A Team vs. B Team

I usually become obsessed with one Tag Team that I hope to see on the card every week.  Right now, that must-see team for me is The Revival, Dash and Dawson.  Historically it was the identically dressed young Baby-Face teams like the Fantastics, Strike Force, the Young Stallions, or the Killer Bees that I craved to see in action at least once a week, but something about these Revival Heels — their proud swagger and masculine confidence, their indomitable Manliness — really trips my trigger.

They wrestled on the 8/29/18 episode of Raw against the current champions, the “B Team” — Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel — in a non-title match.

Let’s jump ahead to the good part of the match, shall we?   We return from commercial break to find The Revival in firm control — the one-sided isolation of one opponent, just how I love my Tag Team wrestling.

Dash locks up the suffering Bo Dallas with his legs and flexes his muscles to apply the Chinlock pressure.  Looking good, Dashie Boy!

The story being told in this match is the talent, strength, and power advantage that the Revival holds over the clumsy, hapless, but lucky Champs.  We are shown numerous images of Dash and Dawson standing over their weaker B-Team opponents, just fucking Mastering them but never able to win the belts.

I suppose we are supposed to hate these bullies and feel sorry for the vulnerable and lovable B-Teamers, but when you can discern the sub-text of sexualized dominance and submission in pro wrestling, these frequent victory poses take on an erotic vibe.  The B Team may be lovable, but the Revival are lustable.





The Top Guys inflict their Two-on-One Shatter Machine on Curtis Axel and it’s soon all over for the B-Team.  They are lucky this was a non-title match, or the Revival would have stripped them of the belts.

Check out Dawson’s eye-catching pinning position, below…

The poses of supreme power and utter mastery continue as the ref raises Dash and Dawson’s arms in victory while they stand over their shattered opponent.

OK, we get the point already — the Revival are the dominant Alpha Males over the B Team.

They are so hard and ruthless on everybody else, yet so tender and affectionate with each other.  I think this is why I melt every time they Bro Hug.  Plus it’s got to feel amazing to press their manly physiques together.  I mean, you can tell they never want to let go.

It wasn’t really the wrestling action that made me want to write about this match — it was these dramatic post-match victory poses which the generous camera fed to us like sweet bonbons.  These are wonderful scenes of dominance and submission, with Axel helpless at their feet while they gaze down at his broken body.

The only way these images could be even hotter would be if they’d stand with one foot on his chest.  I would dig that.

Omigod, omigod, omigod!  The Alpha Males rush back into the ring to inflict their Shatter Machine on the other B-Teamer — after the match is already over!  Every Heel team needs a deadly and feared Finishing Move that nobody can survive, and the Revival’s is the Shatter Machine.

I love you Revival — you guys are the quintessential Tag Team Heels — never change!

Now we get to double our pleasure with Dashson striking their power poses over both members of the B Team.  The ref is checking on the injured Bo Dallas while the Top Guys strut around not giving a shit if they hurt him.

Next, the Revival climb out of the ring to grab the B Team’s title belts, which rightfully should belong to the winners.  This is another classic Dickhead Heel tactic — to steal the belts while the Baby-Faces are too exhausted and helpless to stop you.




Some of you are probably thinking:  I wish he’d show more of the wrestling and less of these dudes just standing around the ring.  I don’t care — my brain loves seeing them standing there all victorious and Boss, just lording their power over the limp ragdolls at their feet.   That tents my trunks every time.   The WWE producers and cameramen keep filling our screens with these images throughout this entire match, so they must realize, too, that this imagery is fucking hot and spikes their ratings.

Then the Revival grabs microphones and tells the B Team: “We can take these belts away from you ANY TIME WE WANT.” and I just about die.  I sure hope we get to see The Revival on the next show, and the one after that, and the one after that…


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3 Responses to A Team vs. B Team

  1. JB says:

    I LOVE Dash and Dawson and can stare at them wrestling or just standing around all damn day! I really like the B-Team gimmick but The Revival has deserved the tag titles since they came over from NXT long ago. Really hope their time is at Hell In A Cell next weekend!

  2. battle-porn says:

    Love Dash’s sexy pin and the moment he climbs into the ring. I bet Dawson loves to fuck that big fat ass.

  3. Mark says:

    Holy Hotness Batman !! By far, two of the HOTTEST men in the game today. Dawson and Dash? Sex isn’t the word…..”WOOF” is !!!!!!