My Own Tumblr Takedown

So I was in my Tumblr account, seeing which of my favorite sites survived the Takedown of 2018, when I noticed an alert at the top of my page:

You have posts that contain adult content which violate our Community Guidelines.”

Really?  This was a surprise to me — I don’t recall ever posting to Tumblr.  So I clicked the “Review” button and found these 9 images, which are definitely mine (I recognize my captions) sitting in Tumblr jail.

These seem to be long lost photos from an old Suffering Sunday article given that all 9 of these lads are suffering.

So I searched my Suffering Sunday archives and discovered that these same 9 images were posted to this blog on Sunday, 3/31/2013.  Now that I think about it, I recall that I was exploring at one time whether I ought to switch this Blog to a Tumblr site to make it easier on me to just upload and go.

Have you ever wished that you died and were reborn as a wrestling mat?

So I must’ve done a test upload of these 9 images to see how it would go.  Boy, I’m sure glad I didn’t make the switch or we would’ve lost a ton of great stuff in the Takedown!

So I decided to re-post the 9 images here, even though I make it a rule not to re-blog material you’ve already seen, so I could sort of thumb my nose at Tumblr.

Plus I want to give you a sense of what they are flagging as inappropriate.  All 9 of these benign, non-sexual images.  Really?  This shows what happens when you let an Algorithm make decisions.

Most of these images depict a lone wrestler laying on the floor who happens to be shirtless.  You’re gonna call this “content that depicts sex acts”??   

While I admit that Alberto’s cock is pretty prominent in this image, I believe it’s photo-shopped anyway — not his real cock.  So where is the sexual content, Tumblr Algorithm?   Huh?  Huh?  Where?


So to my fellow Tumblrs out there, I can feel your pain.  I was a victim of the Algorithm myself.  Every image I’ve ever posted to Tumblr (all 9 of them) was flagged as “a violation of the Community Guidelines” and I feel shame.

Based on my experience, where even these plainly SFW images are being blocked as NSFW, I can only imagine what hell the Tenacious Tumblrs are going through to keep their sites up and running and their rasslin’ images available for our enjoyment.  Hang in there boys, I appreciate you.




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3 Responses to My Own Tumblr Takedown

  1. Alex Miller says:

    Thanks for (a) revisiting Suffering Sundays, one of my favorite things in the world; and (b) demonstrating how the social media purge is working. I don’t think it’s clear how puritanical this policy is until you see it in action.

  2. Aaron says:

    Sorry this is happening to you man, those sites are a lot of work to keep up I’m sure. But maybe it’s good that you know Tumblr’s true colours and there will always be homes for these images we like!

  3. Pec 57 says:

    One image I rebloged that was flagged was a gif of a guy in a sleeveless tee shirt flexing his bicep. It just made no sense!