Fear Response

Bray Wyatt has adopted a new alter-ego persona in the WWE  known as “The Fiend.”  He wears a scary mask with a big devouring mouth and generally attacks and destroys poor little pretty-boy Finn Balor.

Balor has an unbeatable alter-ego as well — the Demon King.  However, he has not unleashed his inner demon (yet), instead playing the vulnerable Boy-Next-Door hero.

The Fiend is a great Heel gimmick — Bray Wyatt must have a Ph.D in Ring Psychology.  I feel legit intimidated and excited by this scary beast.

Recently the Fiend attacked Balor and held him in this helpless pose, just prior to flipping and slamming him in the deadly Sister Abigail move (after kissing him on the face with that big toothy mouth.)  It looks like they’re ballroom dancing and the Fiend is dipping a submissive female partner.

To give Balor a shot at revenge following this assault, they put him in the ring with the Fiend at last Sunday’s Summerslam pay-per-view.

Finn clearly understands his role as the out-matched jobber.  He wore snow-white gear that had me thinking Oh my God!  Oh my God! because he looked so damn adorable and vulnerable.

He also seems to be utterly terrified of the hideous Fiend, who just came to the ring carrying a very creepy lantern with what looks like a human head mounted on it.

The bell rings and the Fiend goes into beast mode while Jobber Balor plays the ragdoll.  I’m scared for poor Balor in his little whitey-tighties as the Fiend peels off his leather coat to really get down to business.

This monster is going to rip him limb from limb!  And his mask scares the fuck out of me — I dig it.

In my childhood, I felt intimidated and frightened by the psychotic Heels, beginning with the Original Sheik who was always sneaking weapons into the ring and throwing fire into his opponents’ eyes.

But at the same time that I felt terrified, I also felt thrilled and excited.  It was all brain chemistry I understand now, but at the time, I wasn’t sure why I felt so horny for in-ring violence…


Now I get it — as I watched the evil Heel wreak havoc, my brain would flood with adrenaline and dopamine, a natural fear response.  Some of those chemicals would splash over to the pleasure centers in my amygdala, leaving me with a beating heart, a stiffy, and a desire to watch more rasslin.

This vicious Fiend, as he manhandles our angelic and attractive Finn Balor, gives me some of those same feels I had when I watched the Sheik bite some young stud’s forehead open.

Balor’s selling and suffering is fantastic as the larger man unleashes hell on him.

Probably my favorite move of the match was when the Fiend stood behind the seated jobber, caressing and cradling his face with both hands for a few moments.  Then he suddenly snapped Balor’s head to the side like he wanted to twist it off!  Oh fuck yeah, that move is a keeper — see below…

These poses demonstrate the genius of Bray Wyatt as he hovers over his helpless prey, perhaps sniffing him, or perhaps preparing to bite or hump him.  It’s very animalistic and very sexy.

I almost wish this destruction of pretty-boy Balor had been even more violent and prolonged than this. After all, they showed this same Heel pour a big bucket of blood on Balor in a previous match between these two.  How stunning Balor’s clean white gear would look splattered with a bit of crimson!


And how did the Fiend decide to finish off his white-clad whipping boy?  Not with the Sister Abigail, his patented Finisher.

No — he inserted his gloved fingers down Finn’s throat to choke him out with a Mandible Claw — one of the most homo-erotic “holds” in pro wrestling history!


Finn’s body goes limp as the Mandible Claw continues.  Get that beast off the poor stud — he can’t breathe with those fingers jammed down his throat!

If you’re not seeing anything sexually suggestive and hot in this scene, you must have different brain chemistry than I do.

This brief mid-card Squash Match stole the show at Summerslam by the way — the fans totally got off on it.  Hopefully this means we’ll be seeing much more Fiendish cruelty unleashed on the swole Irish lad in the future.

However, the online rumors are that Finn will be taking some time off, maybe to recover from the painful ass-kicking that the Fiend just dealt him.  This makes me feel even more intimidated and excited by this devilish and sadistic Fiend!



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6 Responses to Fear Response

  1. Mike says:

    “But at the same time that I felt terrified, I also felt thrilled and excited.”

    The glory days of brutal heels versus faces, when wrestling was more about violence and less about gymnastics. In the 1950s, 1960s “Kenji Shibuya” and “King Curtis Iaukea” were both vicious “foreign” heels despite the fact they were both just Hawaiian and both everyone’s best friend backstage.

  2. W.R. says:

    This is super hot. I’m tempted to cover it myself.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Really erotic. I’m turned on! Three sensational moves. The claw is over the top.

  4. JorgePr says:

    Quoting you: “Recently the Fiend attacked Balor and held him in this helpless pose, just prior to flipping and slamming him in the deadly Sister Abigail move (after kissing him on the face with that big toothy mouth.)” I’ve looke for that match and have only found some clips of it, including the Sister Abigail finisher, but nothing on that “kiss”. Was that literal or metaphoric? Any pic/clip of it, or a link to the compelte match? Thanks!

  5. admin says:

    JorgePr – In the match I covered in my blog, the Fiend kissed Balor before beginning to apply the Sister Abigail. I must have confused that with the prior Sister Abigail (which was a post match assault on Balor — not a match between Balor and the Fiend.)

  6. Phil says:

    That claw pin is the most homoerotic I’ve seen in many years. Love it!!