More Masked Muscle

FewRulez2FewRulez1After I posted my Masked Muscle gallery last month, featuring images created by the artist Lucky Stallion, another wrestling artist known as Perfect Slam contacted me.  He invented the Crusher character with the sexy chinless mask, and had recently produced a comic book called “Few Rulez” depicting his own take on the Crusher vs. Alexei feud.

I downloaded his 30 page comic for $7.51 and, with his permission, pasted a few sample images and captions here.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy today’s sample enough that you decide to support the artist by buying the entire comic so you can see the beautiful full-page spreads and erotic scenes not shown here.

FewRulez3Perfect Slam clearly watches and gets off on pro wrestling — a fellow wrestling lover can always tell.  The muscular physiques are cock stirring, Crusher’s mask is a big turn-on,  Alexei’s red & gold boots are mad sexy if you’re into boots.

Also the wrestling moves are creative, well drawn, and accurately depicted.  Over the course of the match, we’re treated to an Armbar, Headlock, Suplex, Reverse Bearhug, Figure 4 Leglock, Ab Stretch (with hand job), and a really sweet looking Flying Axe Handle off the top rope, among other classic moves.

FewRulez4The masked Crusher cheats a lot too, as any great masked Heel should.  He pulls hair, gouges Alexei’s eyes to blind him, and later grabs the ropes for leverage while applying the Figure 4 Leglock.  That’s hot.  



FewRulez6The scene becomes erotic and sexually explicit, as you might expect if you paid $7.51 to download it.  The match was billed as a “Get Off” match where the only way to win is to cause the opponent to orgasm.  After that happens, the sexual abuse continues, with one wrestler’s arms taped to the ropes, leaving him vulnerable and helpless, at the mercy of the dominant man’s raging hormones.

FewRulez8The issue of the comic was sub-titled “E.W.F. Volume 001” which gives me hope there will be many more volumes of these “Erotic Wrestling Federation” stories by Perfect Slam which is exciting to ponder. Let’s face it — the world needs more homo-erotic pro wrestling comic books, complete with long passionate feuds, Tag Team love stories, and tons of sexualized suffering.

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2 Responses to More Masked Muscle

  1. luvfightporn says:

    Love this wrestling cartoon. The fighting itself is hot enough.

  2. Perfect Slam says:

    I’m currently busy at work to bring about Issue 2. I’m hoping people will enjoy this one as well as the first.