holds.  I appreciate his focus on actual wrestling moves rather than a diet based solely on eye candy.

Here we see some trunked jobber being choked by a rope while the ref is all like: That’s legal enough — do you submit, bitch?   It’s so brutal and unfair and nasty, it’s exactly the kind of wrestling I’m into.

Thanks Matmuncher, and all the Tenacious Tumblrs whether mentioned in this article or not, for hanging in there and for trying to teach that pesky Algorithm that pro wrestling is not sex (not technically, anyway.)

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6 Responses to Ten Tenacious Tumblrs

  1. Sean says:

    you got me good with this posting of the jobber in the yellow trunks trapped and worked on

  2. wishwecouldfight says:

    What a great list. Thanks for providing more jerk-off materials.

  3. Brandon says:

    Can someone please tell me who the wrestlers in the second and tenth pictures are????? Wow!!!

  4. Dino says:

    Wow. That thick hairy beast is hot. Love his gut and huge hairy pecs. Can just imagine his big hairy arms wrapped around my head or getting smothered in his pec valley or gut.

  5. PiledriveU says:

    Thanks for all your support, buddy! -PiledriveU

  6. Chaz says:

    Heels Rule is mine — 🙂 — thank you for the plug! I now have more incentive to post more often and will try to do my best. Till then, love following your blog! Take care, Chaz