Strange How It’s Legal, When It’s Essentially a Low-Blow, 2 of 2

Recently I posted a bunch of Atomic Drop animations, created from video clips that one of my loyal readers (who gets off on Atomic Drops) sent to me.  I wasn’t able to to post them all in that gallery because he sent me so many good ones, so below are the rest of them.

I also let my Atomic Drop loving reader know I had created a couple galleries of his favorite move back on my old Wrestling Arsenal website, including Gallery #569 which included this great image of Roddy Piper, spread eagle and about to have his nuts smashed.

Check out this sweet YouTube video clip of Brian Kendrick suffering a nut-crushing Atomic Drop followed by a knee to the face.

I wonder which attack hurt him the worst — probably that Ball Buster, huh?

You can tell Drew McIntyre must really hate cocky Dolph Ziggler, because in this video, he uses the ringside barrier, rather than simply his knee, to utterly neuter the blond pretty-boy.  Dolph spreads his legs nice and wide to ensure maximum impact to his baby-makers.  Everybody in the audience then laughs at the neutered sissy!

Here is a nice Atomic Drop drawing I stumbled across while working on this gallery.

There is some debate over whether the Atomic Drop really hurts the ass/tailbone, or whether it’s a nutsack attack.  Sometimes it’s sold one way, and sometimes the other.  This cartoonist makes it very clear that it’s the latter.

Oh Matt Striker, you naughty little slut, strutting around in your skimpy red trunks and showing off your dick.  How badly we all want to see you utterly emasculated and humbled by having your balls busted in the Atomic Drop!

I have a theory that the Big Bulge wrestlers who act hyper-masculine by emphasizing their manhood are the ones most often humiliated by, and targeted for, the fearsome Atomic Drop.  Take Striker for example, wearing red trunks to draw our attention to his endowment…

Sure enough, Striker’s opponent scoops up the show-off and ruins him with an Atomic Drop.  Striker sells it as an ass raping, gripping his behind and moaning in pain.

Don’t worry, he’ll next suffer a Reverse Atomic Drop clearly focusing on his groinal region.  You can check out my full write-up of this match from 3/15/17.


Here is how my reader described his enjoyment of the ridiculous and degrading performance of agony by the victim, such as Ariya Davari here, following an Atomic Drop:

I love seeing a big strong tough wrestler stumbling about clutching his balls, looking rather pathetic at times.  A strapping muscleman in his wrestling tights, reduced to a cowering mess!  Also, the audiences’ laughter at this embarrassing and painful move must make matters even worse!”

That is CM Punk in his yellow trunks with stars, enduring first an Atomic Drop by Cody Rhodes, then a big crotch lift.

Punk was another wrestler who was always showing off his dick and trying to get us to look at it (for example, showing up in the audience wearing nothing but black briefs).  So if my theory is correct, we would expect to see Punk suffer many Atomic Drops and other nut busters in his matches.

Ezekiel Jackson is another big heavy wrestler with a big heavy nutsack that was often focused on and prominently displayed.  I shouldn’t therefore be surprised that my reader’s list of Atomic Drop videos included Ezekiel.

What is it about wearing red trunks that makes one’s opponent want to Atomic Drop you?  My reader seems to like seeing big muscle guys being humiliated and destroyed judging from what he wrote about Ezekiel:

“Wade Barrett humiliates muscleman Ezekiel Jackson.  Big strong Brit Wade Barrett reduces Ezekiel Jackson to a quivering mess with one brutal atomic drop.  As someone in the comments said, Ezekiel is going to have a big old sore on his big old butt!”

And to finish off this modern take on a classic humiliation move (which I suppose really ought to be illegal in pro wrestling as my reader said), here is the final Atomic Drop — actually the final four Atomic Drops — that he sent.

He described this Quadruple Nut Buster video thusly:

“Poor Ricky Gibson is demolished repeatedly by Adrian Matthews (who is the sexiest wrestler ever on the independent scene) and Eric Wright assists. So much orgasmic ball punishment here.”


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3 Responses to Strange How It’s Legal, When It’s Essentially a Low-Blow, 2 of 2

  1. wishwecouldfight says:

    Great blog. Matt in red trunks looks amazing, and the ball-busting moment is priceless.

  2. Phil says:

    Striker in red is totally incredible. Thanks for this great gallery.

  3. Brady says:

    Great blog. Do shattered dreams next!