Power Glove, part 2 of 2

This gallery reveals what happened after Buddy Landel utterly destroyed Todd Morton in their 1988 wrestling match,  thanks to the power in the mysterious and dangerous BLACK GLOVE.  Landel used his deadly glove to ruin poor Morton.


Let’s pick up the action where we left off in my earlier article, at 39:30 into the video where Landel pinned Jobber Morton using just one finger of his gloved hand.  If THAT’s not a display of one-sided dominance, I don’t know what is!   Landel then proceeds to tap dance all over Morton’s face, using his black leather boots to continue the abuse he started with his black leather glove.  The bell is ringing, yet Landel won’t stop harming this kid!

When Landel positions Morton for another deadly Glove-Punch to the skull, the muscular and heroic Doug Furnas storms the ring to end this kinky torture scene.  He stuns Landel with a mighty Hip-Toss, showing this bully how it feels to be spread-eagled and publicly humiliated.

Doug Furnas — with his banging body in revealing red trunks — is Superman to Landel’s devious Lex Luthor (with Todd Morton in the role of pathetic Jimmy Olson.)

I knew that Furnas enjoyed a successful career in Japan, wowing the muscle-craving Japanese fans in Tag Team action with his buff partner Phil LaFon.  But I have not seen much footage of this swole stud wrestling in the USA, so this post-match Bully Beat-down on Landel is a rare treat.

Back in 1988, I certainly could have used more Doug Furnas in my life, so I’m happy to be able to travel back and check him out through the time-machine known as YouTube.


Rather than just ripping Landel’s arm out of the socket and beating him with it (as we know Furnas could), our hero tries to take possession of  the BLACK GLOVE, trying to peel it off Landel’s hand.

This act further empowers the BLACK GLOVE as an object of mysterious power in our minds, as if stripping Landel of his glove will strip him of his strength and utterly neuter him (as if he can’t go buy another BLACK GLOVE just as deadly and dangerous as this one.)

Never count out the Heels!  Hector Guerrero attacks Furnas and stuns him with a Double Hammer Blow to the back of the head, enabling Landel to keep his BLACK GLOVE.

As the heroic Superman, Furnas fights back, Drop-Kicking Hector to the canvas and pummeling him into submission.  But Furnas forgets to watch out behind him, with Landel still wearing that deadly weapon on his fist…

Sure enough, the sneaky Buddy Landel violently wallops Furnas from behind with that BLACK GLOVE and totally rag-dolls him.   If Furnas is Superman, then the BLACK GLOVE is his kryponite.


Again Landel dramatically loads his weapon like he’s cocking a pistol, and the Heels go to work on the formerly unstoppable Doug Furnas.   As if having the BLACK GLOVE did not already give Landel an unfair advantage, he also has help from Hector.

Gordon Solie points out the unfair power imbalance: “Two on one — NOBODY can put up with that!”  (not even Superman.)

Oh the excitement of the post-match chaos: the bell clanging relentlessly just like my heartbeat, the Heels tossing the referee and security staff out of the ring (eliminating all law and order from the situation), and the Good Guy completely helpless and limp as the hungry jackals cruelly bust him open and make him bleed!

It was so violent and out-of-control that it made the aroused young viewer think, maybe this shit is REAL AFTER ALL!  Maybe they are trying to kill Superman!  Which made it all seem more sadistic, sleazy, and inappropriate — and therefore more enticing.

As Landel continues to torture Furnas in the background, we see some uppity jobber in red trunks hit the ring.  Hector just destroys the foolish chump with a Neckbreaker and Pile-Driver.

Fuck that looked so real — and they don’t even tell us the victim’s name — he’s just the Jobber in Red.   He is left stunned and broken in the ring as the Heels continue raping and pillaging Superman.

Oh damn, they hold Furnas up by the hair for more abuse, targeting that bloodied forehead!  The muscular Alpha Male — the spectacular image of masculine perfection — is now on his knees, at the mercy of the BLACK GLOVE needing to be rescued himself.

This is what wrestle-porn fantasies are made of.  A cavalry of wrestlers storm the ring to stop this destruction (where were they a few minutes ago when the poor Jobber in Red ran in the ring all alone?!?)


The dirty villains gloat about what they’ve just done — Landel holding that BLACK GLOVE in our faces to teach us to respect it.  We see Superman’s blood smeared on his belly and chest, a threat issued to any man who would try to stand up to these dominant Heels.

To further emphasize the destructive power that Landel holds in his fist, Doug Furnas is interviewed with the blood still running down his face, a symbol of his defeat and humiliation in spite of his powerful build.

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2 Responses to Power Glove, part 2 of 2

  1. battle-porn says:

    I used to picture Furnas and Lafon fucking like rabbits before and after their matches.

  2. W.R. says:

    This was great stuff, especially the one finger pin, so humiliating. It’s amazing how hot the crowd was. Too bad we’ll never see anything like that again, at least in mainstream wrestling.