Halloween Gorefest

How should we celebrate Halloween here on the Wrestling Arsenal Blog??  Should we feature wrestlers dressed in costumes, like cowboys or cops or IRS workers?  Or should we pass out some “eye candy” — pictures of hot wrestlers in revealing gear?  Or maybe we should talk about the spookiest super-stars like Kane or the Undertaker?

No — let’s celebrate Halloween with a good old gore-fest.  Let’s check out some wrestlers channeling their Inner Were-wolf, turning into savage dogs and biting the flesh of their victims. Instead of a goblin mask or witch mask, let’s see wrestlers wearing the Crimson Mask.  Lets check out some battles that were bloodier than the bloodiest scary movie.

What could be more frightening than these images of graphic violence and blatant cruelty?  Don’t you find it horrifying that these killers are seen brutalizing their victims, right in the open, right in front of a crowd and a referee, yet nobody tries to stop the violence?  Isn’t it spooky that the wrestlers, and the audience, and our society in general endorse (even enjoy) this level of savagery and viciousness?

Happy Halloween, wrestling fans!

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2 Responses to Halloween Gorefest

  1. alphamaledestroyer says:

    bleeding studs!!! F A N T A S T I C!

  2. GAZZA says:

    WOW lets have more blood and biting 🙂