Another Border Breach, 2 of 2

Let’s continue the review of my favorite Heel Triple Tag Team — the Border Patrol (or “El Migra” as they’re called down south) against three of the most famous and popular Mexican Luchadores.

Next it’s Derek Sanders turn in the ring, and he quickly gains the advantage with a nice, tight, grinding Side Headlock.

The Luchador in the shiny golden mask and trunks (Hijo del Solitario) seems to be playing the Face In Peril for this match.  He can barely defend himself against Derek Sanders, the smallest member of the Border Patrol.  Solitario’s weakness and submissiveness makes the Border Patrol (and his own partners) seem stronger and more potent in contrast to him.  Sanders looks positively masterful as he rolls up his Boy Toy for a pinfall.  The score is tied now, wrestling fans:  One Fall for the popular masked heroes, and One Fall for the vicious, sadistic bastards!

And next is Shaun Ricker’s turn to get in the ring and get rough Lucha Libre style.  Hijo del Santo, who is portrayed as unbeatable and dominant, tries to rip Ricker’s arms out of the socket.

All this straining and flexing has left Ricker’s torso utterly pumped and swole, how fun to watch this man wrestle!  How fun to just watch him kneel and suffer.

And the Mexicans are able to break the powerful Shaun Ricker in a torture move and secure the victory.  No doubt this win for the Underdogs feels very heartwarming and satisfying for their Mexican fans, but I am feeling a little disappointed.  I wanted more anguish and destruction, more degradation and agony for the proud Luchadores!

Never one to disappoint, I see that crafty Oliver John is sneaking back into the ring as the winners raise their arms to celebrate.  Sure enough, he attacks the beloved Hijo del Santo and Pile-drives the dude right down, utterly rough-necking and busting him!   F yes Oliver John!

So we get the best of both worlds.  The many Lucha Libre fans may go home proud that their heroes won the contest fair and square.  And fans like me can go home excited to have seen the cruel punishment of the sacred El Santo, looking angelic in his white and silver tights, but crashing painfully down to earth courtesy of Mr. Old School.  Nice finish to a great match!

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One Response to Another Border Breach, 2 of 2

  1. MIKE says:

    These Boarder Patrol – Ricker, John, and Sanders – are OBVIOUSLY packing “HEAT” inside those olive-green tights of theirs.