More of What You’re Searching For

You folks are sure in a sadistic mood lately!  I just reviewed the search terms that drove people to my website and I don’t know when I’ve seen so much brutality, ferocity, and bloodlust.  Is it this hot weather that’s got you overheated and seeing red?  Maybe a few images of the kinds of roughneck beat-em-up violence you’re craving will help to calm you savage beasts.  Here are some of your recent searches…

forehead pounding blood wrestling

So it looks like some of my twisted readers enjoy seeing wrestlers wearing the old “Crimson Mask.”  For even more bloody images, check out the Halloween Gorefest galleries, part I and II.

cute jobber stomped

So just seeing a jobber stomped is not good enough for you.  No, you insist on seeing a “CUTE” jobber getting stomped.  Let me see what I can do for you…

the sadistic sheik

There have been several famous “sheiks” in the wrestling ring over the years.  But when someone talks about “THE” sadistic sheik, they usually mean the Original Sheik…

wrestling chained matches

You’re talking about two wrestlers chained together by their wrists or their necks, right?  To see images from perhaps the most famous Chain Match of all time featuring Greg Valentine and Roddy Piper, check out my Chain Wrestling article.

hard ball bust wrestling

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a week go by where nobody searched for some kind of Ball Busting, Nut Crushing, or Crotch Destroying.  I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that — I am just stating a fact.

wrestling jobber sadistic blood “foreign objects”

I like how this searcher put the words “foreign objects” together in quotation marks — very smart surfing.  This ensures he will not need to waste time looking at websites about foreign people, places, or things, as well as websites about objects.  Rather, he will only be linked to the dreaded illegal weapons in pro wrestling known as “foreign objects.”   By the way, to see my tribute to the great Jimmy Jacobs and his frequent use of sharpened railroad spikes in the ring, check out my “Spike Torture” gallery.

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6 Responses to More of What You’re Searching For

  1. Bruno says:

    The guy on the ropes in the photo captioned “Roderick Rides The Ropes” looks like Mike Bennett. Easy to confuse the two since both are very good-looking.

  2. GAZZA says:

    wow that last pic is horny 🙂

  3. Sanjaya says:

    Who’s the hot muscle jobber in the photo MohawkvsMuscle? He’s SOOO sexy, especially chained in the corner…

  4. MIKE says:

    MORE, MORE, MORE of “More of What You’re Searching For”…PA-LEEEEASE?!? I’m always searchin’ for HOT pics of ball-bustin’, crotch-crushin’, groin-grindin’, pouch-pounding fun! Trees of woe, ring ropes, sadistic boots, horny heels’ hands; all of these excite the hell outta me! Grrrrrr!

  5. Stay Puft says:

    In the super-hot chain picture, I think “Mohawk” is Scotty the Body, and “Muscle” is Mr. Atlantis.

  6. admin says:

    Yes I believe the chain match features Scotty the Body vs. Mr. Atlantis. Another wrestling blog — Inner Jobber — has a whole article on that match called Hail Atlantis!