Not only did they beat and humble these two individuals…

After I posted my recent article about Don Muraco’s devastating Pile-Drivers (where I selected Jim Young’s painful defeat as my favorite), one of my loyal readers referred me to another hot Jim Young match that he found within the Job Guy channel’s compilation video featuring Jim Young.

This is a Tag Team affair where Young is paired with fellow whipping boy, Hollywood Brown.  The humiliation begins early for these two jobbers when the production crew pastes Jim Young’s name underneath Hollywood Brown’s image (see above), as if to say: It doesn’t MATTER what your names are!

The jobber’s opponents are the dominant and always insanely brutal Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff.  By the way, am I the only one who is noticing some homo-erotic sexual chemistry between Piper and his spectacular partner?  Look at how Piper gets face-to-face with big Mr. Wonderful and nearly hugs and kisses him before the match!  Go ahead guys, we’ll wait…

The bell sounds and the one-sided whooping begins, with Mr. Wonderful just owning Jim Young as Piper’s snug blue trunks are on display in the foreground.

One of the aspects of this match that most excited my reader (and myself) was the sexy “Announcer Porn” that we hear describing the action.  Gorilla Monsoon is practically stroking our dicks with comments like: “no mercy,” and “jammed his neck” and “beat and humble” and “humiliate” — the very terms that are like Verbal Viagra to certain wrestling fans.

The captions under today’s images are actual quotes from the video so you can see what I’m talking about.

After Young suffers one Pile Driver early in the match (see above), it’s actually Roddy Piper — not Gorilla Monsoon — who shouts “Pick him up.  PICK HIM UP!  Let’s spike him, brother!”  (Yum!  Talk dirty to me, Roddy!)  So the cheating Heels work together to Pile-Drive poor Jim Young a second time!

Earlier in the same Job Guy tribute video, Young was also Pile Driven by Orndorff in a singles match (@ 5:10).  I’m including that image here because it’s a fantastic example of Orndorff’s killer Jumping Pile Driver, and because I get off on seeing the Pile Driver inflicted repeatedly on the same helpless jobber.  So let’s pretend that Jim Young was actually Pile Driven three times in a row, shall we?

Young spends the rest of the match broken out on the floor.  The Heels now turn their attention to Hollywood, who is now out-numbered 2 against 1.

Just look at these muscular Bad-Ass Heels, dragging poor Hollywood by the hair, treating him like a dog, laughing in delight as they take turns punishing him!  They are the picture of masculine power and confidence and virility — what a turn on.

And I greatly enjoyed Hollywood’s selling of this Grab-Your-Ass OTK Backbreaker — arching his hips off the mat as if his spine is snapped.

Maybe they call him “Hollywood” because he’s such a great actor.  Or maybe Mr. Wonderful really snapped his spine for him.

Piper is just utterly bullying poor, submissive Hollywood Brown, yanking him up by the hair, grabbing his chin and face to position him just right, then POW! Right in the Kisser to knock him back down to the canvas.

And as we gaze at Orndorff’s powerful backside, Gorilla Monsoon continues to tease us with descriptions of their big artillery (i.e. cocks) and what they’ll do to anyone (like me) who “desires” them.

I’ll let my Loyal Reader who turned me on to this match describe what the Heels did next to utterly humiliate Hollywood Brown:

They get DEMOLISHED by Piper and Orndorff …  Anyway, Jim gets knocked out early and lays outside the ring. Hollywood gets emasculated…

Piper and Orndorff fit him with a hairpiece made like a mohawk, to taunt Mr. T.  Politically incorrect, of course, but weirdly hot….

I came around the “not only did they beat and humble but humiliated” part of the match but if that hadn’t done it, the “look, putting this hairpiece on the unconscious Brown” would have done it.”  (Yeah, that’s around where I came as well.)

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2 Responses to Not only did they beat and humble these two individuals…

  1. Guy LeBuff says:

    Ooooh now THAT’s humiliating!! Look at what they did to him!

  2. outfitter says:

    Thanks for another great post! Growing up and watching wrestling, I never got to see WWWF action (I lived in NWA territory). By the time I was able to watch the largest wrestling promotion from the northeastern U.S., Roddy Piper was seldom featured inside the ring. He was by then used primarily as a ringside announcer/commentator. He and Orndorff made quite a devastating and studly tag team in these clips.