Unresolved Feelings

When I blogged about Ciampa and Gargano’s 4/7/18 match in New Orleans, I treated it as the final resolution of their relationship, with Johnny Wrestling apparently opting for a traditional hetero relationship instead of continuing to play around with former partner Ciampa.

However, they just can’t quit each other.  Team DIY has continued to fight, flirt, and fuck around with each other — causing each other to lose matches and playing some grab ass.

To my total delight, they wrestled yet again in a violent Last Man Standing match in Brooklyn on 8/18/18.

Similar to their prior battle, Ciampa targets Johnny’s back — here shoving him into those treacherous ringside steps.  Why do they make those damn steps out of heavy metal rather than something safer like lightweight plastic or even padded plywood?

A series of beautiful Sleepers by Gargano had me all drooling and gooned up.  Look at Johnny’s expression, overwhelmed by his ex-partner’s passion — that too-tight squeeze.  Nice big bicep on the Heel, pressing it right into that carotid.

This sexy Sleeper is a metaphor for their relationship, with Ciampa desperate to hold onto his former Boy, recapturing him each time he gets free.  Yet this unrequited love is clearly smothering Gargano, choking him out, leaving him unable to get away from Ciampa and end it.

Each of their matches is getting more outrageously dangerous than the last with them battling in an Unsanctioned Match, a Street Fight, and now a Last Man Standing.  They’ve used all sorts of weaponry to hurt each other from fire extinguishers to handcuffs to crutches.  This violence and destruction of these progressively dangerous brawls speaks to the passion of their relationship and red hot emotions sparked by their break-up, similar to a domestic violence situation where the angry couple busts up their furniture and damages the television, each disagreement getting uglier than the last.

To be honest, the match also presented the Dark Side of Johnny Wrestling.  He gets more violent and vicious, letting the love-struck Ciampa know that he’s done playing and he wants to end it.

He mirrors some of the brutal tactics used by Ciampa previously, such as busting a crutch across his back.

But I prefer my Johnny Wrestling to remain the long-suffering, rule abiding, compassionate Hero — like the Ricky Steamboats or Tito Santanas of yore.

I guess you can go find this match on the Network if you want to see Johnny play an Angry Bad-Ass.  I’m all about the one-sided Good Guy abuse.

Johnny suffers gorgeously as always.  His expressions of agony are either caused by the pain in his injured back or the pain in his broken heart due to his former best friend now trying to destroy him.  Poor Johnny — I’ll be your new BFF if you need one.

One of the most brutal assaults by Ciampa was this Running Knee Strike with a chair placed between his kneecap and Johnny’s face.  DAMN, he broke the fucking barrier, leaving Johnny all ragdolled and injured in the audience!

I’m gonna end the match here — it’s the most Killer move Ciampa inflicts.  Actually Gargano would fight back and try to Knee Strike Ciampa right back (again mirroring his enemy’s nasty tactics, a sign that he has shifted to the Dark Side.)  But Gargano’s knee misses its target and he strikes something to injure or “dislocate” his knee.  He can’t answer the 10 count and Ciampa is the Last Man Standing.

I sure hope that his post-match stare-down (with Ciampa gloating over his belt) means that this feud is not over yet and these studs are gonna square off again. I can’t wait!

Meanwhile, who is this trainer guy with his hands all over Johnny’s bare shoulders?  Dude better be careful or Ciampa is going to get jealous and Knee-Strike him into oblivion.

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4 Responses to Unresolved Feelings

  1. RayAtL says:

    Holy crap!
    What a write up… !
    This match may make me subscribe to “the network”…

  2. JB says:

    You captured this all so well! I was a huge DIY fan so I’m always a potpourri of emotion any time Johnny and Tommaso face each other. Angry, sad, spiteful, turned on, LOL.

    Ciampa had an amazing match against Dominik Dijakovic last night at NXT here in Detroit. Would love to see these two feud it was a shockingly close match. When Ciampa had the upper hand Dijakovic sold the suffering perfectly. He was practically KO’d at one point and Ciampa told the ref to check his hand. When the ref didn’t, he did 2 more neckbreakers on Dijakovic leaving him motionless.

    I wish they aired house shows on the WWE network so I could re-watch it.

  3. admin says:

    Hey JB —

    Thanks for the comments and positive feedback. It sounds like you witnessed a great match in Detroit. I was a bit worried that Ciampa may be converting to a suffering Baby-Face based on the rough, hand-cuffed ass-kicking he took from Gargano (which I didn’t really get into on my Blog article because I prefer to see Gargano taking, not giving.) Anyway, based on what you saw in Detroit, Ciampa will continue acting like an enraged, vicious, hyper-masculine Punisher, which works for me.

    Also, I just checked out your KSW blog and your recap of the old Can-Am video: the Beau Afterglow at https://kosubwrestle.blogspot.com/2018/09/the-beau-afterglow.html. That was a HAWT write-up you did. Just reading about the powerfully erotic effect that the old Can-Am video had on you brought back a ton of memories for me — of my first discovery of Underground wrestling and the deliberately homo-erotic content that made my eyes pop out of my head. The story-telling was so authentic and charming in those old videos — two frat boys discovering they share a boner for wrestling — no so campy and over-acted as some of the modern content. Anyway it’s great work — you are a talented writer and I’m glad to see you taking your Blog in other directions. I welcome another wrestling blogger to the party.

  4. battle-porn says:

    That sleeper choke metaphor is beautiful. I didn’t think of that when I watched the match. I’m pretty sure Johnny will switch to the dark side and the third fight would probably be super violent and bloody.