Sensual Sleeper Scuffle

The Wrestler4Hire website has been killing it lately with some very entertaining and erotic bouts.  And they recently offered 40% off all downloads, a fantastic deal!

I hope you didn’t miss it, I took the opportunity to grab some vids I had on my waiting list.  For example, Austin Cooper in the red gear vs. Jaxton Wheeler in the green bikini and super tall boots and socks.  Nice!

You’re probably thinking that this Sleeper scene, with Jax totally helpless and destroyed, was from the very end of the match.  Actually no, it was from the BEGINNING of the match.  This video is a total Sleeper Fetish beat-off porno.  And that is the whole appeal of the match — Austin just repeatedly dominates this hairy beast with Sleeper after Sleeper after glorious Sleeper.  I ate it right up.

Cooper is presented as the unbeatable Sleeper Master, his plump biceps just aching to tighten around a neck.  Jaxton Wheeler is perhaps the more masculine and powerful looking Real Man in the ring with his hulking, hairy bod.

So when smooth-bodied, red-clad Austin repeatedly subdues the beast, turning the Alpha Male tables, assuming the dominant role, the eroticism is off the charts.

Look at Jaxton selling for us, his legs spread wide for us as he has zero defense against Austin’s relentless Boulder Arms!  Jaxton is out cold again and we get to look him up and down while there is nothing he can do about it.  They don’t even need to strip nude (any more than they already are), they don’t need to get sexual — this Sleepering does it for me, totally.

I’m assuming one of you wrestling perverts with a Sleeper fetish ordered this scene as a custom bout.  If so, thanks!

Jaxton really emasculates himself for us in this one — I always appreciate (and enjoy watching) good, submissive jobbing.

He never fights back, he just allows Austin to keep waking him up (with deep shoulder massages and little slaps to the face) and then falls into yet another Sleeper variation.

By the way, Austin performs many types of Sleepers in this video — at least one Figure 4 Headscissor, some Face-to-Face “Kiss of Death” versions, etc.

This gallery just focuses on the traditional Arms Encircling The Neck variation — I guess that must be my favorite type.

So if you get off on Sleepers, this video is a Must See.  Even if you missed the 40% off sale, it is totally worth it because the moments when Jax falls limp in Austin’s embrace, which happens more times than I could count, are priceless.

And Jaxton just willingly hands his big masculine body over for Austin to use however he wishes, the mark of great selling and jobbing.

His helplessness is intoxicating.  This is Grade A Wrestle Porn for sure.  I had a very Happy New Year indeed.



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2 Responses to Sensual Sleeper Scuffle

  1. Dino says:

    Watching Jaxton get trashed is the best. When Ricky Vegas destroyed Jaxton in a big vs. little match a while back I had a hard time watching without continuously unloading. Austin looks great as usual and for the first time he rocks a great bulge from beginning to end.

  2. Bigboots007 says:

    Yes, Jax looks great in the high boots with high socks . Goes to A – list for wrestling obsessions. Thnx.