I’ve been meaning to blog about this good-looking Austrian tag team for a while:  Team Turbulence.  What a pair of handsome, athletic Übermenschen!   They wrestle for the NEW federation in Germany.

Their fraternal bond is emphasized by their very similar names:  Tommy Tornado and Tommy Torpedo.  What are the chances that two handsome pro wrestlers of similar age would have such similar names?!

I’m not sure why I’ve never blogged about these cocky mirror-image Heels — I sure dig them.  Maybe it’s because their match commentary is always in German so I can’t really tell you what they’re going on about.

I can tell you that these arrogant hunks portray Better-Than-You dickhead Heels.  Here is how one website describes them: “Tommy Tornado and his partner only care about the outcome of any match. Even if both of them could also succeed based solely on their technical skills, they do not hesitate to shorten the way to victory with lousy tricks.”

I recently enjoyed checking out Team Turbulence in action against two visiting British Baby-faces in a match recently uploaded to the NEW YouTube channel.

Their first opponent, Dom Black, is 27 years old but looks younger.  He’s from Britain and we know that British fans really love wrestlers like him: young, lean, fragile-looking, and prone to long displays of suffering.

He has been wrestling and portraying the agonized Baby-Face since 2011, so he has great experience at suffering and selling.  Dom will be playing the Face-in-Peril for most of today’s match because he’s great at it.

Dom’s partner in this fight against Team Turbulence is a young British gymnast and stuntman named Olly Lloyd.   If you thought Dom looked young, vulnerable, and innocent, his adorable partner is even more so.

Is Olly big enough and brutal enough to succeed as a pro wrestler?   Actually this fit youngster uses his acrobatics to befuddle and overwhelm his big, dumb, slow opponents — it’s fun to watch.


Not long into the match (after a brief Brit Lad shine), the Austrian’s demonstrate their superior strength.  They catch the little Lads like children leaping into their daddies’ arms then crack their backs together and bash them into the ring-posts.

Looking fine in their matching orange speedos and shiny black boots, the cruel Austrians proceed to bully and beat Dom Black for a nice long duration.

We get the sense that not only are these young Brits out-matched in the ring, but they’re also outnumbered and alone, being far from home in a foreign country.  It truly is a nice depiction of isolation, helplessness, and unfair odds.

Tommy Torpedo seems to be the more brutal and bad-ass member of Team Turbulence.

Here Tornado holds poor Dom by the neck so Torpedo can drive a fist into the helpless lad’s spine.  This must be one of those “lousy tricks” that the Austrian team uses to win matches.

The reason for Team Turbulence’s success is shown to be their remarkable synchronicity and synergy — their ability to work together, to snap off crisp double-team moves like a “well-oiled machine”, to know what the other partner is thinking at all times.

The intimacy of their relationship, along with their nearly-identical look, adds to the homo-erotic, married couple vibe.

Olly and Dom, on the other hand, lack that intimacy and closeness, so they are shown to be struggling.  They lack a cool team name like Team Turbulence.  They are wearing similar blue-and-white trunks, but are not dressed as identically as their opponents.  And while Dom is being dominated, Olly stays away, just watching in helpless impotence.

The bullies try to snap Dom’s neck with this cool Two-on-One Neckbreaker move.  Are the lads perhaps regretting that they took this trip to Germany, only to get their asses kicked by a much more aggressive, muscular, and talented team?

This vicious fuckin Gut Stomp off the ropes by Tommy Tornado was probably my favorite move of the match.  Jeez, don’t these Austrian Heels have any compassion for anyone?!  OOOF!

Eventually the British Baby-Faces reach the tag.  Olly takes control and defeats one of the Tommy’s by squatting on his face and holding his ankles.  To my surprise, the foreign Brit Boys were permitted to defeat the Austrians in front of their home audience, and in this humiliating Balls-to-Face manner.

Olly and Dom celebrate their win with a nice hug while their defeated opponents complain about the unfair outcome.


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6 Responses to Wunderkinder

  1. Dino says:

    Completely shocked that the British thinks win the match. Must be getting ready to split up or move to another federation thus allowing the loss in front of the home crowd.

  2. Dino says:

    That would be twinks, not thinks. Guess spellcheck didn’t know the word twink.

  3. wishwecouldfight says:

    Wow this match is super hot.

  4. Aaron says:

    European men simply understand wrestling don’t they….such stunning teams on both side

  5. Indy Fan says:

    it is such a rarity to have a match with four hot looking men in skimpy revealing tights. four hot men half naked could not ask for more

  6. Seth North says:

    Sooo much hotness in one ring. Very nice post!