Thrown From the Ring Like a Piece of Trash

After I wrote about Shaska Whatley in my “Walk on the Wild Side” article last month, one of my loyal readers developed a taste for Shaska and went looking for more videos of him in the ring dominating his jobbers.

My reader emailed me to let me know about another Shaska match that really got him off:

“I went looking for some other matches of the black daddy and happened upon this one from 1988 that really got me going.”

Shaska is joined by his identically dressed Tag Team partner, Tiger Conway Jr.  Their tuxedo jackets and top hats give off an air of elite superiority.

Shaska’s whipping boy in this brief 2-minute match is the jobber Larry Stevens in his trademark purple trunks, a lovable loser with a soft belly who really knew how to sell.

We see Stevens keeping his arms glued to the top rope like a well-trained submissive, allowing Daddy Shaska to punch and slap his vulnerable gut.

We see the usual Headbutt by thick-skulled Shaska, which Stevens sells dramatically to imply his skull bone is thin and fragile. Here’s how my reader aptly described Shaska as he struts around the ring, disrespecting his jobber:

Shaska looked like he was greatly enjoying his domination of his opponent, with his sensual strutting and prowling like a tiger ready to pounce.

“…The thing that excited me the most in this squash match was near the middle when Whatley throws Stevens from the ring like a piece of trash.” 

“His partner then decides to get in on some destruction, giving the foolish boy a powerful bodyslam to the hard arena floor.

And then a black audience member gets up and starts gesturing to him!  I can’t quite tell what that exchange is about, but I like to think he’s cheering him on for delivering some punishment.”

“… And then their poor white opponent is rolled back into the ring by his hair and ass, only to be put out of his misery soon after.  Very hot.”

This one-sided dominance by the two black wrestlers over their white victim touches on a tense nerve in many of the viewers watching this match: the powerless white man, the total surrender by Larry Stevens as he allows himself to be owned by his minority opponent and treated like a “piece of trash.”

The recent kerfuffle over the interactions between racial groups on the national mall revealed that many people remain sensitive to the dynamics of power and privilege between the races.  Inter-racial wrestling matches back in the 1970’s and 80’s were certainly toying with this sensitivity, triggering the audience by featuring these powerful black daddies in tuxedo jackets strutting arrogantly like they owned ring while punishing their utterly helpless, weak white jobbers.

Larry Stevens seems even more out-numbered in this match given that the ref is also black, perhaps ignoring the Jive Tones’ dirty tactics to give his brothers an unfair advantage.

Among fans of underground female wrestling, the racial power-play is a very common theme.  I found an entire Facebook page called “Dominated and Defeated Blondes” which is chock full of images of blonde beauties being out-wrestled and tortured by fierce minority opponents.

It makes sense that the same triggers would exist in the brains of male wrestling fans as well — that seeing members of another race trouncing a white boy gives the viewer a thrilling feeling.  This fetish plays on the myth that members of other races are stronger, more cunning, or more ruthless, thus leaving their white victim at a hopeless disadvantage — and we know that placing the Baby-Face hero at a power disadvantage is at the heart of the sex appeal we find in pro wrestling.

It therefore makes sense to me that my loyal reader is a Shaska fan now, even though Shaska is perhaps not the most handsome or physically fit man.





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2 Responses to Thrown From the Ring Like a Piece of Trash

  1. Guy LeBuff says:

    Not gonna lie, I prefer seeing Shaska as a jobber like in your last article about him! Watching his ass bounce up and down in that pin from last time was GOLDEN!

  2. Dino says:

    Recently found some great Tiger Conway Jr matches on YouTube. In every match he gets brought to the mat and then is trapped in sleepers, claws, nerve holds and chokes for almost the entire match. Instant boner material for me seeing him sink to the mat with his slightly puffy brown gut heaving and slightly hairy pecs trying to catch a breath. Hot stuff.