Long May He Reign

Matt Taven has been doing some amazing work as the Dickhead Heel on Ring of Honor — he’s definitely gotten my attention.

For example, on the 11/23/18 episode, he sent his Tag Team partner away so he could take on both of The Boys by himself.  This is a classic way of putting over the Heel — by presenting him as more powerful than TWO of the pretty jobber boys.

The Boys are Dalton Castle’s minions (and personal sex slaves?) and everybody loves these swole little hard-bodies.  So Taven disappoints the crowd by just punishing The Boys, smashing one out of the ring with a championship belt to the face, and dragging the other one around by the hair.

Taven is scheduled to wrestle the Boys’ daddy in the upcoming Pay-per-View.  By putting Taven in the ring alone with the Boys (which is Castle’s usual position), and by showing Taven’s rough handling of Castle’s toys implies a cuckolding, a transfer of ownership of the two slaves from Castle to Taven.

This is some A Plus Heel work here.  After taking ownership of The Boys, Taven also takes ownership of their trademark fan (or is it Dalton Castle’s fan?), using it to mock and degrade his suffering Boy Toy.  What a hot boss.

I feel I have not paid enough attention to Matt Taven on this blog.  I searched my archives and found one Suffering Sunday image of Taven from October 2013 (with him sprawled out, flat on his back on the floor and playing the pretty sufferer.)

Also I wrote one article two years ago about a smooth series of Backbreakers that Taven unleashes on a hunky muscle jobber.

I’m not sure why I wasn’t more obsessed with Taven until now.  He has a nice bod, had long pretty hair, wore pink trunks with a nice big bulge, and prominent phallic crown symbol emphasizing his cock.  I should’ve been all over this stud but until he cut his hair and began acting as an angry biker dude, I overlooked him.

I don’t think Taven wears trunks much any more (he’s been rocking a long black pants Heel look lately), but when he DID wear trunks, they were skimpy and his ass looked good in them.  Why wasn’t I capturing images of him in action like at least once a week for his whole career??

Googling Taven to see more of him, I learned he  lost his pretty hair wrestling down in Mexico back in September.  He and his partner lost a Tag Team match and their penalty was to have their pretty long locks shorn off.

I think it has improved his looks — I am definitely digging his mohawk look over the girlish hair.


Well now Taven calls himself “The King” Matt Taven (his stable of Heels is known as “The Kingdom”) and he sometimes wears this really sexy crown with gold antlers on it like something out of Game of Thrones and now I am obsessed.

That king gimmick does the trick for me — I mean, wouldn’t you bow down and worship that?!  It is just kinky and queer enough — him walking around with a crown looking petulant and demanding everyone’s respect — to capture my fancy.

And check out what Taven did recently to a defeated Jay Lethal — standing over the chump while wearing black leather pants with one dress shoe planted on his chest!  All hail the new king of wrestling (as you try to hide your boner)!

If you are a Heel wrestler and want me to blog about you, just enact plenty of humiliating, rude, sleazy bullshit like THIS on your goody-goody opponents and you’ll have my undivided attention.

Anyway, back to Taven’s “match” (really, show of dominance) with The Boys.  Taven waves goodbye then spikes The Boy’s face into the mat.

He calls this killer finishing move “The Climax”, maybe because it makes us want to climax when we see him destroy guys with it.

Here is Taven giving Climaxes to a couple other wrestlers.  Just driving their faces into the mat like he gives zero fucks if he paralyzed them.  Get ’em Taven, knock ’em out with those big Climaxes!



After Climaxing the Boy, Taven pins him, flashing us a beautiful grin and a big wink.  And this is the moment I fell for him — the moment he winks at us, as if to say: “Isn’t this scene sexy?  Isn’t pro wrestling a big turn on?   Did you just get off on what I did to Dalton’s Boys?”   Wink.

So please keep up the great Heel work, my king.  I’m watching it and digging it.

Keep fucking with Dalton Castle.  Keep up the cocky antics after destroying all the inferior peasants who dare to step in the ring with King Taven.  It’s the best you’ve ever been in the ring.



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One Response to Long May He Reign

  1. wishwecouldfight says:

    What a shame that Taven switched to long black pants. Those tiny trunks suited his cocky persona and made Climaxes ten times hotter.