Power Play, part 3 of ?

For the next video in his series of Jim Powers matches, the Inner Jobber blogger posted a rare Muscle Jobber vs. Muscle Jobber match — Jimmy Powers vs. Paul Diamond.

This is a barn-burner because both these studs are cut from the same cloth.  Both are iconic specimens of 80’s Muscle Jobbers, both sporting sumptuous long hair and swole physiques.  This was the sort of epic j/o match you’d save on VHS tape, and watch again and again until the tape got eaten by the VCR or your asshole sister taped a Soap Opera over it.

Jimmy dominates for once!

By the way, after Inner Jobber uploaded this video, his loyal readers left some really appreciative and worshipful comments — this video really caused a stir.

All of the captions under the images in today’s gallery were written by the YouTubers, not by me, just to give you a sense of their enthusiasm and excitement over this match.  I couldn’t describe it any better than they already have!  (although my spelling is better.)

Powers applies several long, grueling Armbars on his fellow Muscle Jobber early on in their match.  And the camera just exploits the fuck out of the pretty piece of meat, just zooming in all over Jimmy’s face and body, looking him up and down, lingering on his jacked arms and chest, his big brown eyes, his crotch.  It is a breath-taking tour of that big, hairless, softly-muscled physique and strikingly pretty face.

The camera person clearly has a hard-on for this hunk, and now so do I.

Jimmy’s role in this match is very different from his submissive jobber performances in all of Inner Jobber’s other uploads.  In this match, Jimmy is facing an equally submissive and wimpy jobber.  Both are accustomed to playing the ragdoll, both enjoy squirming around in agony on the mat.

So Jimmy actually assumes a dominant role for much of the match!

Goddam nice friggin’ Drop-Kick!   Whoa, Jimmy could’ve been a spectacular High Flyer if he weren’t so pretty that they designated him the All Time Jobber Bitch.

It seems these queens are competing for who can be the wimpiest, and so far, big husky Paul Diamond is “winning” that competition.

I don’t really have a caption to post under this screen-cap of Diamond’s tall boot on the rope, which prevents Jimmy from winning (yet again.)

None of the YouTubers commented on this — maybe none of them are into wrestling boots.  The image just caught my eye as a fan of tall laced up footwear…

Diamond does eventually Man Up and tosses Jimmy out of the ring like the proverbial piece of trash.  Now Jimmy is really in his element — powerless, suffering, showing it all off as he sells out on the floor.  THIS is why we love videos of Jimmy Powers.

I also found it amusing (and none of the YouTubers mentioned this either) when Jimmy rolled too close to the ringside fence, how the fans put their hands all over him, so eager to feel his smooth, tanned, muscular flesh, to entangle their fingers in that thick black mop of hair.

One moment that the YouTubers DEFINITELY did not miss was at 8:17 into the video when Diamond places Powers in, what I call, the Trophy Hold, putting that impressive, red-spandexed bulge on full display.

Did this match occur on Christmas? — because they’ve giving us a great gift, a nicely wrapped package.  Suddenly Jimmy is winning the Hottest Suffering Muscle Jobber contest (albeit not the match.)

But after all his hope and dominance early in the match, Jimmy ultimately  gets rolled up, ass in the air, and pinned by the arrogant Paul Diamond.

Jimmy’s degrading and humbling losing streak continues as even his fellow jobbers are able to kick his ass and own him.  I wonder if he cried about his failure of a career, maybe during his drive home to his hen-pecking and cuckolding wife.

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7 Responses to Power Play, part 3 of ?

  1. Dino says:

    Diamond had a nice chest. Just the right amount of hair and the pecs looked hard.

  2. Mark says:

    8.17….semi-er*ction; “tent” pole inside the trunks.

  3. Mike says:

    I always wish there was more archived footage or photos of the “original Paul Diamond” from the 1960s who (unlike Georgeous George) was always a “face” never a heel and the first wrestler I can think of who was actually promoted on how good looking he was. A typical wrestling mag from that period might hype “Why are there so many more women now attending wrestling matches – Handsome Paul Diamond knows why!” There’s nothing which is a shame as he seemed to float from territory to territory mainly to lose to the brutal heel they were trying to put over at the time.

  4. wishwecouldfight says:

    This match is a win-win situation for me. No matter who loses it’ll always look good.

  5. Johnny Coxx says:

    Power Play should be a regular feature! Just hot hot hot

  6. Phil says:

    Irt always seemed to me that Power maintained an erection throughout his mathches. Wonder what that was about. (LOL)_

    I love this series. Keep them coming.

  7. MikeC says:

    I always thought he had the erection from him knowing how humiliated he was going to look losing yet again in front of not only a huge crowd, but on television as well. In a sense, I don’t think he handled the constant losing very well. Therefore, he got hard from the embarrassment. The reason I say that, is in the very few matches he won, he doesn’t seem to have an erection.