A Crushing, Devastating Man

A YouTube channel that I follow called Job Guy specializes in classic 1980’s footage of jobber squashes — his videos are a big turn-on if you get off on one-sided rasslin.

The Job Guy Channel recently posted a compilation of about a dozen Don Muraco Pile Driver video clips — each one more sick and deadly looking than the last.  Here are some GIFs I created of my favorites — the most crushing, devastating, and sexually-suggestive of the bunch.  The captions beneath my images are actual quotes from the outraged commentators as they watch Muraco ruin these many jobbers.

First up (and then down) is Aldo Marino in a gorgeous pair of red and white wingtip boots.  Muraco easily maneuvers him into that helpless position and then carelessly paralyzes him, flashing a cocky grin as he squats on the broken dude’s face.

Vinny Mac Junior was the commentator for most of these clips, and he always sounds both horrified and very excited as he watches Muraco inflict his damage.

I really got into the classic blue Jobber Singlet worn by Sal Bellomo as he faces his execution, that tight spandex hugging his chubby frame.

Mind you, I had family visiting over the long Memorial Day holiday and couldn’t indulge myself — so I was really craving some Old School pro wrestling porn by the time they left.  You know that feeling, when you’re FINALLY home alone.  Jobber Bellomo in his ridiculous blue “Italy” leotard was just the ticket.

I don’t remember jobber Billy Mack, the fireplug in the black speedo enduring this especially brutal looking Pile Driver.

Maybe I don’t remember him because Muraco was too rough on the kid, driving his head “right up in the trunk of his body” as Vinny Mac breathlessly describes it.  Maybe this poor jobber had to retire after Muraco left him a few inches shorter.

This is the appeal of the Pile Driver as a wrestling move — the utter brutality of it, the way they sold it as a deadly move that ought to be outlawed.  Yet these vicious Heels kept right on performing it relentlessly, ruining every cute jobber who was stupid enough to get in the ring with these beasts, and driving me crazy with excitement in the process.

Something about the repetition of this devastating move in Job Guy’s video — the presentation of Muraco’s Reverse Pile-Drivers one after another — makes it feel especially erotic and masturbatory.

“Quick Draw” Rick McGraw dared to fight back against Muraco, even trying to roll the Magnificent One into a Small Package.  Therefore, McGraw’s defeat is especially degrading, with Muraco stretching forward to press his dick right against the jobber’s cheek.

Despite having the most impressive physique among the jobbers in today’s gallery, Jimmy Powers is no match for the Muraco Pile-Driver.

Powers is really put on display for our salacious viewing pleasure, his taut ass highlighted by his white trunks, his body spread eagle before us like a meal on the table as Muraco squats over his face.

Another brutal Heel from this same era who destroyed his jobbers with the deadly Pile Driver was Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff.  However, Orndorff used the Ass to Face variation, whereas Muraco preferred to go Dick to Face.

Here is Orndorff ruining Peter Pompeii at the same 2/2/1985 event where Muraco destroyed Aldo Marino (see first animation above.)

For the sake of comparison, here is Pompeii again — this time enduring a Muraco-style “Reverse” Pile-Driver.

Which do you prefer — Orndorff’s variation with the jobber facing toward the camera so we see the dread in his eyes before his neck is broken?  Or Muraco’s 69-Style with the jobber’s face buried between the dominant Heel’s thighs throughout the move?

I’ve alluded to Muraco’s unusual pinning position after he Pile-Drives his victims — crouching over them in dominance rather than laying across the chest and hooking a leg.

Was this just simply laziness by Muraco, or was it meant to send a sexually-suggestive message?


Like most buff muscle-studs, Shamrock is a jobber bitch at heart.

Years later, the Undertaker would adopt a Reverse Pile-Driver similar to Muraco’s, and would pin his victims in the same dramatic Ballsack-to-Chin pose (crossing their arms over their chests to simulate death.)  Certainly the ‘Taker grasped the sex appeal of this deadly move, and of the Look At It pinning position to humiliate the victim.

Back to our Muraco video, where  the Pile-Driver inflicted on jobber extraordinaire, Jose Luis Rivera, is described as “Patented Muraco.”

However, it wasn’t really patented (or maybe the patent had run out) because the Undertaker blatantly copied Muraco’s move, right down to the Blow Me pinning position at the end.

Probably my favorite Pile-Driver in the entire 7:45 video compilation is the destruction of sexy Jim Young near the end of the video.

Young sells nicely in his revealing powder-blue trunks, his legs spread apart to show off his impressive bulge.  Young understands that he’s not just there to lay around broken on the mat — his job is to look sexy while doing it.



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9 Responses to A Crushing, Devastating Man

  1. outfitter says:

    Thanks for this hot post. I like a good piledriver as much as the next pro wrestling fan, and Muraco’s was one of the best. My preference though is seeing a sit-down piledriver as done by Paul Orndorff. The fact that Mr. Wonderful and others using his technique could actually jump in the air to add impact to an already devastating move, speaks to their strength. It was both chilling and thrilling to see a jobber go into convulsions in the middle of the ring after being on the receiving end of such a move.

