Masked Re-Match

Another of our excellent wrestling artists — Perfect Slam — is back with a new episode from his “Few Rulez” wrestle-porn series! He is giving us a rematch between two of his original favorites: Crusher in his sexy chinless mask and the swole Soviet — Alexei — in a revealing bikini. You can download Issue 07 of the Few Rulez series from Gumroad or from Lulu for $15.

Please support this artist. I heard that we’re getting a new Stimulus payment — why not stimulate the production of more gay wrestling art (and most likely stimulate yourself) with this 50-page erotic comic?!

A pre-match Stare-Down always evokes homo-erotic heat

In this artist’s twisted Utopia, the wrestlers belong to the Erotic Wrestling Federation (EWF) where every match culminates in sexual stakes. The Crusher proposes a rapey ending to determine the winner and Alexei foolishly agrees.

Why is it foolish for big Alexei to put his ass on the line against his smaller opponent? Well if you’ve been following this series, you’ll know that Alexei is a Muscle-Wimp, easily dominated by all of his opponents, whereas Crusher owns every stud who gets in the ring with him. Episode 01 of the Few Rulez series, which I blogged about on 7/3/2017, depicted the Crusher utterly squashing Alexei. You can still go download that cartoon for $12 if you missed it or want to re-visit it as a prequel to today’s bout.

Damn, Alexei is a STUD!

Alexei shines early in the match, actually dominating his hooded nemesis for once. By the way, check out this artist’s remarkable attention to detail: those gorgeous gold-and-red boots on Alexei, the elbow pads, wrist-bands, and fingerless gloves, the texture and tone of their skin, the bright lights glistening on their muscles! Great work — I’m impressed and I don’t impress easy.

Note to the artist: some day, I’d like to see the cute EWF commentator in the ring, maybe in a brutal Dog Collar Chain Match?

That is a BEAUTIFUL Figure-Four Headscissor!

But alas, you know the Heel is always going to gain control at some point and take revenge on his hapless Muscle-Jobber! The artist presents a very creative and degrading Finishing Move known as the “Anal Assault Driver.” I cropped the images to keep it Rated PG, but picture an Atomic Drop where the victim’s body lands, not on the Heel’s bent knee, but on another protrusion.

At this point, the wrestle-porn gets less wrestley and more porney. I didn’t want to spoil the outcome, so I’m not posting all the dirty details. You can see it all if you decide to download Episode 07. It’s the holidays — go ahead and treat yourself! You deserve it after surviving this bleak and lonely year.

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