La Máscara prefers to wrestle a while before removing his pants.

One of my favorite Luchadores right now is this masked man known simply as La Máscara (“The Mask.”)  Of all the masked wrestlers in all the Mexican federations, he has the audacity to call himself “THE Mask.”

He also has the audacity to wrestle in the most revealing trunks like this snug little aqua number.  He has the word “Papi” printed on the back of all his trunks which means “Daddy.”  This is what all the Mexican girls call their dominant boyfriends.

He has joined forces with a bad boy named Rush (pronounced “R-r-r-roooosh”) in a team they call Los Ingobernables (“the Ungovernables.”)

A good teammate offers his partner aid and comfort.

Wow the gear on these studs is spec-fuckin-tacular and so is Rush’s hair — totally ungovernable. This match is available on YouTube if you want to see more of these sexy villains.

Here we see La Máscara giving Rush some loving, running his hands through that gorgeous long hair and warmly embracing his hunky partner.  They use Gay Panic and homo-erotic antics to ensure the hyper-masculine Mexican audience will vilify them (and/or to give everyone a boner).

Never turn your back on a man in a mask.

Another way these Bad Boys get the crowd stirred up is with their blatant cheating.  Here Rush distracts the fully-clothed Caristíco so La Máscara can sneak up behind and clobber the jobber.  Then they host a Boot Party.

One nice aspect of the Lucha Libre style of wrestling is that the referees are never too picky about making one cheater get out of the ring, so you are guaranteed tons of hot double-teaming.

Rush teaches Cibernético who is boss.

However, one of my complaints about Lucha Libre is that the performers tend to wear too much clothing.  Many will wear spandex body suits from head to toe as Caristíco has done in this match, or squarecut shorts with a t-shirt as Cibernético has done.

This makes the rare trunks-n-b00ts wrestlers like Los Ingobernables seem even more naked and exposed in contrast.  Speaking of boots, I dig Rush’s flamboyant fringed boots, which he uses here to dominate and crush his opponent.  Having a dude put his dusty boots on your face or neck is degrading enough, but even more so when his boots are fringey and flamboyant.

He isn't looking very Papi right now.

The Good Guys gain the upper hand and Caristíco shows off his grappling skills by rolling up La Máscara in this humiliating ass-in-the-air position.

The ref only counted to two before La Máscara kicked out.

The problem with wrestling in a bikini.

Rush and La Máscara don’t worry too much about the fit of their skimpy speedos, carelessly allowing their gear to be as ungovernable as their attitudes.

In this case, however, the Papi trunks have gone too far and La Máscara needs to take a moment to snap everything back in place.

Let me touch that hair again!

The match ends abruptly at 9:30 into the video, and I don’t know what is happening.  I think the finishing pinfall was cut out maybe.  Suddenly we see Rush grab a microphone and holler for a while, then Cibernético hollers back.  Part of the problem is that I don’t speak Spanish, so maybe someone bilingual can clue us in on what they’re saying.

I did notice that Los Ingobernables seem pretty proud of themselves, laughing and hugging on each other, so I suppose they won the bout.

The ultimate humiliation in Lucha Libre

The final act of dickish cruelty occurs in the closing seconds of the video when Rush struts over and snatches the mask right off Caristíco’s face, nearly revealing his identity. Poor Caristíco is forced to cover his face in shame.

In the world of Lucha Libre, this is like pissing on a dude and running over his cat.  Next, Rush jams the mask down inside his trunks, placing it right alongside his sweaty nuts.  The implication is that Caristíco’s face is on his dick.  Later when Caristíco gets the mask back, it will forever bear Rush’s scent.  Total degradation — I am digging these nasty Ungovernables and want to see more of them!

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