  2. Phil says:

    Just about the best heel ever. Between the Pile Driver and the Asian Spike……what can you say. Look at how he puts Jim Young down, not to mention how Young sells it. Thanks for this terrific spread.

  3. ButchAngel says:

    One of the hottest things about Muraco’s pile drivers is how he often presses the jobber’s face into his crotch as he maneuvers him into position for his devastating finisher. This sequence of GIFs shows him doing it again and again…

  4. admin says:

    ButchAngel, yes I’ve noticed that about Muraco’s pile drivers too — I should’ve mentioned it my article. He presses on the back of the jobber’s head, pressing the face tightly against his groin. Maybe it’s for safety reasons so he doesn’t break their necks, or maybe it is just meant to further degrade and dominate them? Good noticing.

  5. Chaz says:

    Muraco was a master class in heel persona! His intensity in beating and wearing down his opponent was ruthless. My favorite is when he carried into the devastating finisher piledriver, and smiled with glee at the result of the twitching mass on the mat! Thanks for pointing out the compilation video — it’s now a favorite!

  6. admin says:

    Chaz, you are welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed Muraco and his “ruthless” tactics — he truly was a master. Now that you’ve favorited the Job Guy video, you may want to check out some of his hour-long jobber tribute videos. He’ll take one jobber, like a Jim Young, Tony Garea, or Aldo Marino to name a few recent ones, and just show us an hour of match after match with the lad getting torn apart. Putting the beatings all together in one video just makes it seem more humiliating for the poor wimp, as he is devastated and dominated by Heel after Heel, one degrading loss after another as if they took turns beating him up all in one night.

  7. Rookie Jobber says:

    More proof that our minds are often linked, I was going to email you a job guy video that I thought would be up your alley. It’s the compilation of Mr. Jim Young himself. Specifically the match where he teams up with some no-name putz and they get DEMOLISHED by Piper and Orndorff. I was going to send it because it could be a great entry in the announcer porn category.


    Oh, the no-name is Hollywood Brown. Anyway, Jim gets knocked out early and lays outside the ring. Hollywood gets emasculated and eventually Piper and Orndorff fit him with a hairpiece made like a mohawk, to taunt Mr. T. Politically incorrect, of course, but weirdly hot. But Gorilla Monsoon has some awesome comments. Like:

    “Jim Young. Good-looking athlete. Wow he jammed his neck down into the canvas. This match should be over. This young individual could probably have his career terminated right here. Jim Young is down on the floor and he is out of it. From my vantage point I can still see Jim Young on the concrete floor. Hollywood Brown literally in the land of no return. Once again motionless on the concrete arena floor is Jim Young. Talk about your domination. Once again I must reiterate jim young is still motionless on the concrete floor. They possess the artillery to do a number on anyone who steps in the ring with them. What is this. what’s he got. some kind of a mask or something. oh look at that. that is ridicuous. that is disgusting. not only did they beat and humble these two individuals now they’re humiliating them. look at this. unbelievable. hollywood brown doesn’t know where he is, doesn’t know what is happening. Now he realizes something has been placed on his head. That is disgusting. Look, putting this hairpiece on the unconcious form of hollywood brown.”

    I came around the “not only did they beat and humble but humiliated” part of the match but if that hadn’t done it, the “look, putting this hairpiece on the unconscious Brown” would have done it.

    Back to Muraco. When I’d give myself piledrivers in my childhood basement by standing on my head on the couch and putting my legs on the concrete barrier by it, I’d pretend it was Mr. Magnificent holding me. One time in a bookstore, in a WWF mag, there was a pic of him delivering his piledriver and in that situation he was also pulling down on the jobber’s trunks as he held him between his legs. Dr. D David Schultz used to do that but Muraco rarely. I’ve wanted for 30 years to find that match and that picture but haven’t seen it ever on youtube. (You know my trunks pulling fetish).

    Anyway, thanks for the awesome post. Sorry for the diversion into Jim Young is unconscious land!

  8. admin says:

    Thanks Rookie Jobber for the detailed review and quoting of the Young-Brown vs Piper-Orndorff squash and one of the longest comments we’ve ever gotten on this blog. Our minds may be linked because I fully grasped your reference to “announcer porn” just from reading your commentary, let alone actually watching the bout. I will def check it out when I have some free private time and possibly blog about it. You’ve already saved me time by transcripting Monsoon’s colorful descriptions of the abuse, which I can paste right into my article, so thanks. To re-pay you, I’ll keep my eyes open for this infamous Muraco trunk-pull Pile Driver photo from WWF magazine and post it when or if I do come across it. Thanks!

  9. Guy LeBuff says:

    I LOVED all the teabagging in this article! Rock on dude!