The League’s Most Ruthless Masked Man

The wrestling cartoonist known as Perfect Slam is back with issue #5 in his comic book series called Few Rulez. His new match features a gorgeous young Asian fighter named Daisuke who has foolishly gotten in the ring with the masked Heel known simply as The Crusher.

Please support this artist by downloading this 40-page eBook from either Lulu or Gumroad. I certainly enjoy his work, I suspect you will too, so we need to encourage him!

Like many pro wrestling matches, the baby-face Daisuke shines at the beginning, kicking the shit out of the muscular Heel. The Crusher suffers nicely in these images by the way — I can’t get over his swole body and his sexy chinless mask.

The Cut-off occurs when the Crusher crushes Daisuke’s nuts and proceeds to dominate the swole young hunk….

You may recall that we have seen the masked Crusher in the ring once before. Episode #1 of the Few Rulez series (which you can still download from Lulu) featured the Crusher in the ring against a sexy Russian named Alexei Volkov. I blogged about that match back on 6/30/2017. Here is an image of the sexy Crusher dominating Alexei to whet your appetite:

Anyway, let’s get back to the Crusher beating the hell out of poor Daisuke…

Crusher grinds on this beautiful Figure 4 Leglock to destroy his victim’s leg and proudly announces: “My erection is going to rip right out of my trunks soon!” (I know the feeling.)

We saw the Crusher use the same hold on Alexei Volkov — see below. Maybe the Figure 4 is his signature hold a la Ric Flair. If the characters in this comic book series have signature holds just like real pro wrestlers do, then I am loving Perfect Slam’s fictional wrestle-verse even more than I did based solely on his boner-popping images!

Sorry for the diversion — let’s get back again to the Crusher torturing today’s jobber…

Another aspect of the Daisuke squash that I have not mentioned until now is the presence of his fiance’ at ringside. This is a fairly common wrestling trope that, I’ve been told, is a turn-on for many of my loyal readers.

To have a man’s lover there watching his defeat, judging him while a stronger man rips him apart, witnessing his utter emasculation — seems to add a layer of sexiness and eroticism for many viewers. I am not personally turned on much by this particular scenario, so if you are, please write a comment and explain your attraction and why it seems arousing when a woman watches her man lose in a fight.

I really enjoyed the facial expressions in these Sleeper Hold images (above and below) — especially The Crusher’s face. I am not familiar with the rendering software that Perfect Slam uses to create these images (i.e, how much flexibility the artist has to akter and control their facial expressions), but I must congratulate Perfect Slam for putting that sexy little grin on Crusher’s face — the chinless mask accentuating his mouth as he sneers and tightens his Sleeper mercilessly.

Also Daisuke’s expression of hopeless submission and the handsome ref looking on with concern — great stuff! If a computer-generated cartoon image can get a guy off, then I think the below rendering is the one that will do it for me…

Anyhow, this was just a sampling of the great wrestling artistry depicted in the 40 pages of Perfect Slam’s latest opus. If you want to see more, including the post-match rape scene right in the middle of the ring (yes, while the woman at ringside watches her boyfriend being violently owned just a few meters away), then go download the entire e-Book.

Perfect Slam is getting better as an artist with each issue! I’m very pleased and impressed with how quickly he was able to produce this work just one month after his last issue. Maybe he was recently told that he needs to stay at home…

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3 Responses to The League’s Most Ruthless Masked Man

  1. Perfect Slam says:

    I’m glad people are enjoying it. Makes it worth the effort.

    I look back on my older issues and the improvements in image quality continue to increase. I haven’t fully upgraded my workstation to what I’d like (at $250 of $1000), but even with what I have now, things go faster than they did before and the money I put in was worth it. Results speak for themselves.

    Crusher has a couple signature moves: the Implants Buster and his brutal finisher introduced in this issue. I’ve been sitting on that one for a couple years and finally put it to paper. Sitting being the operative word here (those who have read the issue understand what is meant by that).

    The figure four is always popular, as is the bearhug and piledriver (my fave) so I try to not overuse them. Left to my own devices, there would be multiple piledrivers in every single issue. Sort of like Oprah: “You get a piledriver, and you get a piledriver! Everyone gets a piledriver!”

    Going to begin preliminary work on the next issue soon. It’s getting more difficult to stay fresh; I empathize with bookers and story writers in wrestling.

  2. Phil says:

    Very hot images. The sleeper, in particular, is beautifully crafted. I’m not a cartoon fan, but this series aroused me.

  3. Guy LeBuff says:

    Amazing domination and amazing art!