The Ungovernables

Last week, I wrote about this pair of dirty Luchadores known as Los Ingobernables (“The Ungovernables.”)    I dig their especially revealing gear and their cruel dickhead tactics as they cheat their way to dominance.

When I find wrestlers that suit my fancy, I sometimes Google Image Search for more.  Here are some images I came across featuring Rush and La Máscara acting all ungovernable.

We get the sense that the other Mexican wrestlers didn’t know what hit them when these arrogant bastards came along, blatantly cheating and over-whelming their competition.

Here Los Ingobernables toss out the rulebook while also tossing the masked superhero over the top rope.

I have a soft spot in my heart for any wrestler who takes pride in his gear, collecting numerous pairs of beautiful trunks in every color of the rainbow.  La Máscara seems to be into gear, his many bikini trunks always matching his spandex mask. 

I forget the name of this helpless jobber who always dyes his hair to match his singlet.  He is a real flamboyant flamer and the Mexican fans love him.

Whatever his name is, Los Ingobernables get off on kicking his ass as you can see from the images of him suffering throughout this article. Here we Rush preparing to Leg Drop the sissy as La Máscara waits his turn in the background.

The American wrestler (and total stud) Marco Corleone has joined forces with Los Ingobernables in the past — I suppose because he is just as buff and over-exposed as them.

However, when the bad boys were bashing the jobber whose name I forget, Corleone tried to stop them out of pity, so they turned on him and now they love to kick his ass too.

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One Response to The Ungovernables

  1. s/c says:

    The name of the sissy wrestler is Máximo.